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4 Main Types of Essays: What and How to Write Them to Get a High Score

Studying at high school, college, or university, you deal with various assignments all the time. All of them have different purposes, but there is also one big goal: you need to gain new knowledge and skills that are essential to become a decent professional regardless of the field you choose.

It means that some tasks require specific knowledge, e.g. math problems, or chemical lab reports. However, you will also deal with several types of essays that are obligatory for students of all majors.

In this article, we want to show you that this kind of academic assignment can be interesting and attractive. Each type of essay has its features, and when you understand them, things go easier. But you need to cover a lot of ground before you reach your goals. 

Why Essay Writing is an Important Assignment?

When your professor asks you to deliver an essay writing on a particular topic, it doesn’t mean that he or she wants you to have sleepless nights. This task is really important, and different types of essays help to develop comprehensively. In general, this paper can boost:

  • Your writing skills. Regardless of the career path you choose, each profession is connected with writing. When it comes to journalists, book reviewers, philologists, etc., it sounds obvious. But technic specialists need to come up with various documentation, research papers, lab reports, etc. All of these papers include not figures and tables only but a piece of writing as well.
  • Your critical and analytical thinking. Before you start working with all kinds of essays, you need to conduct a little research: to find information from various sources, to ensure they are trustworthy, to analyze the data and process it, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to come up with a decent result without critical thinking skills.
  • Creativity. It is not about fiction books only. Each time when you need to create content, you let your fantasy work. And it is a pretty important skill these days.

Of course, the list of the reasons why the essay is the most popular assignment can be pretty long. However, it doesn’t mean that all students love it and don’t feel any difficulties. There may be various reasons why you can decide to hire an essay writing service, and we want you to know that is always here to have your back.

4 Most Popular Types of Essays

We are ready to provide you with professional assistance as well as basic information about types of essays. Below, you can find 4 kinds you’ll face during your studies.

Narrative Essays: Write a Story

A narrative paper is one of the most interesting assignments since it is very personal. It tells your readers a story about the real-life experience from the first-person point of view.

You should be ready that some students find this task pretty challenging. It is because when you’re telling a story in regular life, you don’t think about the structure, about hooks to attract readers, or about the inspiring conclusion, etc. But when it comes to the academic paper, you surely need to follow the concrete structure and clear requirements from your professor. 

The most typical example of the narrative essay is the personal statement. It is something like a motivational letter when you’re applying for an educational program, internship, job position, etc. You need to tell the story of your life, highlight the most significant aspects, and escape inappropriate information, or ambiguities.

Descriptive Essays: Create a Picture

The primary goal of the descriptive paper is to describe something in such a manner that a bright picture appears in the reader’s mind. Depending on the discipline and concrete professor, you may write about some physical phenomena, personalities, events, books, movies, art pieces, etc. 

When writing descriptives, it is essential to use all of your five senses and choose the words to share your emotions and thoughts appropriately. You need to use vivid language, figurative techniques including analogies, metaphors, and similes. 

Good descriptive writing won’t include passive verbs, nouns, general adjectives since they are not able to give life to the picture you’re trying to show. Of course, it doesn’t mean that these papers consist of the stretch of imagination only: they should be well-structured and formatted by all academic requirements as well. 

And therefore students may feel difficulties: if you’re a creative person, it is not so easy to choose the right format, and when you’re a person of logic and consistency, you may consider the creative style a real challenge. That’s why people decide just to buy an essay and save their time. 

Expository Essays: Dry Facts Only

The expository paper belongs to the types of essays that are common for students regardless of their majors. You can easily understand the purpose of this essay from its name. Your task is to describe or explain something. It can be a phenomenon, a process, an idea, a concept, etc. Writing such a paper, you don’t need to prove an argument, just to provide your readers with a balanced picture of its subject matter.

In most cases, it is a short assignment that helps the professor to understand whether students have an understanding of a subject they study. It is also useful to test composition skills, the ability to explain difficult things in plain English. For example, you can write an expository essay about programming, or cooking, or creating an art masterpiece, etc. 

Persuasive Essays: Show Your Influencing Skills

The persuasive or argumentative essay is the most popular student assignment since higher education is intended to ensure the all-around development of the students. You can choose any career path, and in any case, you need to be able to formulate your point of view, protect it, and understand the opinion of the second side.

The structure of the argumentative essay is pretty clear: you need to come up with a hooking introduction, provide several arguments with detailed analysis, and finish with a powerful verdict. Most papers include the thesis statement, and all arguments should support (or refute) it. 

How to Write an Amazing Essay: The Key to Success

Since students deal with many types of essays, there is no universal secret to amazing writing. However, we can come up with the one for you: the practice makes perfect. The more you try, the more you like the result you receive. But what should you do if you don’t have enough time for experiments? What if your deadline is very soon, and you feel you can’t provide a decent result?

Get Professional Help with Essay Writing

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