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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

When writing this type of an essay either in high school or college, you are advised to select a topic that you can develop maximum creativity. Generally, writing compares and contrast essays requires you to have high levels of creativity in expressing your ideas and thoughts regarding that subject or topic.

Importantly, compare and contrast essays provide the student with an opportunity to come up with ideas and opinions to support facts as opposed to depending on a single fact issue or opinion. As such, it is not a competition essay for high school and college students.

The main purpose for compare and contrast assignments is to allow the student demonstrate how well they are equipped with analyzing two distinct topics or subjects such as tech and science, literature and languages, music and arts, science and economics, history and politics.

The different elements in this essay serve to highlight the differences between the topics while the comparison part of it emphasizes the similarities between the subjects. However, you are free to use the different approaches in completing such assignments. Therefore, the first step that a student should prioritize in this case is coming up with a compare and contrast essay topic.

Students should invest time and research in this task. This is why compare and contrast knowledge may come in handy even in your college term papers.

How to choose a good compare and contrast essay topic

The main point to consider while choosing compare and contrast essay topics is to identify or come up with subjects, ideas, or objects that can be contrasted and compared. Though these subjects may belong to the same category, you should ensure that they have differences that are enough to be compared. In your introduction, indicate why it is important to compare your subject. Importantly, you should aim at helping the reader gain a better understanding of why your compare and contrast topic is important.

Comparing and contrasting topics helps in demonstrating the preference of one topic over the other. It is recommended that when writing comparing and contrasting papers, students should allow the preferences to come out at their own without presenting their point of view but by allowing the language to unfold.

There are numerous interesting compare and contrast essay ideas available for high school and college students. For instance, students are recommended to select some funny topics that are based on events and public personalities since they consider inspirational and interesting; however, your choices are not limited to these options. You should take some of your time to mediate your topic and the note the ideas that come across your mind.

You should ask yourself the following questions before selecting any given topic:

  • Is the chosen topic exciting to you?
  • Does the topic inspire you?
  • Do you have enough information to complete the essay?

Since you need to support every point you make with solid evidence, you should look both for primary and secondary sources in the libraries and other sources. Make sure your sources are relevant and up to date.

Academic compare and contrast essay topics

History and politics

  1. Compare and contrast the civilization between Aztecs and Maya.
  2. Compare and contrast Washington and Lincoln
  3. Compare and contrast the British colony in India and Africa
  4. The differences and similarities between the Reconstruction era and the antebellum era in American history
  5. Compare the Presidency from Monarchy.
  6. How do Democrat and Republican compare and contrast?
  7. Compare the German government from the American government.
  8. Religious vs. anthropology studies
  9. How does Baroque Epoch compare to Renaissance?
  10. Soviet government vs. the American government
  11. S democracy vs. Chinese Communism
  12. K prime-minister vs. U.S president
  13. How did the south and the North compare and contrast before the U.S civil war?
  14. Compare and contrast the leadership of King Louis XIV from Henry VIII.
  15. Compare and contrast Nazism and Fascism
  16. Similarities and differences between World War I and World War II
  17. Compare Liberalism from Communism.
  18. The similarities and differences between European societies and African society
  19. Which is better depending on the situations of a country; dictatorship and democracy?
  20. Compare today’s political regimes to those in the 1950s

Societies and economics

  1. Compare capitalism from socialism
  2. Compare and contrast the welfare program in the U.K and U.S
  3. Civil union vs. a marriage
  4. Private and public companies
  5. Social set up in the US vs. social setup in China
  6. Compare U.S dollar and Chinese Renminbi as global currencies
  7. Renminbi vs. Yuan what is the difference
  8. Compare cash and cashless systems
  9. The United States vs. China which country has the largest economy
  10. Compare and contrast the krypton currency with the stable currency
  11. Compare African tradition societies with British colonial societies
  12. Compare Middle East economy to that of African countries
  13. Walt Rostow vs. Karl Max theories
  14. Karl Marx classical theory vs. the modern capitalism movement
  15. Modern life vs. living in the 18th century
  16. The 1920 American economic depression in American vs. Germany
  17. Cultural practices of a country vs. commercial growth rate.
  18. Compare and contrast how the presence of natural resources determines the country’s economic growth
  19. The presence of natural resources and its connection to civil war and instability
  20. Leadership vs. economic growth
  21. Population growth vs. economic growth

Music and arts

  1. Rap vs. country music
  2. Rock vs. pop music
  3. The link between hip hop music and violence
  4. Celine Dion vs. Madonna
  5. Who would you invite to perform in your party Passenger or Ed Sheeran?
  6. Which category is more acceptable to American hip hop vs. African Music?
  7. Which one works better for you hard metal rock vs. soft rock music
  8. Black music vs. the white music in the 1950s
  9. Yoga vs. salsa dance
  10. Guitar vs. piano instrumental
  11. Chinese music vs. US Music
  12. Culture aspects of Chinese music vs. U.S music
  13. The success of music industry U.S vs. UK
  14. Pop vs. Hard rock music
  15. Music sexuality U.S vs. India
  16. Gender dominance in music Male vs. Female
  17. Compare technology today as used in music vs. the 1990s
  18. Music influence on teens 21st century vs. 20th century
  19. Which is a better classic TV to watch Game of Thrones Vs. The Vikings?
  20. Hollywood vs. Bollywood discuss the fundamental differences
  21. Modern films vs. classic turner films
  22. The billion series vs. Dynasty
  23. Sculpture art vs. picture art

Literary and languages

  1. Different literary elements between Prose and poetry
  2. Compare and contrast the short fiction “The fall of the house of Usher” vs. “The cask of Amontillado.”
  3. Compare “a worn path” vs. “Everyday use.”
  4. Compare the fear and human weaknesses in “The summer” vs. “The Lottery”
  5. Compare and contrast the figurative devices and argumentative strategies used in “To his Coy Mistress” vs. “To the virgins.”
  6. Compare the poetic devices used in these three poems, “Nikki Rosa,” Steady as any ship my father” and “Poem of my father’s Ghost.”
  7. Compare the Drama Willy Loman and King Oedipus
  8. Compare and contrast the characterization of the following women Amanda Wingfield, Linda Loman, and Queen Jocasta.
  9. Compare the conflict responsibilities in the following dramas “The Glass Menagerie, Death of the Salesman, and Oedipus Rex.
  10. Roman literature vs. Greek literature
  11. Which is more interesting between high school drama and college plays?
  12. Differences in languages as used today vs. how it was used in the past
  13. Similarities between hip hop and poetry
  14. Which proves difficult to understand oral language vs. written language?
  15. Modern literature vs. traditional literature
  16. Compare the setting of “the chrysanthemums” vs. “Trifles.”
  17. Compare American English vs. UK English
  18. Who are the best writers English Fist Language vs. English second language?
  19. Compare and contrast Shakespeare essay on Hamlet vs. Macbeth
  20. In “A Midsummer Night Dream” behavior of men vs. women
  21. Compare and contrast the movie version and play version of “A Midsummer Night Dream.”
  22. Compare theme in King Lear vs. Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Tech and sciences

  1. The future of human life Earth vs. Mars
  2. Greenhouse farming vs. Polytunnel
  3. Diesel engines vs. Electric cars
  4. Traditional medicine vs. Modern medical technology
  5. iOS vs. Android
  6. Where do we have robust technology equipment prevention Earthquakes vs. Hurricane Catastrophes?
  7. Which is environmentally friendly Hydro vs. Wind power?
  8. Have computers brought more harm than good
  9. Is technology killing or enhancing innovation?
  10. The link between technology and depression
  11. Has technology connected or further separated people?
  12. Online dating vs. offline dating
  13. Traditional books vs. E-books
  14. E-learning good vs. bad
  15. Technology vs. lifestyle diseases
  16. Distance learning vs. traditional education
  17. Self-driving cars vs. the human-operated cares
  18. Technology advancement vs. ecosystem balance
  19. 4G network Vs. 5 Network
  20. Nuclear power plant vs. hydropower plants
  21. Undersea oil mining vs. off sea oil mining dangers and benefits
  22. Technology vs. cancer, the relationship between the two

Funny compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Summer holiday hometown vs. abroad
  2. Compare and contrast some of the famous learning methods
  3. Compare cooking using gas vs. firewood
  4. Living in an apartment vs. building your own home
  5. Compare the women rights movement vs. slave revolution
  6. Alcohol vs. drug abuse
  7. Which is more harmful between Cigarettes vs. alcohol abuse?
  8. Which has more impact on society physics vs. biology?
  9. Compare soccer vs. American football (rugby)
  10. Horror movies vs. Comedies
  11. Coffee vs. Tea
  12. Long vs. short hair cuts
  13. Instagram vs. twitter which is more popular
  14. Fashion magazine vs. newspaper which is popular among teens?
  15. Which one will you prefer the gym vs. fitness?
  16. Sandwich vs. pizza which is more delicious
  17. iPhone vs. Samsung
  18. Computer vs. Smartphone
  19. British vs. American poetry
  20. Which is the best tourist destination, Spain vs. Italy?
  21. 1950s fashion vs. 21st fashion.
  22. Self-employment vs. white-collar job

Interesting compare and contrast essay ideas

  1. Muslim vs. Christians
  2. People vs. robots
  3. Vegetarian vs. Vegan
  4. Living with family vs. living alone
  5. Tablet PC vs. Notebook
  6. Transport by Train vs. transportation by air.
  7. Research work vs. Case study
  8. Euro vs. U.S dollar
  9. Pepsi Brand vs. Coca-Cola
  10. Obama presidency vs. Trump
  11. Reading vs. watching TV
  12. Internship in large companies vs. small companies
  13. Studying engineer vs. Medicine
  14. Creativity vs. originality
  15. One thousand nine hundred eighty-seven historical events in ital. Vs. France
  16. Origin of Christianity vs. origin of Islamic
  17. Shopping online vs. shopping offline
  18. Traditional letters vs. email
  19. Windows OS vs. Linux
  20. Theater vs. movie
  21. Fiction movies vs. documentaries
  22. Stalin vs. Stalin
  23. Earthquakes vs. volcano eruption
  24. Civil war vs. the world wars
  25. Diet vs. sport in weight loss
  26. Friendship vs. love
  27. Communicating in real-time vs. Messaging
  28. Badminton vs. Tennis
  29. Neolithic vs. Paleolithic periods
  30. Economic development in China vs. America
  31. Birthday gifts vs. money
  32. College vs. high school love
  33. Group vs. individual learning
  34. Homo erectus vs. Homo habilis
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