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The List of Great Dissertation Topics in Education

The dissertation is the magnum opus of any student and the final test to get the degree. As a rule, you dedicate several years to this work. The result should be valuable research, helpful for your current colleagues and the next generations of students.

If you plan your future career in the sphere of education, you will most likely want to dedicate your dissertation to this field. And it would be a great choice, and you can find plenty of education dissertation topics worth in-depth research.

In this article, we’ve collected the most comprehensive list of topics for the thesis papers in education. We’ve done our best to cover all the most significant aspects of the sphere. We hope that you’ll get inspired too.

How to Choose A Good Educational Dissertation Topic

In general, the dissertation is just another research paper, which you made many times as a student. It is much larger, complicated, and meaningful, but its essence is the same – claim the statement and research the subject to prove it. When you consider the potential dissertation topics, you have to make the right choice. Thus, the usual recommendations would suit here:

  •  Choose the theme that appeals to you. It is a great work that will take a lot of time, and you need to keep your focus. Your own genuine interest will be the best guarantee here.
  • Decide if your work is realistic. You may choose an exciting topic, but it would require traveling abroad and thorough and expensive researches. It’s OK if you can afford it. But it would be better to consider if you can practically do the job.
  • Look for new angles and approaches. Any research worth nothing if it only repeats the things everybody knows. The subject of your school education dissertation can be known, but you need to offer some new vision, arguments, and conclusions.
  • Note that your thesis topics don’t have to be obligatory. You may change your opinion about some factors during the research or want to expose a different aspect. It is a usual practice, and you can switch to a new educational dissertation topic.

Check our list of dissertation topics in education

Here we offer some dissertation ideas for the educational field. It is an excellent area of researches, as it covers lots of educational aspects. You might get interested in different problems. For example, they can be educational programs or psychological challenges of students or teachers. Or, the role of digital technologies in the learning process may get into your focus. In any case, you can choose an original and relevant idea and make it the cornerstone of your dissertation.

Note that our suggestions for dissertation topics are general. If you want to use some of them, you will need to formulate it and specify the direction of the research. Or, you might get inspired to compose and create an original subject for your work. In any case, we hope you will find them useful.

Educational psychology

  1. The necessity of having personal space during the living on campus period in college.
  2.  Specific approaches to support freshmen students with an autism spectrum disorder.
  3.  The influence of the negative family life experience on the studies.
  4.  The possibility of gender separation in schools and their influence on academic performance.
  5.  The influence of social media on building the students’ ideology.
  6.  Verbal communication of foreign students – analysis of the native language influence.
  7.  Problems with the behavior of students with past psychological traumas.
  8.  How home education affects the social skills development of students during the first year in college.
  9.  The importance of adult education and its moving factors.
  10.  Problems of racial aggression in colleges.

Educational technologies

  1.  Methods of picking up the most suitable educational technologies.
  2.  The required skills to run the teaching programs over the Web.
  3.  The most successful approaches of the award-winning teachers in applying the IT resources for the teaching process.
  4.  What are the technological means of evaluation of the teachers’ competences?
  5.  Practical means of distant educational programs for sophomore students.
  6.  Development of the strategy to use mobile IT solutions for educational purposes.
  7.  Correlation between online learning programs and social media engagement.
  8.  Video lessons and teaching video games for toddlers.
  9.  Practical methods of speeding the learning process with the help of technologies.
  10.  Promotion of online learning programs for parents and children.

M.Ed. dissertation topics

  1.  Importance of problem-solving skills for academic achievements.
  2.  Personal values that are important for modern students.
  3.  Self-esteem problems and their relation to academic progress.
  4.  The most important aspects of the teaching qualification.
  5.  Methods of building leadership for modern teachers.
  6.  Problems of stress immunity for college and university students.
  7.  The role of available education in economic development.
  8.  Main conflicts in the system of education and the ways to resolve them.
  9.  Social phobias of children on homeschooling.
  10.  Time management skills development and how it relates to academic achievements.

Early development education

  1.  How effective is the early development of children?
  2.  Development of talents in the program of early education.
  3.  The effects of early development education on future students’ academic achievements.
  4.  The role of linguistic diversity during the early years of education.
  5.  The role of parents in their children’s development.
  6.  Practical approaches to teaching English and Literature in childhood educational programs.
  7.  Main causes of conflicts in the early years of education.
  8.  The influence of media on the parents’ opinions about the early development programs.
  9.  Using digital technologies for early grades students.
  10.  Awards-winning teachers’ experience of running personal programs of early education.

Primary school education

  1.  The pros and cons of using mobile devices on the primary school level.
  2.  The importance of having a nap time for children, and the criteria of its length.
  3.  Handling the children’s aggressiveness.
  4.  The rivalry between the public and private primary schools, and the arguments pro and contra.
  5.  The most efficient approach to managing the classroom in primary schools.
  6.  Factors that motivate the parents to choose the primary school.
  7.  The influence of bilingualism on the children’s personal development during the early years of education.
  8.  The necessity of including the art and culture courses into the curriculum.
  9.  Analysis of the homework volume and contents in the primary schools.
  10.  Which educational trends are unusable for elementary schools?

College/university education

  1.  The problems of psychological overloading and stress management for students.
  2.  The main challenges that young college teachers face.
  3.  How do the students evaluate the high school training they get before enrolling in the university?
  4.  The differences between the university policies in the USA and Europe.
  5.  The factors influencing the choice of college.
  6.  Development the leadership skills for students.
  7.  The opportunities brought by studying abroad.
  8.  Building the new social connections on campus and their role in academic progress.
  9.  Compiling the personal education programs for the students interested in the Sciences.
  10.  How does the past experience of foreign students influence their college life in the USA during the first year of study?

Adult education

  1.  The main psychological barriers for adult learners.
  2.  The analysis of the most successful learning projects for adult students.
  3.  Correlation of employment success and getting adult education.
  4.  Compiling educational programs for working adult learners.
  5.  The effects of age on learning new technologies.
  6.  Development of individual strategies of teaching adult students.
  7.  The analysis of the factors that motivate adults to join educational programs.
  8.  Keeping up with family duties, work, and online learning.
  9.  Programs for foreign adult students in the USA and Europe.
  10.  Statistics analysis of the base literacy level among adult learners.

Teachers education

  1.  Programs of the teachers’ professional self-improvement in the USA.
  2.  Methods of better integration for novice teachers.
  3.  Using the capabilities of digital technologies for the teachers’ professional development.
  4.  Assessing the teacher’s qualification with the help of electronic means.
  5.  Analysis of the most successful teaching styles and methods.
  6.  Teachers’ attitudes toward online learning.
  7.  Main sources of stress during the teaching practice and ways to overcome it.
  8.  The educational standards for first-year teachers.
  9.  The mentorship programs for novice teachers.
  10. Improving the teaching process with the help of digital technologies.

Public schools’ education

  1.  Comparison and analysis of the teaching approaches of the private and public schools.
  2.  The private school programs, and how they are different from the public schools’ programs.
  3.  The reasons for the parents’ negative attitudes towards public schools.
  4.  Comparison of the public-school systems in the USA and UK.
  5.  The role of political issues in the public education system changes.
  6.  The influence of the new security requirements on the public-school students.
  7.  The strategies to fight and prevent bullying.
  8.  The peculiarities of the lesson planning.
  9.  The students’ perception of the homework volume in high school.
  10.  The most efficient mentoring approaches for public school students.

Private schools’ education

  1.  The role of the school dress code in class management.
  2.  Advantages of private schools.
  3.  Do private school students really possess a higher level of knowledge and skills?
  4.  The factors increasing private education popularity.
  5.  Private schools in the context of the commercialization of education.
  6.  The self-esteem level of private school students in comparison with public school students.
  7.  The role and influence of the alumni networks.
  8.  Factors that determine the choice of private school.
  9.  The role of religious background in private school education.
  10.  The focus on personal development in the educational approach of the private schools.

Homeschooling topics

  1.  The most efficient approaches to online teaching.
  2.  The problems of communication between the distance learning students and their instructors online.
  3.  Self-directed learning and personal responsibilities.
  4.  Learning styles in homeschooling.
  5.  The theory of homeschooling.
  6.  Social challenges for homeschooling students.
  7.  The causes of the growing popularity of online education in the USA.
  8.  The legal grounds and regulations of homeschooling.
  9.  Academic achievements of the homeschooled students in comparison with the students having the traditional school education.
  10.  Factors in favor of distant education.

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