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Privacy policy

To carry on business successfully, we collect both personal and non-identifying information from our customers. This compilation is required to provide our clients with a great service&product in the niche we operate.

The privacy of our customers is of fundamental importance for us. It is our liability to secure and respect the privacy of our customers’ information. In this regard, this “Privacy Policy” has been created, and we may ask you to examine its nature carefully. Our “Privacy policy” covers”:

  • Types of information we collect;
  • Reasons for Personal Data collection and Processing;
  • Cases for sharing and disclosure of information;
  • Data storage;
  • Your rights;
  • Your consent;
  • Policy updates.

Types of information we collect

  1. Personal data

    Information that relates to an identified individual. You may share your personal data with us by filling out the Order Form on our website, registering on our site, or sharing some requirements regarding the task through the personal profile.

    Examples: your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, the institution you are attending, academic level of yours, etc.

  2. Billing information

    Information that is used to verify the authorized use of a specific form of payment. Third-party service suppliers process your payment source information when you purchase on our website. These service suppliers may provide us with certain billing information of yours to grant security.

    Note that we do not examine, store, or use your billing information.

    Examples: information connected to Credit card, PayPal account, or any other financial account.

  3. Information from third-party service providers

    Information that is collected and given to us from our third-party providers. We cooperate with various third-party service providers for analytical and marketing purposes.

    Note that while using our website, you will come across links to third parties. They can be created by both our side and our customers' side (for example, links to websites that are connected to paper details). Therefore, we strongly advise you to review the terms and conditions of using links from such third-parties’ linked sites before providing them with your personal data.

    Examples: anchor links and search terms that led you to our service, etc.

  4. Information that is collected automatically

    Information that is compiled automatically when you visit our website or use our services. We may use various technologies for such a purpose: cookies, web beacons, and embedded scripts. For more information, please check our Cookie Policy.

    Examples: browser and device data, IP address, etc.

  5. Non-identifying information

    Information that cannot be associated with an identified individual.

    Note that if non-identifying information is combined with your personal information, it may be considered as your personal data on our website. For example, if some general information, with respect to your use of our services, is combined with your name or phone number.

    Examples: username, paper materials, general project-related data, etc.

Reasons for Personal Data Collection and Processing

The information we collect and process is a set piece of our service delivery. More specifically, we may use your personal information for purposes, such as:

  • to render the service, you have required;
  • to supply technical or other support;
  • to communicate with customers in regards to their orders;
  • to run our platform successfully (permit processes such as debugging and testing);
  • to administer your personal profile, including supervision and maintenance of administrative and financial records;
  • to refine the platform of ours (for analytical and marketing purposes);
  • to maintain our website’s security;
  • to comply with legal and regulatory liabilities;
  • for other purposes with the consent by the customer.

Our legal foundation for processing of your data is:

  • your consent;
  • fulfillment of the contract made between you and our company;
  • our rightful will to protect our company and our customers from fraudulent activities and hacking;
  • our vested interest in providing quality customer support.

Cases for sharing and disclosure of information

We may share collected non-identifying information to third parties for the company’s purposes (website’s improvement and optimization). We do not share or disclose your personal information to third parties, except you give us your affirmative consent to do so, or in the following circumstances:

  1. Service providers

    Our company may cooperate with third-party companies and partners to enable the provision of the service from our side and for services like auditing, marketing, payment processing, fraud detection, web analytics, and data management, etc. These third parties may have access to your personal data and protect its safety.

  2. Subsidiaries

    Our company may share and disclose your personal information within our group of affiliated companies foremost for business and operational purposes.

  3. Business Transfers or Reorganization

    Our company may disclose your personal information in case of a reorganization, restructuring, merger, joint enterprise, handover or any other related activity of any part of our business, stock or assets, including, but not limited to, a complete selling or going bankrupt.

  4. Legal purposes

    Our company may share your personal information if legally requested by government agencies or in regard to lawful requests by private authorities. We comply with the law and legal obligations; therefore, we may share your personal data in our sole discretion to protect the rights of Write any Papers, security of individuals, or suppress any activity considered illegal.

Date storage

All the personal information we receive from our clients is stored on our servers. We store personal data of our customers for as long as we have a business relationship with them. To protect our clients’ security, we use a sophisticated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system.

If we consider your personal data no longer imperative for the purposes it was collected, we may delete it safely or erase any characteristics that can identify it with you. Nevertheless, we may need to keep your personal information for a long time. It is so due to a possible request from a government or other lawful private institution (for example: as per Criminal and Civil laws).

We process and store personal information from customers all over the world. Personal data of customers from the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Personal data of customers outside the territory of the EEA will be protected to a level that meets the EU requirements.

Your rights

Our customers have rights in regard to personal data they provided us with. Mind that we may ask you for the identity verification before taking further actions with the information we hold in our system. You have the following rights:

  1. Right to be informed

    You have the right to know what types of information are collected about you, how do we process your personal data, and for how long do we keep it. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  2. Right to access

    Almost all of the personal information can be accessed by logging into the personal profile. Also, as per your request, we may provide you with a copy of your personal information via a portable data format within a sufficient period, and without unreasonable expenses. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  3. Right to rectification

    If the information we hold about you is incorrect or needs editing, you may request us to update it. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  4. Right to erasure

    Under certain circumstances, we may erase your personal information from our system. These circumstances are:

    • your withdrawn consent if no other legal foundation for the processing;
    • your objection to the processing for marketing purposes;
    • your will to erase the personal data and no legitimate grounds for our company to continue its processing and storage;
    • when processing personal data of children;
    • when your personal data is unlawfully processed.

    For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  5. Right to restrict processing

    You have the right to request the limitation of personal data we use. It is an alternative to the right to erasure. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  6. Right to data portability

    You have the right to obtain and reuse your personal information for any purposes across different services. This right only applies to personal data that you have provided to us as the Data Controller. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  7. Right to object

    You have the right to object to us processing your personal data even if it is based on legitimate grounds, the interest of official authority, analytics, and marketing purposes of the company. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  8. Rights related to automated decision making including profiling

    You have the right to opt-out or seek human review of activities, which use your personal data with no human involvement. For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

  9. California Privacy rights

    California's "Shine the Light" law. This law outlines procedures requiring us to disclose upon the request of our customers, who are California residents, what personal information has been shared with third parties, as well as the parties with which the information has been shared. This information can be obtained once a calendar year. To receive it, please contact us and send an email to [email protected].

    California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). Under this act, California residents have the right to:

    • Know what personal information is being collected about them;
    • Know whether their personal information is sold or disclosed and to whom;
    • Say no to the sale of personal information;
    • Access their personal information;
    • Request an organization to delete any personal information about an individual;
    • Not be discriminated against for exercising their privacy rights.

    For more assistance on this matter, please contact [email protected].

Your consent

We may receive your consent before processing of your personal data for certain activities. Note that if you do not want us to process your personal data, you may openly withdraw your consent by contacting +1 888 980 88 90 or emailing [email protected]. Also, please be aware that if we need to manipulate with your personal data for the website maintenance, but you are against us handling your data, our website and services may be not attainable for you.

Online children’s privacy protection act compliance.

All our services are offered under the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) standards, meaning that our customers need to be 13 years old and more to be able to order any of the services. Therefore, we encourage customers to read the Terms and Conditions to make sure there will be no misunderstandings. Please note that by placing an order, the customer accepts our Terms and Conditions.

Policy updates

We may update the “Privacy policy” on our website periodically. All updates are implemented as it is required by the applicable law.

Last version update – January 2020.

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