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How to Prepare a Decent Portfolio Essay Quickly

When students first find out about portfolio essays, they mostly feel stressed. It becomes even more complicated for them if they have no idea how to prepare a portfolio. In short, a portfolio is a comprehensive collection of your finest works. It can be the best pieces of art, poetry, paintings, poems, etc. It depends on the field you develop your talents in. Sure, you cannot simply provide a set of works without any proper explanation. You need to prepare a decent portfolio essay. It is great when you create your collection through the years. It means you cannot remember every detail of your art, but you surely can keep short notes about your works. Thus, if you have a great habit to write short reviews on every piece, it can be easier afterward to present your works. Besides, a portfolio is not a simple collection of the finest works. It also can be used as a part of your resume and advertising of your talents.

Guide on How to Write a Portfolio Essay Properly

When you need to prepare a good portfolio essay, you should consider paying some time for preparations. Check the most important things to think about before writing an essay.

Definition of Portfolio Essay

It is good when you know from the start what you are dealing with. In short, a portfolio essay is the collection of your finest works. It is also a reflection of an author. The writer or artist who presents his portfolio must analyze the reasons behind every work. It includes an analysis of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. It can even include some self-analysis aspects. The most important details that must be included are the explanation of the pros and cons of your work, the development process details, and the motivations behind every piece. This guide is focused on written pieces. But you still can get the list of recommendations from here.

Full Focus on Portfolio Essay

The portfolio essay does not apply to any specific topic. Thus, you need to come up with a proper topic yourself. In other cases, your tutor will provide you with a required topic. Therefore, once you have it, you must be completely focused on the assigned subject. In some cases, you will be asked to write about your development as a writer, in others about your top works’ creation. You should be clear about the content your tutor requires from you. It is better when you consult your instructor before starting your essay showing him your works. It will help to make all the right decisions.

Selection of Finest Writings

You should be very attentive once selecting your best writings.

There are few ways to select and organize your writings properly:

  • Chronological – you need to define the timeline and start your writing dates from the first one written;
  • Thematic – works get organized based on a central issue your focus in your work;
  • Stylistic – depending on the certain literary style (modernism, surrealism, etc.).

You can come up with your criteria for your writings’ selection and organization. Your perception can be a key to your writings’ organization. Always remember one thing, select only the finest writings—the one of the top-notch quality and which can represent you the best as a writer.

Short Introduction Part

You must start an essay with an introduction. You should write down short information about yourself: your name, classes you have chosen, your main fascinations in writing, etc. It is good if you can put it into one long paragraph. Still, it should not be too long. You do not write an autobiography to get much into details. You should focus more on your works in a portfolio essay.

Finest Writings’ Presentation

Once you have selected top writings, describe them in your essay one after the other. Some writers tend to use their old notes and write them down at once. It would be better if you check your notes and write new descriptions. When preparing descriptions, make sure to include the following details:

  • The writing’s title;
  • The genre and style;
  • The key idea, top characters (if applicable);
  • Main tools and methods used.

Portfolio Essay – General Idea

With every writing described, you must come up with the right conception about your revealed writings. Define what makes them special and what makes them alike. You should also focus on your development in this part. Define how your skills have changed over the years. Also, pay attention to the biggest motivating factors. Write some words about your expectations and possible improvements as well.

Revisions and Editing

You can send an essay to your tutor in advance. If he has some remarks, he will contact you shortly. Thus, you will need to deal with some improvements. It is good to listen to your instructor’s advice. Once you have all the structure and content figured out, pay your time to edit. Proper style and grammar are essential. You should submit a flawless portfolio essay that demonstrates your impressive writing talents and unparalleled personal style.

Portfolio Essay Example


Writing has become my life from the very first story written. It helped me deal with the most complicated events in my life. Besides, it helped me to cope well with my feelings and emotions. I was quite a nervous child who could get lost in panic attacks. After I have started writing, my emotional health has improved. Writing has become both my remedy and my passion. I learned how to focus better on the most important things. Therefore, I can write my characters in detail. My ability to stay focused helps to keep to the main idea of the story. It also helps to prepare appealing final lines.

This portfolio essay represents a list of selected stories written in the last 10 years. All the stories are presented in chronological order.


Story 1 is a reflection of my personal experience. It includes two new friends who have found a friendship in the most unexpected place. The key symbol of the story is the bonding between two people who never were meant to be friends.

Story 2 reveals the main road I walked to become a writer. It shows the obstacles I was forced to overcome one choosing an English major at college. The story shows that you can overcome a lot of things if you are strong-willed and determined enough to move on.

Central Idea of an Essay

The presented collection of works demonstrates my desire to develop writing talents. It comes from the internal determination to become an appreciated writer whose life path description can help other people to deal with their life obstacles. This collection demonstrates the variety of tools and methods used, in addition to unique styles.

Once preparing a portfolio essay, every detail matters. Besides, it should always be a flawless and unique paper. If you struggle with your essay, you can always reach expert essay writing services at Our professional writing assistance can be the best solution. In such a case, you will get your flawless portfolio essay in the time you define once placing an order online.

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