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Explore Great Presentation Topics. The Best Creative Presentation Ideas for Students

Creating a presentation requires not only the ability to use PowerPoint but also oratory skills. You must pick up the strong text and accompany it with each slide of the presentation. Also, the author must behave confidently and communicate with the audience to find like-minded people. Of course, the presentation itself should be attractive and consistent. Your guideline is the perfect match between slides and speech.

Your starting point is choosing the right topic. The subject of discussion should correspond to the target audience and have details for the dispute. A well-chosen topic is half the way to a powerful presentation. Let’s figure out how to come up with the great PowerPoint presentation ideas.

How to Choose a Good Topic for Your Presentation

Until you have a topic, you cannot make a plan or start preparing a speech. Most likely you are scared that you need to choose one topic from hundreds. However, with the help of our instructions, you will discard unnecessary thoughts and focus on creative presentation ideas. So, how to find a topic that will show your potential and oratory skills?

  1. Drop topics that do not interest you. If you are not sure whether you can research a particular subject, do not try. You will waste time because every step will cause doubts and concerns;
  2. Pick up the items you like. Think about the interesting presentation topics you find easy at school or university. If you have no difficulties with the subject, this will save strength and energy in the study;
  3. Determine which of these topics you want to develop knowledge. Remember that some topics require working with media files and editors. Decide whether you want to focus on a visual or a research part;
  4. Browse through the available materials on that topic. You should not create a presentation if the subject is poorly discussed on the Internet and books. You risk spending a lot of time looking for credible sources.

Do not forget about your hobbies and goals. People like to look at photos from travels or competitions. If you are a professional in sports or blogging, consider creating a presentation. This will not only appeal to the audience but will also help your career development. Such a presentation will complement your portfolio.

List of Cool Topics and Ideas for Your PowerPoint Presentation

Despite the detailed instructions, choosing a cool theme on your own is quite difficult. The fact is that you have too many presentation ideas and it’s almost impossible to distinguish one of them. At first glance, you can create a presentation for each of them. That is why we created a list of suitable themes for any subject. There are almost 300 topics to research in your presentation.

All topics are categorized, so you can start from the subject you are interested in. These examples will help you find inspiration and feel which one is right for you. You can use the search on the page to go to a specific subject. Ready to learn our cool presentation ideas?

Scientific & Technological Presentation Topic Ideas

We will start with presentation topics for students of technical colleges and universities. If you are strong in physics, chemistry or astronomy, this section will help you understand what topics you can present.


  • Does everyone need to study physics?
  • Newton’s Third Law: a universal formula or an unnecessary thing?
  • Is Physics dependent on math or vice versa?
  • The most important topics from a Physics course?
  • Every student must learn physical formulas
  • Physics exams as the need for knowledge testing
  • Why does Physics cause difficulties for every second?
  • Theory or practice: what is Physics based on?


  • Should astronomy be distinguished as a separate subject in school?
  • Why are fewer and fewer entrants choosing astronomy?
  • Astronomy and Astrology: is there something in common?
  • Astronomy – the science of stars or much more?
  • Is life possible on Mars?
  • Why does our future depend on astronomical research?
  • Can the sun go out and is there a replacement for it?
  • Milky Way Galaxy History


  • Geological timeline: from the occurrence of solid formation to the Holocene era
  • Absolute and relative age of geological events
  • Dynamic geology: earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
  • Basic principles and methods of geology
  • Microstructural geology: rock deformation at the micro-level
  • Geodynamics: the relationship of processes in the core of the earth and the earth’s crust
  • Geomorphology: how geography and geology intersect
  • Space geology: what is known in the field of cosmology and planetology?


  • Chemical weapons as the main threat in the process of war
  • Why did alchemists look for a philosopher’s stone?
  • The chemical composition of drinking water: how to choose quality water?
  • Hair biochemistry: how does the process occur in terms of chemical reactions?
  • Chemists who have received the Nobel Prize
  • How to interest a child through chemical reactions?
  • How does the lack of chemical elements affect the body?
  • Sugar and salt: how to avoid harm from these products?


  • Biochemistry and biophysics: why the future is at the crossroads of sciences?
  • Why do sports and nutrition determine human health?
  • Healthy sleep and clean air: the secrets of centenarians
  • Dust as a cause of allergic reactions
  • Can a person live without clean drinking water?
  • GMOs: What foods should be avoided?
  • Vaccination: how do vaccinations affect the genotype?
  • What house plants purify the air?


  • Technology as a major factor in improving living standards
  • Artificial Intelligence: Benefits and Threats
  • Technology advances cancer risk
  • How do cybercriminals use technology to steal data?
  • How to save a lot of time using Internet technology?
  • Speed ​​of technology diffusion in developing countries
  • Space without technology: everyone needs a break from the Internet
  • Technological progress from the Middle Ages to the present day


  • Classification and multimedia features
  • Multimedia presentations: ways to create
  • Multimedia in computer games
  • Online Multimedia Features
  • The use of multimedia in medicine and business
  • Create training courses using multimedia
  • How to become a multimedia specialist

Culture and Social Relationships Presentation Topic Ideas

Those PowerPoint presentation ideas will be useful for sociology and psychology students. They concern both the subject of sociology and individual topics. The plus is that you can find enough material on these topics on the Internet.


  • Native American Culture and Traditions
  • How to identify emigrants by cultural characteristics?
  • Why should everyone respect the culture of their people?
  • Nutrition culture as a necessary element of education
  • How does history intersect with culture?
  • Communication culture: how to become polite and patient
  • Cultural knowledge increases your chances of success


  • Analysis of social trends and patterns of development
  • Best Books to Start Learning Sociology
  • Express Research in Sociology
  • Methods of collecting information in sociology
  • The method of mathematical analysis in sociology
  • Empirical research
  • The causes of social phenomena


  • Family Relationships Affect Careers of a person
  • Family values ​​shape the character of a person
  • Relations between parents are the key to a happy family
  • Do students need family and relationship lessons?
  • Why don’t some people start a family?
  • Family: is it support or great responsibility?
  • How to keep a strong family for life?


  • How to become a school president and assemble your team?
  • Leadership: an innate skill or result of the experience?
  • What is the responsibility of the leader?
  • Is the president required to have leadership skills?
  • How to raise a child as a leader
  • How to win a leadership scholarship?
  • How do family relationships affect children’s leadership?


  • What is the difference between individual and social ethics?
  • Ethics of business and business relationships
  • The ethical issue on the example of art
  • Rules of ethical communication in social media
  • Corporate ethics: what is it about it?
  • Why is etiquette knowledge necessary?
  • Ethical Principles in Politics and International Relations


  • Rules of corporate communication
  • Threats to Internet and Telecommunications
  • Online and offline communications: which is more useful?
  • How to protect communication channels on the Internet?
  • Important business communication rules
  • Communications in politics and business
  • How journalism depends on communication technology

Economics and Business Presentation Topic Ideas

Making a presentation on a business topic is not easy, because you must show a solid knowledge of the topic. However, the following presentation topics are examples of successful ones. Select the desired subject and write out interesting topics.


  • Social Economics Accounting
  • Accounting reporting analytics
  • The profession of an accountant is no longer relevant
  • Why shouldn’t you study as an accountant?
  • How does accounting depend on the state of the economy?
  • Liabilities and assets: how to create a stream of finance?
  • Accounting Modeling and Planning
  • Technology and Automation in Accounting


  • Every business needs legal advisors
  • Why should be led to delegate as many tasks as possible?
  • Online business: a short-term trend or a solution to the future?
  • How Business Reputation Affects Profitability
  • Corporate Ethics: Why Does It Boost Sales?
  • Info business on the example of promising companies
  • International business and its features


  • How technology development affects the country’s economy
  • International Economics: Is it Worth Studying at a University?
  • Should the government add economics lessons for high school?
  • Social economics and its goals
  • Sectors and forms of economics
  • Countries with the highest level of economy
  • Economics in a primitive society

Physical and Mental Health Presentation Topic Ideas

If you are interested in health or nutrition, here is your opportunity to pick up a topic for presentation. Compare our presentation topic ideas with your interests and you will find a suitable topic.


  • Why schools and kindergartens should have a psychologist?
  • Why is the profession of psychologists becoming more and more popular?
  • Psychology of the victim: why children become outcasts
  • How to choose a suitable psychologist?
  • Courses against the university: where to study psychology?
  • Why does everyone need to contact a psychologist?
  • The effect of psychological state on productivity ever

Mental health

  • Causes of Mental Health Disorders
  • Emotional well-being is essential for a happy relationship
  • The impact of social networks on mental health
  • The relationship between physical and mental health
  • How to recognize the onset of depression and avoid it?
  • Mental breakdowns: how to handle them?
  • Mental fatigue as a cause of professional failures


  • Sports will improve your health in a month
  • Secrets of good health from centenarians
  • How does the immune system work?
  • Is proper nutrition the key to good health?
  • Allergic reaction: how does it work?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Should pharmacies sell over-the-counter medicines?


  • Why is it necessary to read the composition of the product?
  • Restrictive Eating Disorders
  • Sports Nutrition: Why Can It Be Dangerous?
  • The nutritionist profession is among the most promising
  • Why does quality nutrition determine our success?
  • The effect of nutrition on skin condition
  • How to determine the necessary ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates?

Medical Presentation Topic Ideas

This section is designed for students of medical and dental specialties. These presentation topics will get you on the right track. Even if you do not find suitable ones, it will give you an understanding of what topics you can discuss.

Nursing Presentations

  • Patient safety during nursing
  • Career Growth in Nursing
  • The use of painkillers: critical moments
  • Health Assessment: What to Check
  • Features of caring for patients with mental disorders
  • Postoperative patient care
  • Features internships and practices for nurses

Dental Presentations Ideas

  • The main factors causing caries in children
  • The effect of chewing gum on tooth enamel
  • Features of the diet in the presence of braces
  • Teeth of wisdom: necessary or superfluous?
  • Oral Cancer: Causes and Treatment
  • Molar extraction process
  • Teething process in babies

Medical Presentations

  • Ambulance calling process: things you need to know
  • Primary stab wound treatment
  • Traditional medicine versus alternative
  • When is surgery necessary?
  • How to prevent injuries during sports
  • Highly addictive medical drugs
  • The relationship between mental and physical health?
  • Treatment for insomnia: methods that are not related to medicine
  • Anti-aging medicine: who should not use beauty injections?
  • How to deal with addiction: basic steps to stop overindulgence

Other Presentation Ideas

The following sections are devoted to presentations with a limited duration. Previous topics require thorough preparation and interaction with the audience. Now we will help you choose a topic for presentation that does not require the involvement of viewers.

3-minute speech

  • Vampire Proof
  • How to escape from an earthquake
  • Higher education: a necessity or a fad?
  • Lifehacks for quick makeup and styling
  • Sports that burn record calories
  • Why should you do exercises?
  • Pros and cons of school uniform
  • The benefits of veganism for the body

5-minute speech

  • The best apps for improving school performance
  • First time at the airport: step by step instructions
  • 10 breakfast recipes in 5 minutes
  • Ways to Stop Procrastination and Increase Productivity
  • 10 ways to make money during the holidays
  • Why does Instagram harm your self-esteem?
  • Instructions for monetizing your hobby

10-minute speech

  • Secrets of a healthy and strong relationship
  • How do early hikes affect day productivity?
  • How to stop being distracted when working on the Internet?
  • Pros and cons of remote work
  • 5 online professions that bring a good income
  • Why don’t your parents understand you?
  • Why should you trust your intuition?

15-minute speech

  • Why should everyone learn foreign languages?
  • How to develop your blog from scratch?
  • Why do you need an outline to write an essay?
  • 5 reasons why libraries are losing popularity
  • The best books on self-development for teenagers
  • How to choose a specialty at the university?
  • Why 80% of people do not work in their specialty?

“How to” topics

  • How to identify fake friends?
  • How to grow long and healthy hair?
  • How to go to the college of your dreams?
  • How to choose the exercises that suit you?
  • How to gain audience attention during a presentation?
  • How to get rid of addiction to social networks?
  • How to stop overeating and establish eating habits?
  • How to earn the trust of parents?

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