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What is a Leadership Essay and How to Write a Good Leadership Essay About Yourself

A leadership essay isn’t the most common type of written assignment you will come across in your life as a student, but knowing how to write a good leadership essay can help you achieve your scholarly and career goals. Usually, you will be asked to write a leadership essay when you apply for a scholarship, but this assignment is also frequently given to college and university students as a part of their writing class.

To write an impressive leadership essay, you need to do an investigation on what leadership actually is and how the qualities of a true leader are displayed in your personality. That is why composing a winning leadership essay is not possible without some extensive research.

The structure of the leadership essay isn’t that different from a regular essay: there is an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Though, as practice of our term paper services shows, this topic can be extended to a whole term paper. But here we’ll focus on the essay only!

How to write a leadership essay

Writing a good leadership essay isn’t difficult as long as you stick to the structure, be creative, and follow these tips that will take your writing to the next level.

1. Identify what leadership mean to you

A perfect way to start your leadership essay is to include the definition of a leader. Don’t just copy a paragraph from an online dictionary – offer your own thoughts on the matter. Your views on what makes a true leader can tell much more about your personality than the next several pages of the essay. Write about the ways to know a real leader as opposed to someone who only has empty ambitions.

This part of your essay needs to be rather personal, which is why it calls for describing someone who has inspired you to achieve leadership. Describe someone you know personally or even from afar who has sparked the leadership ambitions in you and continues to stimulate you to be better every day.

2. Write about your leader skills

This is a part of your leadership essay when it’s not only perfectly acceptable to talk about you – in fact, it is encouraged! Use this part to tell your story. What are you like as a person? What are your strong sides? What do other people value in you? What makes you a valuable colleague? What are you doing every day to further develop your positive qualities and become a better leader?

Here you need to be totally honest not only about your strengths but also about your weaknesses. What would you like to change about your personality and what are you doing to make it happen? Also, don’t forget to mention whether your weaknesses dramatically influence your leadership abilities.

You can also use the techniques and transitions from our guide on how to write a reflection essay. You will definitely come up with an original ideas of your own!

3. Tell about your impact

Simply listing your positive qualities and presenting yourself as a fantastic leader isn’t enough for a quality leadership essay. The readers of your writing won’t be happy with simply learning about your personality – they need to know how exactly your leadership qualities have affected the life around you.

Here you need to talk about facts from your life that support your excellent leadership abilities. How exactly have you changed the situation at your school, college, or workplace to achieve something better for yourself and people close to you? Support your claims with proofs and your leadership essay will look much more convincing!

4. Make good conclusion

A conclusion is an essential part of any essay, and a leadership essay is no exception. In this part, your job is to once again highlight your statements from the previous parts of the essay. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and offer some new facts or opinions here. A conclusion needs to support everything you’ve said before. Simply tell the most important points from the body paragraphs of the essay in other words.

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the day of the deadline to submit your work, but the most important one is that you need to sleep on it before making it final. After you’ve finished your essay, leave it for at least one night and read it once again in the morning. If you’re perfectly happy with the writing and don’t want to change a single thing you’ve written, submit your work right away; otherwise, do additional revisions until you’re finally content with your leadership essay.

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