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109 Amazing Literature Research Paper Topics for Every Student

Well, almost every person faces the task of writing research papers on particular subjects. Writing paper topics usually, cause some difficulties due to the problem of finding the right issue of the research paper topic. So, this article aims at helping you to find great topics in the area of literature. As we know, literature research topics may motivate you to reconsider the masterpieces of several literary themes as well as you can definitely learn more about the personality analysis, the prominent authors` background, and the most spirited themes and topics.

Moreover, there is different and really important differentiation into the groups of literature, such as European, Western or Eastern or other pieces of literature, depending on the styles and the distinctive features of literary sources. Whether you are still in a continuous search of the most appropriate topics for your researches, we suggest reading some samples of literary works in order to make a primary outline, emphasizing the most interesting projects for the research.

Naturally, a research paper in the sphere of literary studies is really a way to boost knowledge of history, art, and science. It is a well-known fact that literature plays a significant part in our life. Literature opens the unknown world of human relationships, makes it possible to more consciously understand the essence of the human personality, to understand how this or that situation that seems to be a dead-end will be resolved.

This is a special kind of art that reflects and emphasizes the matter of all eras, gives us pleasant hours while reading, teaches morality, makes us more morally stable, and, of course, raises our cultural level. Furthermore, literature is called to serve the people, it reveals the problems of past years, describes the events and people who lived in the past, tells what thoughts and deeds they were endowed with.

Of great importance is the veracity of present times, giving a person the opportunity in his/ her imagination to paint a picture of his future life. Some writers teach us through humor, ridiculously describing incidents, exposing the human soul, and revealing vices. Others instill the love for the world around, the beauties of nature, and urge us to treat it with care. Still, others describe terrible events, military operations, interspersed with stories from human life, while others, in their usual manner, try to answer the question about the meaning of earthly existence.

An elaborate study of the characters` lives, the correlation between their personality characteristics and their doings provides a unique chance to observe everything from an outside perspective. It is extremely necessary, as sometimes people may not see their own mistakes and get blind to their faults. According to a proverb, the onlooker sees most of the game.

Well, let us saturate ourselves in a subject and try your hand in writing a literature research paper. Indeed, if you would like a professional help on the most suitable themes for your literature research, you have a very useful option of ordering cheap custom research papers at WriteAnyPapers.

How to choose the best literature research paper topic?

Although searching for literature research paper topics is sometimes a real challenge, it is not only sophisticated but exciting enough. Of course, you should find the most worth-while topics and try to make an outline of your future task. In addition, you have to know the answers on the following questions such as:

  • Why are these or those literature research topics entertaining and thought-provoking to write about?
  • Will this paper topic cover your aim?
  • Can you find valuable information in a great number of sources or is this topic quite poorly investigated?

After answering all these questions, it is recommended not to be afraid and go on writing and creating a great paper.

You might obviously use citations in your literature research, as an author should prove the opinion with the help of some acknowledged sources of scientific information. A good idea is to go to the library, look through some scientific journals, etc.  Refer to the previous researches, famous studies and try to describe the crucial idea of your theme, using your personal understanding and analyzing the given facts. Surely, your literature research paper ought to be plagiarism-free so that no verbatim interpretation is needed.

In actuality, one of the most important point in any research is the opportunity to engage the reader, discover the theme profoundly and make the right conclusion.

In order to implement this purpose, you need to have antennae for detail, study much and be vastly interested in a research topic.

Whatever aspect or periodization of literature you are going to cognize, English literature, war literature or, for instance, the period of realism in literature, or others, you should thoroughly become familiar with the topic. Whether you are not convinced what research area to choose, try to define all the literary styles and genres you enjoy, English novels, poetry, biographical sketches, etc.

The literature research paper often goes hand-by-hand with critical analysis essay or character analysis essay from which you can get even more ideas and solutions for your research paper.

Get inspired, think out a plan and present your brilliant ideas in the most optimum manner.

And we are glad to share some literature research paper topics with you.

We hope they may direct you to a proper specialization, such a writing a character analysis paper.

Our list of the best literature research paper topics

Once, at the dawn of the twentieth century, the phrase, said by the English neo-romanticism Rudyard Kipling became popular: “West is West, East is East, and they won’t leave their place.” The poet, who knew India and England well, compared two civilizations, seeing insurmountable contradictions there, where a perfectly acceptable dialogue of cultures prevails today.

And yet, if we talk about the types of world literary and aesthetic thought, we can say: there are two poles, around which traditions and artistic trends of many centuries are concentrated. These are the poles of the “eastern” and “western” cultures.

Western literature

A special place in the culture and literature of the West, and of the whole world, is occupied by existentialism (the philosophy of existence) – a powerful spiritual movement, generated by the contradictions of progress, the clash of faith and despair in the era of concentration camps, totalitarianism, bloody ethnic conflicts, riots, world wars, etc. A discussion of this socio-cultural phenomenon is best started with its philosophical foundations.

Get ideas for your western literature research topics in the following list:

  1. The history of literature in the Indo- European family of languages
  2. Afrikaans literature
  3. Celtic literature
  4. Latin American literature
  5. Welsh literature
  6. Solomon Northup
  7. Charles Perrault
  8. William Gibson
  9. Ernest Hemingway
  10. Moby Dick
  11. Macbeth
  12. Lord Byron
  13. Olympe de Gouges
  14. Hamlet
  15. Mark Twain
  16. Oscar Wilde
  17. Michelangelo
  18. Pride and Prejudice
  19. Romanticism in the literature
  20. Victorianism as a movement
  21. Modernism
  22. The difference between Eastern and Western works of literature
  23. What is world literature?
  24. The Western canon of literature
  25. William Shakespeare
  26. Icelandic literature
  27. Sherlock Holmes

European literature

The literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance chronologically follows ancient literature and occupies a significant place in the global development of culture. This rich literature reflected important phenomena and characteristic events of a long period of its formation, embracing about twelve centuries.

Here are some literature topics on European literature:

  1. Irish poetry
  2. Henrik Ibsen
  3. Medieval European literature
  4. French literature
  5. The concept of Modern European literature
  6. The time divisions of European literature
  7. The impact of European literature nowadays
  8. The Holy Scriptures
  9. The Epic of Gilgamesh
  10. Metamorphoses in the literature
  11. King Arthur
  12. European classical literature
  13. Renaissance literature
  14. Age of Reason (the 17th-century literature)
  15. Daniel Dafoe
  16. Symbolism in literature
  17. Realism in literature
  18. Frank Baum – Wizard of Oz
  19. Greek and Roman mythology
  20. The meaning of classical criticism in literature
  21. European elements in Mid- Western literature
  22. Political pamphlets
  23. Dictionaries and encyclopedias
  24. The period of Enlightenment
  25. Postmodernism in literature
  26. Galician literature
  27. Latin literature

Eastern literature

The emergence of literature. Literature arises along with writing (literature of the earliest period is everything that is fixed in writing). And writing is one of the signs of the formation of the first civilizations of the Ancient East, which were formed at the end of the 4th or 2nd millennium B.C. on the territory, stretching from Egypt and the states of Mesopotamia in the West to China in the East.

And now it is time for literary topics:

  1. The category of Middle Eastern literature
  2. Khalil Gibran
  3. Y. Agnon
  4. Saint Pachomius
  5. Yunus Emre
  6. The Jewish literature
  7. Arabic literature
  8. The Maqamat as a literary genre
  9. Modern Eastern literature
  10. Turkish literature
  11. Aladdin
  12. Anthony of Egypt
  13. Persian literature
  14. Ali Baba
  15. Sindbad the sailor
  16. Sanskrit literature
  17. The philosophical tradition of Daoism in Chinese texts
  18. Arabic prose
  19. Arabic poetry
  20. Comparison of Chinese and Japanese national works of literature of the 20th century
  21. Define the roles of ‘honor’ and ‘death’ in Japanese works of the 20th century
  22. Holy books in Confucianism
  23. Johann Jakob Reiske
  24. Famous Arabic fiction
  25. The One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights)
  26. Confucius
  27. The basic beliefs of Confucianism

Controversial literature topics

The list of world literature consists of various disputable titles as well as literary works that sometimes may cause features of ambiguity, controversy or indeterminacy. Some of the books can be prohibited in a particular period of time or zones. Some of the issues mentioned in this type of literature may contain unaccepted themes or principles which are quite inexplicable or inapprehensible.

The controversial literature topics are usually difficult to realize at once. Different people can have distinguished opinions about the literature and sometimes cannot interpret their conclusions in the same way, as some topics need a deeper insight. You may study some interesting topics and specialize in the most eligible topic for you.

We present some literary topics below:

  1. The literature of different countries
  2. The social issues in literature
  3. A literary analysis
  4. Ethnicity in literature
  5. Women and literature
  6. A documentary research
  7. Psychology and literature
  8. Masterpieces of the literature
  9. Main features of national literature
  10. The functions of literature
  11. Critical issues in literature
  12. World literature
  13. The concept of ‘Family as Metaphor‘
  14. Analysis of European literature
  15. Contemporary literary theory
  16. Ancient literature
  17. Comedy in literature
  18. Don Quixote`s personality
  19. Greek mythology
  20. Hamlet
  21. Franz Kafka
  22. Metamorphosis
  23. Romeo and Juliet
  24. War and Peace
  25. Structuralism
  26. Formalism is a literary theory
  27. Teaching through literature
  28. Literature as a part of the culture

Anyway, we hope that this enumeration of the literature research topics may assist you in finding the best literary topic.

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