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Incredible Informative Speech Topics for Students

Looking for a great informative speech idea? We got you covered. Here you can explore over 190 incredible ideas! You will definitely find a topic that resonates with you.

What is an informative speech?

An informative speech is a great opportunity to share your knowledge on the topic important for you. This is a type of speech that uses particular data to cover the selected topic. You can reveal useful and mind-blowing information for your listeners. But to reach this, you should prepare for your speech well. It means you should research the informative speech topics to find additional info and arguments that will make your speeches really informative and engaging.

Preparation process also includes choosing good informative speech topics. You should be familiar with it and be able to reach the emotions of your listeners as well. There is no need to look for something extra sensational in order to impress your audience. Keep in mind that you should know the topic well in order to present it to the fullest. For students, it is important not to allow any mistakes and misleading statements as this is the way you can spoil the impression of the speech at all.

Choose a good informative speech topic that fits you

You have the freedom to choose from various interesting informative speech topics starting from describing items, explaining events, concepts, etc. You can consider your speech successful as soon as your listeners get the complete data to understand the topic. As you can see, it is not always easy to come up with the right topic. In some cases, you may be puzzled with the concept that will be interesting to your audience; in other cases, you simply have a lack of informative speech ideas.

We asked our most experienced writers, including experts on custom dissertation at WriteAnyPapers, what are the best possible topics for an informative speech. Below you can read the list of suggested topics.

Informative speech topics on science and technology

This list of informative topics is about science and technological concepts. Keep in mind that informative topics should be understandable to your audience.

  1. Why should we stop hunting for whales?
  2. Colonization of other planets: a new stage of social evolution.
  3. Great minds that have created a modern understanding of science concept.
  4. Human brain: fascinating creation that remains a mystery for us today.
  5. Can computers substitute human brains one day?
  6. The harmful effect of technological progress on children’s minds.
  7. The evolution of programming languages.
  8. The most significant changes in technology for the last 20 years.
  9. 3D printing: practical use of this technology in various spheres of our life.
  10. Social media: pros and cons of this inseparable part of our life.
  11. Texting: does it harm the literacy of teenagers today?
  12. Do cellphones dangerous, or we now have more information on this everyday device?
  13. Computer networks and artificial intelligence: how future got in our everyday life, and we did not notice it.
  14. The nuclear power: a fascinating process of its work.
  15. Search engines: the mystery of their work is revealed.
  16. Video games with violence and its effect on children’s minds.
  17. Electric cars: great idea but with significant flaws.
  18. Cyber danger: how to ensure the safety of your private data, and is it possible?
  19. Mobile phone evolution.
  20. Evolution of robots and predictions about their role in human activities.
  21. Computers through years: impressive speed of technological progress.
  22. Biometric system in airports: how it works and why it is required?
  23. Computer viruses: the danger of malware and precaution measures.
  24. Alligator and crocodile: what is the difference and why we often confuse them?
  25. The life path of geniuses like Albert Einstein.

Informative speech topics ideas on environment

Here’re the topics for informative speech ideas to raise environmental issues.

  1. Should we afraid of genetically modified products or this achievement is not as scary as some people want us to think?
  2. Alternative energy sources usage: how can we change our society to ensure the development of this approach to energy production?
  3. How can we decrease the wastes, and what approaches will help to develop recycling?
  4. How can nature help in solving the waste access problem?
  5. Technologies that help to get clean water from the dirty one.
  6. Environmental studies in colleges: its importance and why we should make it a part of every curriculum?
  7. Meat consumption: does it have any effect on the environment?
  8. What are the most dangerous fields of human activity to nature?
  9. What fashion trends may have an unpleasant effect on the environment?
  10. Ozone layer: how is it now?
  11. Deforestation: how can we beat this problem and prevent the forest extinction?
  12. Rights of animals: why we should take measures to protect animals from the abusing?
  13. Is it possible to restore nature to the state when humanity has not existed yet?
  14. Fish in seas also can be on the edge of extinction: why and how we can prevent this?
  15. An increasing number of people: what risks it may bring in the future?
  16. Floods and other natural disasters in our history.
  17. Why should we use only organic fertilizers in farming?
  18. What new species now are considered as endangered?
  19. Tropical rainforests: how can we save them?
  20. The ecological situation on earth: what measures should we take to prevent possible consequences?
  21. Plastic usage problem: is recycling the only solution?
  22. The growth of cities and its wastes: damaging effect on the natural ecosystem.
  23. One-time items cause an increasing amount of wastes on our planet.
  24. How can we educate children to take care of nature since their first years?
  25. Why is public transport less harmful to nature comparing to the growing number of personal cars?

Informative speech ideas on society and politics

This is the list of speech topic examples for great informative speeches about social issues.

  1. Judging people according to the appearance and social position: is it acceptable today?
  2. The way of living of the tribes and indigenous people.
  3. How to tell people that you are not happy with their behavior without hurting their feelings?
  4. Formation of the personality: what factors have the most significant effect?
  5. Left-handed people: do they have any other unique features and skills that make them stand out of the crowd?
  6. Prejudices, racism, sexism, and other types of discrimination: how to extirpate them from modern society?
  7. Why athletes, actors, and musicians are considered to be the best-paid professions?
  8. Dogs and people: who is the true friend here?
  9. Teambuilding: why is it important for the company functioning?
  10. Is it possible that our nation will have a bright future?
  11. Police: the daily routine of an average officer.
  12. S. policy towards immigrants.
  13. Communism or capitalism: what can bring more benefits to society?
  14. Women in politics: the latest achievements.
  15. Relationships between countries: what we should avoid if we want to live in peace on our planet?
  16. Who are the real victims of wars?
  17. Post-traumatic condition of the country in general after the major political and military conflicts.
  18. Oil extraction: is business in other countries can be risk-free for the USA?
  19. Trade agreement: what an average citizen should know about it?
  20. Global environmental issues: how to solve them on an international level?
  21. Gun control: why it is important to reconsider its requirements now?
  22. How to maintain a stable financial situation in our country?
  23. Election of a president: do we have any power here?
  24. Two opposing sides: why American political field has this structure?
  25. Who can have a right to vote and who should be banned from taking part in the voting process?

Informative speech ideas on economics and finance

These topics for informative speech can be interesting and useful for economy students.

  1. What would the economy look like if we have kept producing our own food and items?
  2. Taxation growth due to the evolution of public services.
  3. The economy of the developing countries: their achievements during the last two decades.
  4. Agriculture progress: the correlation between demand and proposition.
  5. Industrial society: the importance of education.
  6. Credit history: how to have a decent one?
  7. College loan: how to plan your budget after graduation?
  8. Mobile banking: its importance in today’s minor financial operations.
  9. Investing: what strategies we can consider as average citizens?
  10. Renting a house or buying one with a mortgage: pros and cons of both options.
  11. Retirement in various countries: common and different features.
  12. Why there is a difference in salaries for the same professions in different countries?
  13. What effect did the Great Depression have on the world economy?
  14. How to define trends in the stock market?
  15. Where can we find a basic consultation on financial planning?
  16. How to plan your budget and with on $5 daily?
  17. Poverty in different countries: what are the common reasons for this phenomenon?
  18. Where to invest your savings to get more?
  19. Currency evolution in the USA.
  20. What options do people have for buying their own house or apartment?
  21. How to protect your financial data while buying online?
  22. Free education: why every country would get more benefits from it considering economic and social growth?
  23. What can financial aid be provided to the refugees?
  24. Economy crisis: what is it, its features, and reasons?
  25. The minimum salary in different countries: why does it vary so much?
  26. Does high financial status bring happiness to people?
  27. How to survive during the crisis?

Good informative speech topics on social media and entertainment

These good speech topics are aimed at entertainment issues. Your informative speeches can be fun and interesting as well.

  1. Can students and teachers follow each other on social media?
  2. Is it safe to provide personal info on social networks?
  3. How have the means of communication changed over the last 10 years?
  4. Can we live a social life without social media today?
  5. Social media is not only for entertaining today but a powerful business platform.
  6. Do people need to get a formal education if their dream is to become a star in show business?
  7. Reality shows: how they affect the TV content in general?
  8. Blockbusters today: how special effects have changed the way movies impress the audience?
  9. The greatest music bands in history and their impact on modern pop culture.
  10. TOP-10 movies you should watch in 2019.
  11. Artificial intelligence and movie making: how they co-work today?
  12. Pranking: a new trend that has come out of control.
  13. Should paparazzi keep doing what they do or their activity should be considered as an invasion of the privacy?
  14. The role of female actresses on the modern movie and TV series plots.
  15. How social and political events are reflected in the Star Wars film plots?
  16. Valentine’s Day: the history and evolution of this holiday.
  17. Best parades in the U.S. you should attend at least once in your life.
  18. Should the movie industry adapt the books or is it better to create an original movie plot?
  19. Why does reading keep being popular despite the growing variety of other means of entertaining?
  20. Why does every generation have nostalgia about pop culture that is about three decades old?
  21. How do views of adults and teenagers differ considering movies and music?
  22. Can Netflix and other streaming services kill movie theatres eventually?
  23. Should we consider cartoons as entertainment for children only?
  24. Is fashion worth to be an as popular part of social life as it is now?
  25. How racism and sexism have evolved into uncontrollable tolerance in modern culture?

Interesting informative speech topics sports and health

Choose a topic from the list of informative essay topics if you are concerned about health issues. You can also get an idea from our psychology research paper topics list.

  1. Is it reasonable to make sports teams with both men and women?
  2. Risky sports: is it worth recognition or humanity needs this type of entertainment?
  3. Physical abilities of students: should the sport be an obligatory part of a curriculum?
  4. Healthy food in schools: is it really healthy?
  5. Should we allow children and teens to eat fast food and sweets as much as they want?
  6. How to normalize your nutrition?
  7. Can we consider chess as a sport?
  8. Cybersport: is it fair to call it a sport?
  9. Obesity and food habits: how we can prevent harm for the human body using means of school influence?
  10. Why an adult organism is not adjusted to milk and should we consume dairy products after 20?
  11. How many fruits and vegetables we should consume daily to stay healthy?
  12. Losing weight without stressing your organism.
  13. Sportsmen lives after serious injuries.
  14. Why should we go to the gym at least a few times a week?
  15. Is vegetarianism means you will become healthy eventually or we should balance our diet with meat and dairy products as well?
  16. Professional fighting sports: the evolution and modern place in culture.
  17. Why should even people in age care about physical activity?
  18. Team sports: how they help children to socialize?
  19. Can smoking coexist with physical activity and healthy eating?
  20. Stress and depression among young people.
  21. Stretching before workout: why do we need this?
  22. Organ transplantation: is it the solution?
  23. Organs and systems in our body that can be substituted with artificial analogs.
  24. Skin problems in the teen years: how to prevent them and how to treat them properly.
  25. Aging: can we slow it down or is it a part of our existing that we should accept?

Topics for informative speech on education

Good informative speech topic can also be used for a persuasive speech as well.

  1. What disciplines are the most important for the growing generation?
  2. How can we change the education process to provide info in an entertaining way?
  3. Gadgets and devices: how they can be useful in the educational process and why it can distract students as well?
  4. Why educational programs differ so much in various countries?
  5. How globalization affects the styles and methods of education?
  6. Alternative educational means that it can be useful in modern schools and colleges.
  7. Foreign languages in U.S. schools: why Americans should know more than one language despite the fact that English is an international language now?
  8. IT disciplines and programming languages: skills that every future adult should acquire.
  9. Do test results display the real intellectual level of students?
  10. Is it right to make kids learn various disciplines at once without providing a choice?
  11. Why we should include more practical lessons and do not limit the educational process with only theoretical knowledge?
  12. Why should children live on campus or a rented flat while studying at college instead of staying with their parents?
  13. Music and art: why these subjects are underestimated in schools?
  14. Paid education: pros and cons.
  15. What is the best time to start educating kids before school?
  16. Internship: how employers make use of it without providing any guarantees for the interns?
  17. Why should the government pay more money to teachers and professors?
  18. TOP-10 professions young people should consider as their future jobs.
  19. Individual education: advantages and disadvantages of this approach.
  20. How the internet and TV can help children from distant territories get equal education without leaving their homes?
  21. How can students combine studying and a part-time job?
  22. Racism and sexism in schools.
  23. Schools in dangerous districts: why they are important?
  24. College expenses: how government can help young poor people to get quality education?
  25. Math or literature: can we choose something one?

Controversial informative speech topics for college students

In fact, some of the ideas suggested above can be considered as controversial as it may reflect opposite views on the topic. In informative speech topics, you should not defend one point but describe and justify all possible views. It is better to use these informative speech topics for college students.

  1. Early marriages: pros and cons for the society.
  2. Abortion: should we forbid women to make decisions considering their own body?
  3. Death penalty: is it a solution for society or we should imply lifelong imprisonment?
  4. Racism: reasons it still exists in modern society?
  5. Do prejudices appear because of facts or lies?
  6. Feminism: the social course that can change humanity to better or worse?
  7. Why fighting for equal rights is not an as simple concept as some people may consider?
  8. Single-parent families: how these phenomena affect children?
  9. Military conflicts: are they acceptable in modern society or politicians should solve them without starting wars?
  10. Studying religion at schools: is it right?
  11. Download music and movies illegally: are there any justifications?
  12. Hunting as a sport: should we ban this type of entertaining?
  13. Parental role in the formation of the personality: childhood traumas.
  14. Sexual harassments: why we should be more careful today?
  15. Workplace romantic relationships: why is it wrong?
  16. Night shifts: is it acceptable considering workers’ health?
  17. Criminals: should we consider them as misfits or we should help them to fix their lives?
  18. Is it right to live with your boyfriend/girlfriend without getting married?
  19. Zoos and safaris: what is the best way to discover wildlife?
  20. Should animals have rights as well as humans or not?

The best thing about provided informative speech ideas? They can be used for writing essays as well! Choose a great topic that fits you and your are of interests and write. Good luck!

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