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How to Write an Essay on Religion

Writing a world religion paper can be difficult for beginning writers. With a little bit of time and effort, though, you can easily break the task into smaller, more manageable steps. First, write my paper overview of the origins section of your paper. Tell your story with the three Cs: Creed – describe your passion and purpose, Code – discuss your ethics and values, and Cult – explain your mission.

Step 1

Every religion has a beginning. Just as all living things are born and must eventually die, so did your assigned religion. While it is impossible to trace the exact moment that any religion came into existence, you can research your faith’s origins by looking at written collections of stories, examining art from the time period, and studying archeological sites relating to the religion.

Step 2

Explore the religion’s beliefs. What are the key teachings of the religion? How do practitioners live their day-to-day lives in accordance with those ideas? The second section of your essay should cover some of the most important elements of a tradition. What are some of the core values and beliefs of a religious group? How are they practiced? Cite textual evidence from one or more religious texts to support your hypothesis.

Step 3

Analyze the religion’s approach to morality: The third step of your paper is to analyze the religious traditions and comment on their outlook on morality. In many cases, followers may believe that their actions will directly impact their spiritual progression. They may believe that they may be adversely affected if they choose to place themselves in a negative moral state, while they seek to achieve a positive one by performing righteously.

Step 4

Write paper about some of the religion’s major rituals. Rituals can serve multiple purposes: they reinforce the community’s sense of purpose and allow people to get through crucial times in their lives. Describe two or three of these rituals in detail, and look for similarities across religions.


Before you dive into a project, make sure that you have permission from the original author. After all, the main thing that you want to avoid is plagiarism.

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