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Free Plagiarism Checker. Check Your Essay!

Writing a good paper is not enough to get a high grade. A writer also needs to prove that he or she is the only author. In other words, you are supposed to write an easy paper that is 100% plagiarism free. It is among the major requirements established by professors and instructors when assigning writing task. If you fail to prove you are the writer or your paper is not unique, your academic progress is doomed to failure.

We offer a simple, free and easy-to-use tool that will let you avoid any problems related to plagiarism once you need to write a premium-quality paper. Go to our website to take the advantage of plagiarism checker to ensure your work is 100% original. We deliver a functional writing tool for an enhanced experience. It can suit different needs whether you are a high school or college student, blogger or webmaster.

Why should you use Plagiarism Detector Tool?

The online plagiarism checker comes as an ultimate solution to several problems at the same time. On the one hand, it ensures your academic success as well as 100% original content. On the other hand, you can use our free tool for other purposes whenever you need to check your text before publishing it on your personal online blog or website. All writers actually need to check plagiarism online for free because of the following reasons:

  • Search in Numerous Databases – the global web is full of different articles on any topic. You are very unlikely to be the first one to write an essay about social problems or historical issues. For this reason, plagiarism software uses all possible sources and databases that can be found in the global net;
  • Priceless Academic Aid – a plagiarism checker is a vital tool for any student who wants to ensure his or her academic success. You will have to write ton s of different papers ranging from typical essays to dissertations and book reviews. Each assignment is obliged to be 100% original. Using paid tools all the time will cost you a fortune. A free plagiarism checker is a perfect solution;
  • Take the Fullest of the Education Process – the more you use our plagiarism checker, the more enhanced educational experience you get. You will learn to avoid possible plagiarism opportunities as well as improve your editing skills. On the one hand, you retain the information from your paper. On the other hand, you benefit from advanced editing skills;
  • Serves Various Needs – not only are students the only to benefit from our free editing tool. Bloggers, webmasters and website owners also require unique content for their web resources. This is where our checker will come in handy. It boasts a simple and intuitive interface with an easy but reliable checking method.

Use our free tool to detect plagiarism in your content and deliver flawless papers and academic assignments of any type.

Get a New Plagiarism-Free Research Paper with Discount!

Writing flawless papers is a tough challenge especially for students who cannot boast exceptional writing skills. However, even they will hardly save your text from plagiarism. For this reason, hiring professional writers sometimes seems to be the only way to avoid academic problems and save time.

We introduce a team of experienced native-speaking writers who have higher degrees in different fields. They will write a research paper for you by the deadline with no hints of plagiarism. We offer huge discounts and special bonuses to all our new and returning customers.

How to check for plagiarism online with percentage?

We have developed an intuitive easy and user-friendly plagiarism checker. You do not need to have any special skills to use it. Check any content you need with just a click away and benefit from the most detailed report within a few moments. Here is how it works:

  1. You need to visit our website and follow the plagiarism checker section.
  2. Copy and paste your text in the space provided or upload a document in WORD format.
  3. Press the check button and wait for the result.
  4. Get a report on plagiarism percentage.

You will have a clear vision of text parts that are unique and those that copy other sources ever printed or published on the web.

How to interpret similarity report given plagiarism checking software?

Once a phrase or a sentence in your text coincides with any other source, the system detects plagiarism. It means that you provide a copy or non-original text. The final report highlights a general percentage and amount of phrases and sentences that copy other sources. For example, the checker shows a result of 90% text uniqueness. It is a good result considering that we all use the same words to express our thoughts.

As a rule, professor or instructor establish requirements when it comes to allowed plagiarism percentage. But, have no worries! A team of professional essay writers is always by your side. You can order a flawless research paper with just a click.

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