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ASA Format: The Brief Guide to Get the Point

The student period when you’re at college or university is not a piece of cake. Even though modern students have various opportunities to find the necessary information and to process it, the professors’ expectations are growing every year. Not only do you have to write a lot of papers, but you also need to format them appropriately.

If you take a look at some scientific documents, such as research papers, lab reports, journal articles, and especially theses and dissertations, you can easily mention that all of them are standardized. And the concrete style depends on the discipline you study.

In this article, expert writers will share their knowledge and experience about the ASA format. However, you should always remember that if you understand you lack the time or desire to overcome this challenge, there is an easier decision: to order writing or formatting professional services from our authors. 

What Is Asa Writing Format? 

First of all, it is important to understand what is ASA, and when students need to deal with this style. This abbreviation stands for the American Sociological Association. Therefore the ASA style is typical for sociologists.

In most cases, it is used by sociology students, academics, and scholars. If you’re writing a regular essay, you do not need to think about some rules except the instructions your professor provides you with. But when you’re going to publish your piece somewhere, it is important to use the ASA format citation appropriately. In another case, it might discredit your work and postpone your academic and career development. 

Is ASA Formatting Complicated?

The point is that regardless of what knowledge, skills, and experience you have, they don’t help you to use the ASA rules. It is a mechanical work where you need to be very attentive, to mention all details, and follow all instructions even if you don’t understand their meanings.

We receive a lot of messages with the words “write my paper for me” because students feel frustrated because of the need to format the text. They want to develop the content, write interesting and valuable pieces, not to define the font type or margins. And sometimes even average papers receive good grades just because they are formatted correctly.

So, in any case, even if you decide to buy cheap custom research papers from, it is essential to understand the main principles of the ASA. And we are going to provide you with them. 

ASA Formatting Rules 

Once you have received sociology research topics from your professor, read the requirements attentively. The chances are the instructions contain all the information you need. Of course, you also need an official guide with rules. Below you’ll find brief information about the ASA paper format to understand its basics. 

Title Page

The title page is the first one the reader sees when picking up your document. If you want your audience to continue with it, you need to create a sharp title page following all the instructions. It should have a presentable look so that it speaks for the whole paper.

If your task is to provide a title page in ASA format, it is essential to include:

  • header (or the full title of your piece);
  • your name and institutions (mention your co-authors if you have them);
  • a total word count;
  • your contact information where readers can send their feedback to communicate with you;
  • some acknowledgments of people who contributed to this paper, sponsors;
  • information about grants of the research.

If you feel some difficulties with the title page, and therefore worry whether your professor will accept it, you can order it from a professional writing service


The abstract is something like the introduction. IT is the first content page that provides readers with essential information about your research paper, report, dissertation, etc. In most cases, it is pretty brief and contains 150-200 words maximum with a summary of your paper. That’s why most students write the abstract only when they have already finished the previous sections, and know for sure what information they should use there. 


ASA format requires a list of several keywords that can describe your paper. In most cases, this section is connected with the previous one, so you can finish the Abstract with the most important words. 


According to the ASA Citation Format, there following requirements related to the main body:

  • 12-point Times or Times New Roman font;
  • double-spacing;
  • italics for book and periodical titles;
  • margins at 1”.

You should also include in your paper a running head. It is a short version of the paper’s full title. Write it in capital letters, and ensure it has less than 50 characters. Don’t forget to align the running head flush right.

It is also important to locate page numbers flush left, and they always start in the header of your first page. Use only Arabic numbers 1, 2, 3, etc.

Footnote & Endnotes 

The ASA formatting style also has requirements for your footnotes and endnotes. You should indicate them in the paper with superscripted numbers. You can also type your notes at the bottom of the page. Some students prefer to create separate section Endnotes. Pay attention to the fact that you can’t choose both options, just one of them.

Start each note with a superscript number.

Reference List (Bibliography) 

When you’re writing a paper in ASA and want to use information from some other sources, it is essential to provide correct citations and references. Moreover, you need to create a separate page where you’ll list all books and articles you have used. Provide them in alphabetical order. 

How to Write an Essay in ASA Format 

Writing an essay in ASA style is a challenge for many students since they are focused on the content and not on the formatting. It is a good choice since your primary task is to provide an informative and interesting paper. But once you’ve finished the document, open the official style guide, and follow all requirements to format the piece, if needed. 

Main Difference Between ASA And APA Styles 

Many students ask us: what is the difference between MLA and APA? Why is it necessary to use ASA when you can choose something already familiar?

The answer is there is no one universal feature that is common for all styles in particular. The devil is in the details. Some formats let you experiment with fonts while they are readable, and others require you to use concrete ones. So, if you’re instructed to use the APA citation, don’t go for other options.

Need Help With ASA Writing?

As you can understand from this article, the ASA format (as well as other academic formats) is not the easiest thing. Even if you want to edit your paper yourself, at one moment you can find out that it is pretty challenging, and you just waste a lot of time. 

We at know everything about ASA Citation Format, and we are always ready to help students with their assignments. It is all about the experience: if you need to come up with one paper per month, our authors deal with dozens. Therefore, they know what exactly your professor expects of you, and how to fulfill these requirements.

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