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79 Synthesis Essay Topics Excellent to Explore

Writing a synthesis essay may appear and is simple if you have good pieces of advice to follow. We have many years of essay writing experience. So, we have something to share with. Here are good synthesis essay topics, ideas, tips, and other valuable info. Don’t limit yourself to these basic points and synthesis essay topics during your writing. Improvise or involve professional writers to help you shortly.

How To Choose The Right Topics for a Synthesis Essay Paper?

In the first turn, let’s find out what a synthesis topic is? This topic requires careful analysis of a certain aspect, developing your statement, and arguments on the matter. Your topic should guarantee that.

Of course, you may easily lose yourself among plenty of good options. So, consider these questions:

  • Is your topic interesting?
  • Is your topic not too general?
  • Does your synthesis essay topic appear to be a bit debatable?

If you have more than one option to write, that is good. You may easily shortlist the most preferable synthesis topics for your prompt. 

The Most Crucial Points to Keep in Mind While Writing

Do you want to get a good synthesis essay in the outcome? It is more than easy. has collected workable and good tips to follow. You may easily save your time for crafting a synthesis paper by following these simple synthesis essay ideas and tips:

  • Elaborate on the chosen synthesis essay topic thoroughly – research, reflect and range thoughts for the future synthesis essay;
  • Outline the future synthesis essay – this is a plan for your future synthesis essay;
  • Craft the first draft of your synthesis essay based on your outline;
  • Set aside the first draft and return to it later – edit your essay to make it better.

If you have this chance, pass your essay for review to somebody else – extra opinion is helpful nearly always for writing a good synthesis essay.

These are basic synthesis prompt ideas to consider. Of course, you may find more synthesis essay prompt ideas for writing. But, is there any point in wasting your time if you can hire professional writers? Do you want to write on your own? has prepared for you not only condensed info on the proper synthesis essay drafting but also good synthesis paper topics. So, what are some good topics for an essay?

Plenty of Good Synthesis Essay Topics

We know that having suggestions only is not enough. So, has prepared for you a list of synthesis essay topics also. Pick any topic you may find good for your current assignment. 

Social Media 

  1. Does Instagram make people more social?
  2. What social media is the most advanced?
  3. Is YouTube helpful for education?
  4. Promoting Instagram
  5. Professional appearance on LinkedIn
  6. Current trends of SMM
  7. Effective SMM writing
  8. Ways to ensure the influence on social media
  9. Presence of children in social media
  10. Assessing personal appearance on social media


  1. Effective paper writing
  2. Directing one’s education
  3. Following dress codes at school
  4. Making higher education free
  5. Racial prejudice and education
  6. Developing strong writing statements 
  7. The relation between the size of a class and its performance
  8. Applying technology for better education
  9. Enjoying sports for better education performance
  10. How to improve traditional classroom teaching approaches?


  1. Urgent measures to stop global warming
  2. The role of air pollution for global warming
  3. Fossil fuels and their impact on global warming
  4. The lifestyle that contributes to global warming
  5. Countries-leaders in contributing to global warming
  6. How do make conservation efforts successful?
  7. Climate change consequence on people lives
  8. Farming that suffers most of all from global warming
  9. Extinction of marine species because of global warming
  10. Global warming and the duration of human life


  1. Video games and daily violence
  2. Threats of drones
  3. Smart cities nowadays
  4. Artificial intelligence at a workplace
  5. Technologies for better business performance
  6. Applying technology in culture
  7. Technologies that can help poor people
  8. Advanced technologies for boosting productivity
  9. One outdated technology that is still applying
  10. The most advanced computer

Literature and Art

  1. Does graffiti real artwork?
  2. Modern tendencies in art
  3. Modern musical genres to follow
  4. Can E-libraries substitute ordinary ones?
  5. Can commercials be artworks?
  6. What is better: paper or audiobook?
  7. How to choose a good play?
  8. Modern literature preferences of youth
  9. Cinematography transformation tendencies


  1. Mandatory voting perspectives
  2. Is capital punishment necessary or not?
  3. The modern state of women in society
  4. Modern employment standards
  5. How to create legal acts that work?
  6. Influence of violent content in society
  7. The most important social standards
  8. The best way of socialization for a child
  9. Key aspects of the modern social culture
  10. Strategy for resolving social conflicts effectively


  1. The motivation for doing a boring assignment
  2. Organizational techniques to boost your studies
  3. Doing jobs during college years
  4. The primary way for improving college studies
  5. Things to make college studies the best period of your life
  6. Ensuring college security
  7. Appreciation of students’ performance
  8. Bullying prevention
  9. Time management during your college studies
  10. Having effective internship experience during the college studies

Medicine and Health

  1. Ways for improving the modern healthcare system
  2. Controversial legalization of marijuana
  3. Free medical services should be available to anyone
  4. Alternative medicine nowadays
  5. The best way for preventing global pandemics
  6. Everyday routine to have better health
  7. Insurance coverage for cosmetic surgery
  8. Ensuring better working conditions for doctors
  9. Cancer prevention 
  10. Mindfulness meditation for better health

This list of topics is not the last one can offer you. Our blog is full of many other topic suggestions. Here are our essay topics, for instance. Do you have tips, topics but cannot motivate yourself? Here is our blog article on how to motivate yourself to do homework

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