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List of 10 Useful Applications to Help You in College

Students use lots of modern software and useful gadgets these days. Thus, you can find a bunch of services and applications to check social media, contact friends, share photos and videos, etc. The impressive number of online services and apps can improve one’s life impressively. They can even help to improve your study results. Sure, online, you can find a lot of useful information. It is easy to reach numerous online educational platforms as well. Besides, most of the mentioned services are offered for free. You can find a huge number of useful apps for college students. Still, there are the top 10 apps that can be the most beneficial for college students.

1. EasyBib

Writing a reference list can be a real nightmare for lots of students. It becomes even more difficult when you lack proper formatting styles’ knowledge. EasyBib is the best tool to ease your life. You simply need to scan the book’s barcode. At once, you will get the required citation in any of the needed styles – APA, MLA, or Chicago.

2. Circle of Six

This is not an educational app. But it still makes a good job for college students. It can assure your safety in many cases. You should add the contacts of six trusted people to stay safe. Thus, in any situation, you will be able to notify your contacts to come to get you fast. If you do not feel safe, you should not bother with long messages. Just use the app, and your friends will be notified immediately.


This is quite a standard but also a regularly requested application. It helps to learn a definition of any word. also helps with spelling, the origin of words, a list of synonyms, and antonyms. It assures your excellent knowledge of any word you want to check.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is the top application for students who learn foreign languages. It allows learning over 35 languages focusing on reading, spelling, writing, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. The app allows reaching various lessons online and offline. It offers a collection of effective assignments for students to help with language learning.

5. EverNote

This is one of the top applications for college students. EverNote is a convenient tool for students. It helps to take notes and organize them properly. Besides, it stores them in separate related stacks. Thus, every student can build a convenient online library with the full information from classes. Further, it will be super easy to reach any information you require fast.

6. Grammarly

This is the top application for students who tend to submit only flawless papers. The service allows checking texts easily and improving the content greatly. Once using the app, you can complete by yourself a flawless essay that ordinary you can only get at a trustworthy writing homework service from WriteAnyPapers’s writers.

7. Mint

Students are often taught how to deal with their finances starting from high school. Still, if you lack skills on how to operate your expenses properly, Mint will surely be handy. You should download the app if you struggle with expense tracking. It will help you to manage your finances more accurately.

8. SelfControl

Students often deal with procrastination and light social media addiction. If you feel you cannot spend even a few hours without checking Tumblr or Facebook, this app will be useful. If you cannot manage your resistance, the SelfControl application will help with it. The app creates a list of websites and emails that must be blocked temporarily. Eventually, you will get no access to the labeled domains. This app as well as our article helps you to learn how to focus on homework.

9. StudyBlue Flashcards

This is the top study application for college students. Every undergraduate should check the advantages of the app and download it. StudyBlue Flashcards is the best app to learn the important facts and details. You can check the impressive database of StudyBlue Flashcards to use extremely effective study cards.

10. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an advanced modern search engine. It offers an edge-cutting algorithm of search. Besides, it allows searching for information more effectively by using advanced search criteria. You can use the app to gain any information or facts you need. It can easily provide any historical facts, various formulas, details of top innovations, etc.

Various applications help students to submit exceptional academic assignments. It is great when you can complete your papers on your own once using advanced applications. Still, if you struggle with your tasks, you may need additional help. Our online writing services can be the best solution. They assure fast, professional writing assistance for students. Besides, they provide excellent results and timely delivery.

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