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The List of Interesting Research Proposal Topics

All modern colleges and universities encourage their students to do researches. Investigations held under the college’s arm are what makes the institution famous. Every time a high school student considers the choice of a college, there will always be this argument – what researches they do there and what their efficiency is.

You are more than welcome to join such programs. Besides, it will be mandatory if you apply for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. In this case, you will have to create and submit the research proposal essay. It is a document offering a summary of the value, importance, and plans for those researches. The choice of the topic can be vital here, as you have to get your proposal approved to start the investigation.  The committee will evaluate your topic as well and decide whether if it is worth spending time and college resources on it.

If you already know precisely what you want to investigate, it’s great. But if you are in doubts even about the scope, here you will find a collection of research proposal topics ideas. We hope it will help you to choose some topic and get inspired.

How to Choose a Good Research Proposal Topic

Any student performs a lot of research papers during the college years. They are, of course, smaller and easier to do, but they give you the background. When you have a task to compose a thesis research proposal, you already know what to do.

However, as your thesis is much more critical for your academic records than any of the other papers you did before. Thus, you should be extra careful about the research proposal topics:

  • The topic should represent the field of your interest. It is understandable, as you’ll have to do in-depth research and dedicate a lot of time and effort to this task. No one would want to waste resources on something that does not resonate with you.
  • The topic should be definite and transparent for you. The performer’s vague understanding of the essence can be a ruining factor. It is impossible to research without knowing the subject and your goal – what you have to prove.
  • The topic should be relevant. As you will have to defend your dissertation, consider if the problem is essential for the audience and the society in general. There is no harm in working in the “pure science” sphere either, but the committees approve research proposals having practical applications more willingly.
  • The topic should be innovative. The nature of your research is that you have to bring some new data. You can choose to investigate some vague aspect of the general theme or try to disprove some established statements. In any case, your goal is to present the practical results of your research and valuable conclusions. So, choose a topic that can give you this opportunity.

The list of the best research proposal topics on different subjects

In this section, you will find our research proposal topics ideas for you. You don’t have to take any of them as is. It can only be an idea that will lead you to the necessary direction.

We’ve collected examples from different fields and focused on the most actual issues of today. We hope that you will find a resonating suggestion for your thesis research proposal here.


  1. The problem and threats of modern cults.
  2. The influence of propaganda and marketing methods on people.
  3. Types of nonverbal communication in modern society.
  4. The problem of eating disorders among the sportsmen.
  5. False memories and their grounds.
  6. The influence of media violence on the psychological development of children.
  7. Psychological aspects of the maturing process.
  8. Does being physically attractive play a positive role in life?
  9. The modern problem of hate crimes: grounds and external influence.
  10. The effects of winning or losing on personal development.


  1. Cross-racial marriages and children adoption – the changes in patterns.
  2. Communication differences between children and parents.
  3. Is it worth including gender studies in the school programs for children?
  4. The role of racial stereotypes – do they still matter?
  5. Cultivation of patriotism and its possible negative effects.
  6. A question of correlation between race and academic achievements in universities.
  7. The influence of social networks on different social groups.
  8. The problems of identity protection and security in social networks.
  9. The relation of eating disorders and anorexia to social media marketing.
  10. Gender stereotypes in media and their effects on the social groups.

Criminal justice

  1. The problem of sexual harassment in schools and colleges.
  2. Cases of fraud in schools.
  3. The problem of cybercrime in the USA.
  4. The problem of street gangs in the USA.
  5. Research cases of police shootings in the USA.
  6. Criminal consequences of the rape culture representation.
  7. The ways to defend a person from false accusations.
  8. Analysis of the direct influence of political corruption on organized crime.
  9. The current criminal justice system: effectiveness problems.
  10. A study of abuse of power and its consequences.

Political science

  1. Comparative analysis of the USA and UK foreign policies.
  2. The problem of global poverty and the programs to fight it.
  3. The modern problem of war: causes and interests of the participants.
  4. The causes and moving forces of modern revolutions.
  5. If the election system outdated and needs changes?
  6. A study of democracy principles malfunctioning in the USA and Europe.
  7. Protest movements organization and support in social networks.
  8. The modern European immigrants’ crisis.
  9. Efficient methods to fight corruption.
  10. The phenomena of political leaders.

Information technology

  1. Social changes in the technological world.
  2. The capabilities of the cutting-edge technologies in application to world problems solving.
  3. The role of social media in the shift of perception of the world.
  4. The correlation of the available Internet connection and the economic boost.
  5. How does the experience of distant communication affect direct human interaction?
  6. The changes in the educational system brought by online learning.
  7. The positive and negative influence of digital technologies on work productivity.
  8. Is Internet censorship possible or needed?
  9. Is it necessary to monitor social media engagement for children?
  10. Official profiles in social networks: methods of maintaining and work ethics.


  1. The most efficient modern manipulation tactics of brands.
  2. The social media impact on the buying choices.
  3. The problem of personal shielding from the marketing manipulations.
  4. The future of internet marketing trends.
  5. Analysis of efficient marketing methods in different cultures.
  6. Is it possible to use brand marketing methods to affect political elections?
  7. The effect of customer loyalty to the brands.
  8. The effect of TV ads on personal mental issues.
  9. What makes a viral content, and why people share it?
  10. The negative influence of TV ads on children.


  1. The most profitable trends in foreign investment.
  2. A comparative analysis of the financial systems in Asia and Europe.
  3. Investment in the growing countries’ economics – pros and cons.
  4. Mobile banking system – advantages and risks.
  5. The grounds of China’s world domination.
  6. The new challenges for financial companies.
  7. Characteristic features of the closing financial crisis.
  8. The problem of cryptocurrencies and their role in the modern financial system.
  9. The banking system transformation with IT help.
  10. The influence of Brexit on the UK financial system.


  1. Trends and main issues of the tourism sector in Europe.
  2. A comparative analysis of the travel preferences in countries with growing economies.
  3. The role of the Internet in the tourism sector development.
  4. Social media influence on choosing the travel routes.
  5. The analysis of tourists’ behavior abroad.
  6. Is the tour operators’ industry declining?
  7. The role of digital technologies in the independent tourism development?
  8. Recovery of tourists’ attractions after natural disasters.
  9. How do cultural differences influence the choice of travel destination?
  10. The growing popularity of ecotourism – grounds and main trends.

Medical research

  1. The statistical study of medical mistakes.
  2. The role of healthy nutrition in fighting diseases.
  3. Is the anti-smoking campaign efficient from the medical point of view?
  4. The role of stress in health development.
  5. The problem of electronic cigarettes and the risks they cause to health.
  6. Are eating disorders mental illnesses?
  7. The risks that unconventional medical methods cause to society.
  8. The correlation of technological progress with autism cases.
  9. The negative influence of medical science negligence on society.
  10. The necessity of mandatory vaccination.

Nursing research

  1. A study of vaccination negative effects on personal health.
  2. Efficient therapy for speech disorders.
  3. The question of infant care and its psychological aspects.
  4. Anxiety disorders: the causes of development.
  5. Methods of fighting the obesity problem.
  6. The role of sports in a healthy lifestyle.
  7. The practices of maternal and neonatal help in rural areas.
  8. Psychological and physical causes of depression.
  9. Working ethics in medical data collection.
  10. Development of a healthy lifestyle in early age.


  1. How does technological progress influence public health?
  2. The problem of inequality in healthcare.
  3. Digital health record systems and mobile medical trackers – the development, advantages, and risks.
  4. Public hospitals vs private hospitals – a comparative study.
  5. Cultivation of the healthy lifestyle of employees.
  6. How do public health programs relate to the economic development of the country?
  7. The negative impact on passive smoking.
  8. The beauty standards and their negative effect on public health.
  9. The body-positive movement: is it the ignorance of health problems?
  10. Are the benefits of becoming a vegan myth?


  1. Are there genetic grounds of becoming obese?
  2. How can the latest molecular cell biology achievements help to fight diabetic complications?
  3. The influence of hormones on psychological development and behavior.
  4. Natural disease resistance and methods of improving immunity.
  5. The biological perspective of vegetarianism.
  6. The practical application techniques of genetic engineering.
  7. Chemical effects on the plants’ health.
  8. Biologically active agents and their role in health improvement.
  9. The role of beneficial mutations.
  10. The classification of biologically active substances.


  1. Can food choice prevent diseases?
  2. The influence of nutrition on brain development.
  3. The interaction of nutrition and immune system.
  4. The role of animal source food for human health.
  5. The rise of allergies and their main causes.
  6. The role of diet in therapy.
  7. Is organic food different and better for health?
  8. The role of international organizations in fighting the problem of hunger.
  9. Synthetic food products and opportunities.
  10. The risks that fast-food consuming creates.


  1. The impact of climate change on agriculture in the USA.
  2. The pros and cons of growing organic food vs inorganic.
  3. The pests’ classification and methods to fight them.
  4. The role of logistic problems in agricultural product prices increase.
  5. The state food security programs.
  6. The cost-efficient programs for purchasing the new machinery for farms.
  7. A study of the herbicides resistance in weeds.
  8. The new types of eco-friendly pesticides.
  9. The farm credit programs and their effects on the agricultural sector.
  10. The family farms vs agricultural corporations.

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