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Best Nursing Research Paper Topics

If you need to prepare a good nursing research paper, then you may face numerous challenges. On the one hand, you must be keen on writing and be aware of all modern rules in medical academic papers. On the other hand, topic selection could be a serious problem. If you miss one element in preparing your paper, you may fail with the whole task.

Nurses from different departments have issues in choosing a topic. It is hard to pick up the relevant subject for analysis in neonatal care, cardiology, dentistry, and other fields. But this collection of 100 great topics will be a magic wand for you. Don’t worry and choose any research idea from this list and make a successful medical paper. Please, start with the basic information about writing a nursing research paper and then select an exciting topic.

Key Points to Consider when Writing a Nursing Research Paper

To prepare good medical research, you need to grab all your power and prepare yourself well for such a hard task. You need time, knowledge, skills in medicine, and writing papers. The combination of such elements will bring you success.

When you face such a task, you should start by collecting nursing research paper ideas. The best way is to analyze medical literature for interesting cases and issues. For example, if your specialization is neonatal nursing, then read more journals about newborn infants. But with great ideas for your research, you may also collect great sources of information.

When you have a final idea for your research, you need to consider your paper outline. Think of your introduction, body, and conclusion. Pay more attention to thesis statements and ideas for the catchy beginning. It’s better to collect as many ideas as possible, so you will be able to pick the best statements from your list.

The body paragraphs are essential for your research paper, so make sure to prepare good points for it. Experts insist that you shouldn’t add as many ideas as you have. Such an approach can distract your readers. It’s better to focus on several statements in your main part.

The conclusion should include your findings and personal recommendations if it is possible. Remember that your last paragraph is the last chance to tell something to your audience. Also, don’t forget to use the appendix if you have mentioned special facts in your text.

How to Select a Good Nursing Research Topic?

The nursing research paper topics are very important for future medical paper. If you do great research for an average topic, your paper wouldn’t worth attention. It is highly important to work with a useful and unique subject. There is no surprise that the majority of students find the topic selection a challenging and frustrating task.

If you aspire to make the right decision, then use these tips to pick up the amazing topic. Here are these recommendations:

  • use narrow topics. If you write about wide problems in general, then such research wouldn’t be useful for medical staff;
  • select subjects with good sources. You need to get information from medical books and journals because you can’t rely on doubtful articles and information;
  • try to use topics with interesting cases. By mentioning in your research popular medical issues, you will make your text more reliable;
  • pick a subject that allows you to make a personal contribution. If you can solve the exact problem or reveal unknown information, then your research will be much useful.

It is not easy to understand which nursing research topics are better and which are worse. This problem is very challenging for new nurses. But you need to pay for all your efforts to select a fantastic and useful subject.

The List of Nursing Research Paper Topics

You have already understood how hard it is to find several good topics. That’s why you need a list of great research nursing ideas. Use this collection to avoid wasting time and to start doing your research immediately.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Topics

  1. The most important skills in evidence-based practice
  2. How to use EBP for a primary care
  3. The basic EBP instruction for new nurses
  4. The role of the leadership in evidence-based practice
  5. What misunderstanding in EBP may appear among nurses
  6. The key elements of EBP education
  7. How to develop EBP for nurses
  8. The most challenging situations for nurses about EBP
  9. The particularities of modern EBP education
  10. The emergency situations manual for nurses

Quantitative Research Topics

  1. What are the main quantitative research methods
  2. Why quantitative methods may be the best nursing methods
  3. Advantages of qualitative research methods for pediatric nurses
  4. Disadvantages of qualitative research methods for cardiology nurses
  5. The best quantitative methods to help patients with mental problems
  6. How to mix quantitative methods with others
  7. Quantitative research about satisfaction with nursing care after giving a birth
  8. How to hold a quantitative study
  9. How to work with data for quantitative research
  10. Why quantitative research must be supported with qualitative research

Qualitative Nursing Research

  1. What are the main qualitative research methods
  2. Why qualitative methods may be the best for nursing
  3. How to combine qualitative methods with others
  4. The connection of qualitative research and checking samples
  5. How to hold a qualitative study
  6. Advantages of qualitative research for scrub nurses
  7. Disadvantages of qualitative research for scrub nurses
  8. Why qualitative research must be supported with quantitative research
  9. The best qualitative methods to help patients in trauma center
  10. How to work with information for qualitative research

Critical Care (ICU) Topics

  1. How to manage the stress in critical care
  2. The best modern technologies in ICU for nurses
  3. The role of nurse experience in critical care
  4. How to manage the question of organ donation in critical situations
  5. What is the difference between working with average patients and LGBTQ patients
  6. How to keep patients safe during critical care
  7. The main particularities of critical care after surgeries
  8. How to use ICU for kids and teenagers
  9. The problem of making decision in ICU
  10. Critical care for urgent patients

Neonatal (NICU) Nursing Topics

  1. How nurses should communicate with young mothers
  2. Adaptation of units for newborn infants
  3. The problems of noise in neonatal units
  4. How to decrease the risk of infection in neonatal nursing
  5. How to manage the parents visiting in neonatal units
  6. The main problem in newborn infant’s care
  7. How to deal with parents and help them care for their kids
  8. The role of nurses in developing mother’s skills
  9. How to act if newborn infant has a hypothermia
  10. The key elements of neonatal nursing

Pediatric Research Topics

  1. Particularities of teenagers nursing care
  2. How to manage pain in pediatric department
  3. Top 5 approaches for nurses to communicate with kids
  4. Why nurses in pediatric department have high job satisfaction level
  5. The best ideas to help urgent patients in pediatric unit
  6. The particularities of kid’s hospitalization
  7. The most efficient practices for pediatric nursing care
  8. The best nursing researches in pediatric department
  9. The benefits of friendly strategy in communication with teenagers
  10. How to organize a pediatric department in elementary school

Obstetric Nursing Research

  1. What does the gender mean in obstetric nursing
  2. Evidence based practice for obstetric nursing care
  3. The role of social indexes for obstetric nurse promotion
  4. How the obstetric nurses can help women with depression
  5. The role of simulation training to develop skills for obstetric nurses
  6. Essential skills and knowledge for obstetric nurses
  7. The role of obstetric nurses in different countries
  8. The problem of patients abuse in the obstetric department
  9. The emotional connection between nurses in obstetric units and patients
  10. How nurses should communicate with ob-gyns

Pain Management Research

  1. The basic principles of pain management for nurses
  2. Traditional practices to manage pain in dentistry
  3. How to help kids with pain
  4. Problems of pain management for cancer patients
  5. The main risks in pain management
  6. How to help patients with chronic pain
  7. Efficient pain management for old people
  8. Reasoning drugs for teenagers’ pain
  9. How to fight with pain in pediatric department
  10. Practices to decrease pain in emergent situations

Health Promotion Research Topics

  1. What problems with health can cause the global digitalization
  2. Why every school must have a nurse
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of modern telemedicine
  4. Pros and cons about safe-sex education in high school
  5. How parents can help children to improve their health
  6. The top dangers for health of the modern person
  7. How pharmaceutical companies should care about people
  8. Can social initiatives help to prevent popular diseases
  9. How to teach people basic skills in medicine
  10. How to solve ethical issues in pills sales

Healthcare Management Topics

  1. The best uniform for nurses
  2. How to manage using medical marijuana
  3. Particularities of private hospitals
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of public hospitals
  5. The advantages of medical help at home
  6. Modern methods to improve the nurses’ job
  7. The role of regular training for the quality of patients’ care
  8. The main administration nurses’ tasks and duties
  9. The role of financial reporting in public hospital
  10. Responsibility of health care mistakes

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