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The List of 140 Most Shocking Ideas for Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay papers remain a special kind of complex research papers. They require great and deep analyses, but mostly focus on personal feelings and point of view instead of an evidence base. This kind of academic assignment is one of the most problematic for students who have not used to reveal own thoughts and ideas. The persuasive essay requires an exceptional knowledge of the topic studied, impressive writing talents, and an ability to influence the reader.

Selecting one of the good persuasive essay topics is the primary step of carrying out a proper paper. This is the first, but the very important stage where you cannot make any mistake since only an interesting and important central issue can help you to reach remarkable results. Pay enough time to find out the best topic among a variety of existed persuasive essay topics. This can be quite astonishing or even controversial topic since only with such a unique main theme you can impress your college professor or tutor.

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How to select interesting persuasive essay topics

Students often make a mistake trying to write a persuasive essay using traditional argumentative essay requirements. In fact, the mentioned two types of papers are quite different. Working with an argumentative essay, you provide a list of arguments and prove them with a strong evidence base.

Persuasive essay paper requires convincing the audience by using personal thoughts, emotions, opinions, etc. There is no need to focus on reasons and logic when you perform a persuasive essay since it mostly relies on emotions and personal opinions.

If you adore revealing own thoughts and opinions regarding a certain topic, this academic paper will be easy for you to complete. In order to ease it, even more, make sure to choose the best one of the easy persuasive essay topics. You can write down a full list of the subjects and problems you want to analyze and select the most interesting and important theme for your research work.

Never underestimate the importance of a great central theme, personal opinions, and impressive writing talents when writing a persuasive essay on certain topics in middle school, high school or college.

When choosing the best project ideas, choose the one you can understand fully and reveal your personal opinions. The main aim of a persuasive essay is to convince a reader to believe in what you are writing about and feel the way you see the situation or problem in details. This simple but very effective method will allow you to choose the most beneficial issues to discover. The following list of topics’ examples, including college persuasive essay topics, may help you to select the best topic to discover.

Persuasive essay topics for kids

  1. What is the true friendship?
  2. Do you need a friend and why?
  3. Benefits of being the youngest in a family.
  4. The best modern TV shows.
  5. The best book that ever was written.
  6. The most remarkable historical person.
  7. Do we need to eat animals for a living?
  8. Reasons why to learn foreign languages.
  9. Relations with parents and older siblings.
  10. Why having too many friends means to have none.

Persuasive essay topics for middle school

  1. Why attend summer classes?
  2. Physical training at schools.
  3. Summer vacation destinations.
  4. The importance of school newspaper and radio for students’ development.
  5. Year-round schools: benefits and problems.
  6. Studying in summer: pros and cons.
  7. Obligatory school’s sports program.
  8. Does TV programs harm children’s minds?
  9. School meals improvement.
  10. Children allowance improvement.

Persuasive essay topics for high school

  1. The right to choose to join the army must be given to every person.
  2. Why being an honest person is beneficial.
  3. Dress code for successful people.
  4. Hobbies turned into successful careers.
  5. The most important a person’s traits.
  6. Confident people and their way to see the world.
  7. How to overcome embarrassing situations?
  8. Music and its influence on person’s ability to learn.
  9. How to deal with time limits for tasks?
  10. The spontaneous actions and their benefits.

Persuasive essay topics for college

  1. E-learning and its benefits for students worldwide.
  2. High school system improvement.
  3. Distant learning and its main characteristics.
  4. Why it is bad to influence kids with modern ads.
  5. The feminist movement’s bad influence over motherhood.
  6. Unfair up-to-date taxation system.
  7. Weapons retailing increase in the world.
  8. How to start focusing on local problems instead of international ones?
  9. Fast food producers and their unfair work.
  10. Difference between an office job and freelance.

Persuasive essay topics on government and politics

  1. Should recruiters be required to post their job vacancies on the websites run by the government?
  2. Has Alaska always belonged to the United States?
  3. Does the justice system in the USA need to be improved?
  4. Do the media help politics?
  5. Can marijuana help reach global piece?
  6. Is it necessary to reduce the military budget?
  7. Should Puerto Rico become a state?
  8. The government is responsible for sheltering homeless people.
  9. Is it necessary to print Barack Obama on the new banknotes?
  10. Does every American have a constitutional right to healthcare?
  11. Is it necessary to allow protesters to block traffic?
  12. The reason for voting.
  13. Is it necessary to legalize same-sex marriages?
  14. Should state and church be separated?
  15. Can the fact that the country has been divided politically be somehow fixed?
  16. Should religious liberties be protected?
  17. How should the problem of unemployment in America be solved?
  18. Is it necessary to allow citizens under 18 to vote?
  19. What is “fake news”?
  20. How the threat of terrorism in our country can be reduced?
  21. Should rich people pay more taxes?
  22. Why do females participate less in politics?
  23. Can the US immigration problem be solved with the help of the southern border with Mexico?
  24. How can millennials avoid a debt crisis?
  25. How can local municipalities influence the fight with global warming?

Persuasive essay topics on crime and punishment

  1. Should we have a right to privacy?
  2. Can guns be allowed on college campuses?
  3. Can we do anything with a city having a high crime rate?
  4. Should gun laws be more restricted?
  5. Marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes in Colorado, what do you think of it?
  6. Should a death penalty be allowed or banned globally?
  7. Is the crime rate in the countries where the death penalty is legal lower?
  8. Does marijuana lead its users to harder drugs?
  9. Should criminals be rehabilitated?
  10. Should there be any restrictions on using drones by individuals?

Persuasive essay topics on animals

  1. Is it moral hunting wild deers?
  2. The pros and cons of microchipping home pets and homeless dogs.
  3. Can dogs be euthanized?
  4. The pros and cons of keeping pets indoors and outdoors.
  5. Is breeding animals to get combined hybrids ethical?
  6. Are zoos worse than human prisons?
  7. How do people affect wild animals?
  8. Is hunting for sport an acceptable leisure?
  9. Can wild animals like wolves or foxes be bred at home?
  10. Should hunting be prohibited?
  11. Can wild-caught exotic animals be kept at home?
  12. Is the zoo better than the natural environment?
  13. Why is it necessary to protect a Giant Panda?
  14. What is the most dangerous planet on Earth?
  15. Shall we stop wearing fur and leather clothing?

Persuasive essay topics on gender issues

  1. Why do women have their “second shift” when getting home from work? Can anything be done with that?
  2. Should there be men’s rights advocacy groups?
  3. Is gender a socially constructed norm?
  4. Is women bodybuilding a way to create a perfect body or be equal to men?
  5. Are beauty pageants anti-feminist and outdated?

Persuasive essay topics on health issues

  1. What can we do to reduce high opioid addiction is some states?
  2. Is it necessary to “sin tax” fast food?
  3. How can we help soldiers who have a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  4. What should be done to reduce the problem of obesity in the United States?
  5. Is it necessary to regulate supplements and vitamins more tightly?

Persuasive essay topics on sports

  1. High school athletes and stereotypes.
  2. Is drinking energy drinks is dangerous?
  3. Is every outstanding sportsman can be a good coach?
  4. Do male athletes have higher risks of injuries than females?
  5. Should women be mentored only by female trainers?
  6. The risks of bodybuilding for women.
  7. Is powerlifting dangerous for women?
  8. Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete?
  9. Is chess a sport or a game?
  10. How to relieve stress in sports?

Persuasive essay topics on music

  1. Is it necessary to ban heavy-metal music due to the filthy language?
  2. Modern pop music VS the pop music of the 70s.
  3. The importance of music education in school.
  4. Should professional musicians have appropriate music education?
  5. Should the band members and singer have more power than their producers?
  6. The influence of the depressive tracks on people.
  7. What are the predictions of the next music revolution?
  8. Are iPods the best devices to listen to music?
  9. The role of the Internet in the development of music.
  10. The reasons for the popularity of the Beatles.

Persuasive essay topics on education

  1. Should the classes be made shorter and more frequent?
  2. What if to minimize the quantity of homework?
  3. Should students have longer holidays?
  4. What social issues do students face at college?
  5. Is it possible to exclude certain subjects from the high school program?
  6. Should high school campuses be safeguarded by militaries?
  7. Should drugs be discussed by parents and children at primary school age?
  8. Is it possible to punish for school bullying?
  9. Should standardized examinations be removed?
  10. Do children need sex education at school?
  11. Should the length of college lectures be shortened?
  12. Should teachers take a professional tests as students pass their exams?
  13. Are SAT and ACT effective examination tools?
  14. Should modern students study business-related disciplines?
  15. Is information technologies class important for an average student?
  16. Should parents help children with homework?
  17. The necessity of PE.
  18. Is remote education efficient?
  19. Should immigrants learn to speak fluent English?
  20. Should every American learn to speak a second language at primary school?

The main aim of a persuasive essay is to convince a reader to believe in what you are writing about and feel the way you see the situation or problem in details. Once choosing the most beneficial issue to discover, you will be able to write a remarkable essay paper and share your personal thoughts and opinions with your audience. Feel free to reveal any topic you want and submit a perfect persuasive essay paper.

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