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Interesting Debate Topics for Students

It is a usual practice when in colleges, students get a task to take part in debates as this is one of the important parts of the educational process. Students often face difficulties in preparing for debates. Some of them struggle to find decent arguments; others do not know the subject well. But one of the common issues is defining the debate topics. It is understandable that along with being relevant to the discipline, a good debate topic should be engaging for the audience.

Speakers should know the subject and be able to provide strong arguments to defend their points of view. And when you cannot come up with a good idea what you want to talk about in the first place, other issues cannot be solved as well. But there is a solution to this problem, and you will find it in this article.

Pro tip: most likely, you are familiar with a phrase “Maybe debate is going to be less pleasant, but it will always be more productive. True creativity requires some trade-offs.” Think of debates as of a much more productive brainstorming. This way you can implement debating techniques to solve nearly impossible assignments. For example, try to organize a debate to get the dissertation help in process by arguing about methods and researches.

How to choose a perfect debate topic?

Let’s start with recommendations that will help you to define the direction in selecting the right discussion topics.

  1. Define your own interests. You probably will have to perform in front of your peers, so there are high chances that you have common interests. What would high school debate be interesting for you to watch? Then think about how you can connect these interests with the curriculum. Or you can start from the end and think about what you like about the discipline. You can also choose funny debate topics to entertain your audience.
  2. Follow your academic level. It is important to choose a topic that will be in accordance with the academic level of your audience, as well. For instance, it would be wrong to raise controversial questions in front of a too young audience. But also do not choose too simple topics as well in order not to bore the audience.
  3. Consider the accessibility of materials for research. Remember that you have to investigate the topic before taking part in debates. You need to know what possible opposite points of view may appear to conduct free speech.
  4. Remember about deadlines. You will have time limits for preparing for the debates so your topic should match the time you have. Do not choose the debatable topics that require much deeper research that you can afford.
  5. Choose the point of view you agree with. It will be much easier to handle even the most controversial topics if you strongly believe in what you are talking about. But you should remember about opposing sides and be ready to deal with your opponent’s arguments as well. And never allow yourself to insult your opponent and his/her views.
  6. Learn how to become better at debating following our guide. With enough dedication and practice you will be able to impress everyone with your debating skills.

But to make your life even easier, we have prepared a list of more than 100 great topics that you can use in debates. We have divided them according to discipline and academic level. You will also find some interesting controversial debate topics. So, here we go.

Debate topics by discipline

It will be much easier for you to find the right topic if you know what discipline it should follow. Despite the fact you will have fewer options, it will be easier to start searching in the right direction. Bellow, you will find interesting topics that are divided according to the field of knowledge that can be studied at college or even school.

Science and technology debate topics

  1. Do search engines make our life easier or lazier?
  2. Is it safe to use cell phones?
  3. Can religion coexist with science?
  4. Should we develop online education?
  5. Does math mindset make a person more successful in life?
  6. Space traveling: is it what humanity should care about on the current stage of our social evolution?
  7. Is it safe to use credit cards online?
  8. Complete automatization of the factories: is it safe?
  9. The negative influence of technologies on the youngest generation.
  10. Is it right to fuse technology with the human body?

Sports, health and medicine debate topics

  1. Marijuana: is it right to legalize it?
  2. Alcohol: is it really harmful to our body?
  3. Is sport means healthy living?
  4. Vaccination: why some parents are so afraid of it?
  5. Should we use alternative ways of treatment or traditional medicine is the only right ware to cure diseases?
  6. Should we ban the antibiotics?
  7. Environmental pollution: what impact it has on our health?
  8. Pros and cons of health insurance.
  9. Technological progress and its influence on human health.
  10. Smoking: are there any safe methods to quit?

Society and politics debate topics

  1. Is democracy the right way to rule the country?
  2. Is the patriotism justified?
  3. Why should national security be the main priority?
  4. Taxation for rich people.
  5. Is voting define who will be the next president in the USA?
  6. Feminism: does it defend women’s right?
  7. Censorship in art: should there be any limits?
  8. Same-sex marriages: yes, or no?
  9. Religion: is it good for society?
  10. Peer pressure: is it as bad as it may seem?

Social media and entertainment debate topics

  1. TV: should it be only entertaining?
  2. Social networking: influence on human relationships.
  3. Can art therapy help in curing mental illnesses?
  4. Are movies important for social culture?
  5. Rock concerts: are they dangerous for teenagers?
  6. Video games: are they just a way of spending leisure, or they can be a serious hobby?
  7. Animals in zoos: is our entertaining worth their freedom?
  8. Does our favorite music define personality?
  9. Should we create more scientific clubs for young people?
  10. Going to a bar or a club: is it the best way to spend time with friends?

Environment debate topics

  1. Vegetarianism: benefits for nature.
  2. GMO impact on nature.
  3. Plastic bottles: reasons to stop using them.
  4. Do countries follow the Paris Agreement today?
  5. Zoos and circuses with animals: should we close them?
  6. Fur production: why it is not justified today?
  7. Organic farming: is it safe as we may think?
  8. Factories should take more drastic measures for environmental protection.
  9. National parks: reasons to create them.
  10. Can we save the planet?

History debate topics

  1. Should we study history in schools?
  2. Is King Arthur real or fictional person?
  3. Can we trust history books?
  4. World War Two: whose fault is it?
  5. Did the United States provoke the war with Japan?
  6. Illegal immigrants through history.
  7. Invasion of the American continent.
  8. What can we learn from Ancient Greece?
  9. Alternative views on world evolution.
  10. How time modifies the way people think about famous people like politicians or writers?

Education debate topics

  1. Home education: pros and cons.
  2. Should gadgets be banned in schools?
  3. Standardized testing: is it right?
  4. Uniform: why this is an outdated approach?
  5. Should we study at school for so long?
  6. Art lessons or sport?
  7. Foreign language lessons should be obligatory.
  8. Is homework effective in education?
  9. Computer sciences: new trends in education.
  10. Pros and cons of the summer holidays.

Debate topics by academic level

This division will help you to define the interesting debate topic that will fit your level of knowledge and the awareness of your audience. Moreover, it will help you to open the dispute that will show your professor your knowledge of the discipline.

Middle school debate topics

  1. Having a pet in childhood: pros and cons.
  2. Musical education at school.
  3. Parental classes should be obligatory.
  4. Facebook restriction for children.
  5. Museums and galleries should be free.
  6. Religion should not be taught at schools.
  7. Junk food at schools: why not?
  8. School uniform: pros and cons.
  9. Internet for homework: should it be allowed?
  10. Volunteering: benefits for pupils.

High school debate topics

  1. Opportunity to choose lessons: pros and cons?
  2. Peer pressure: is it dangerous?
  3. Final exams: do we need them?
  4. Proms: should we arrange them every year?
  5. Sex education at schools: yes, or no?
  6. Outdating approaches that still exist.
  7. Dating in high school.
  8. Should pupils be friends with teachers?
  9. Do good marks define future success?
  10. Reasons for expelling a student.

College and university debate topics

  1. Living in dorms and social adaptation.
  2. Cheating during exams.
  3. Part-time jobs: can students work without harm to their education?
  4. Public speaking: why is it important?
  5. Online high education: is it effective?
  6. Technologies that can improve the educational process.
  7. Drug testing: is it an invasion of privacy?

Bonus: controversial debate topics

Many of the topics mentioned above can be called controversial as they bring up current controversial issues. But below, we have prepared a few more ideas for debates that will allow you to conduct the really interesting and engaging discussion. Anyway, these are interesting topics to talk about in any situation.

  1. Animal testing: is it justified with a current level of technological progress?
  2. Is climate change real?
  3. Abortion: should it be legal?
  4. Death penalty: is it justified?
  5. Adoption by same-sex couples: is it right for a child?
  6. Single-sex schools: outdated practice.
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