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160 Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay Topics

In cause and effect essay topics, a student should emphasize the existing relationship between the actions and the expected outcome.  Developing a good cause and effect essay topics places you in a better position to earn good marks. Therefore, the topic chosen should be easy to plan, research, assemble, and edit. You should indicate the areas of relationship and how they translate to the consequences.

When writing a cause and effect essay, it is advised to conduct thorough research and ensure that you fully understand your subject area to help you come up with a high-quality essay. Though cause and effect essays are based on a specific topic, you may be required to write your essay based on funny topics such as smoking, high school love, divorce, fun, technology, social media, education, health, and others.

The topic for cause and effect essay has a logical and straightforward structure. These essays use a predictable pattern. Cause and effect topics for college are among the easiest and the fastest essay that students can write. The causes and effects can be depended on the subject such as development, education, society, and people.

Topics on cause-effect essays evaluate the ability of the student to identify the relationship between a given cause and its effect. Therefore, students need to be keen when coming up with these topics. Types of cause and effect:

  • Remote: these are not obvious, and it’s not common to encounter them.
  • Contributory: these are considered less important
  • Immediate: there is a direct correlation between the effect and the cause.
  • Primary: it is a vital part or type of an essay in this area.

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Cause and effect essay topics for college

Below you can find our best ideas for cause and effect essay topics. We’ve divided them into categories such as health, environment, culture, relationships, sports, society, hisory, politics, economics, education and more.


  1. Enumerate the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and its effect on child schooling
  2. Analyze the causes and effects of stress.
  3. Analyze the causes and effects of diabetes among the children below the age of twelve years?
  4. What are the causes and effects of arthritis?
  5. Discuss the causes and effect of breathing problems?
  6. Discuss the causes and effects of liver cirrhosis
  7. A potential fear of side effects associated with vaccines makes people avoid them
  8. Promotion and campaign on healthy living to reduce lifestyle diseases
  9. Health campaigns against sugary food reduce the sales of unhealthy snacks.
  10. Heart attack increases with the increase of insufficient physical activities
  11. The boom of the first food industry in the U.S has a ripple effect on the increasing rate of obesity
  12. People with emotional problems have higher chances of weak immunity.
  13. Overeating junk food affects an individual’s energy levels
  14. Poor digestion results from emotional eating
  15. Lack of moral support increases individual risks of bulimia and Anorexia
  16. Some positive changes in life such as marriage cause stress
  17. The prevalence of certain diseases such as chronic bronchitis and asthma are as a result of damage caused to the Ozone layer.
  18. The increasing sexualization of the women body by the media has increased sexually transmitted infections among the youths.
  19. Unrealistic beauty standards created by media causes eating disorder among the adolescence
  20. Obesity is associated with joint problems
  21. The advertisement that is kid-focused increases obesity among teens
  22. Inadequate nurse to patient ratio, increase patient mortality.
  23. The increased cost of medication has seen a rise in the number of deaths caused by treatable diseases.
  24. Emotional stress among the aged causes high blood pressure.


  1. Increased manufacturing activities translates to higher levels of air pollution
  2. Increasing water and air pollution will lead to the extinction of some flora and fauna.
  3. Recycling human waste can reduce levels of pollution by a more significant percentage
  4. With the increasing deforestation, there is a possibility that people will be walking around with an oxygen tank in the future
  5. The gravitational pull between the moon and the earth is responsible for more than 80% of tidal waves.
  6. Volcanic activities cause all types of earthquakes and hurricanes.
  7. The increasing glacier melting is due to the destruction of the ozone layer.
  8. Inaccurate weather prediction has a higher contribution to human suffering due to natural disaster
  9. Unpredictable weather patterns cause a food shortage in Africa.
  10. Nuclear powerhouse houses cause emissions which interfere with the weather pattern.
  11. Charcoal made from coal powerhouses reduces dispassion and acid soil
  12. Increase in the sea temperature will cause the extinction of some sea creatures.
  13. Increases in tropical temperatures increase the prevalence of cholera and malaria
  14. Increasing uncontrollable pest due to weather changes contributes towards food shortage
  15. Unpredictable weather changes have caused increasing greenhouse farming


  1. High school relationships are as a result of watching romantic movies.
  2. Lack of communication kills most relationships
  3. Stress at workplace causes poor concentration
  4. The affordability of basic needs determines the financial status of a family
  5. Unemployment of male couples makes their wife disrespect them
  6. Divorce among the parents causes psychological stress to children
  7. Children from divorced parents are likely to divorce their spouses
  8. The behavior of children is to determine parents who are the primary role model to them
  9. The rate of student attendance to lectures affects their performance
  10. Drug abuse among the students causes poor grades
  11. The language barrier is the leading cause of misunderstanding
  12. The primary consideration in a relationship is financial stability
  13. Having a common interest helps to keep friend together
  14. Lack of employment causes depression among the youths
  15. Lack of communication causes misunderstanding among the workers
  16. Lack of affordable house contributes to the increasing levels of slums.


  1. The social policy in China aims to reduce the size of the family
  2. Developing a culture of recycling helps to reduce pollution
  3. A culture of re-using products and items minimizes the need to buy new ones
  4. The African culture dictates the kind of clothes they wear.
  5. Product endorsement by celerity influences the product brand
  6. Mass media biases lead to ineffectiveness.
  7. Better master of the first language enables the student to learn the second language faster
  8. The choices you make in high school determines your career path
  9. The Japanese cuisine is highly linked with their culture
  10. Country music is the true reflection of American culture
  11. Most Chinese tourists visit Africa to learn about their culture and language
  12. Copying other people lifestyle may lead to life stress
  13. Most of the reserved culture across the world is unwelcoming
  14. Motivational speakers affect the behavior of their audience
  15. Learning a second language improves cognitive ability and memory retention


  1. Athletes who engage in doping risk suspension from their careers
  2. Using steroids to boost your muscles may cause hormone imbalance among the sportsmen
  3. Kicks experience by rugby players may lead to brain injury
  4. Exercising consistent and following your couch advice will transform you into a sports star.
  5. Regular exercises reduce stress
  6. Students who participate in sports activity
  7. Work out boosts brainpower, productivity and memory retention
  8. Adults who engage in morning exercise have productive days
  9. Training among children helps to increase their attentiveness.
  10. Engaging I sporting activities help to boost social skills
  11. Hosting world cup gives a significant boost to the country economy
  12. Playing football places you to be a better celebrity
  13. Participation of athletes to social activities increase its chances of success
  14. Endorsement of products by athletes increases its popularity


  1. The social-economic differences among families create futuristic problems among the children
  2. Gender inequalities in America cause psychological, social and unemployment problems
  3. Discuss the cause and effect of popular social trends
  4. Increase in population among the baby boomers will create employment and healthcare issues
  5. Increasing cases of corruption and disaster undermine stability in a country
  6. The economic and ethical perspective of the increased international adoption of developing and under-developed countries
  7. Discuss the causes and effect of stress in the workplace
  8. Increasing promotion of social programs affects population awareness discuss?
  9. Enumerate the causes and effect of low literacy levels
  10. The effect of food insecurity is more prevalent among women and children
  11. Causes and effect associated with changing of taxation policy
  12. Increasing donation to churches from corrupt money affects its purity as a house of God
  13. Increasing feminism undermines family aspect
  14. Causes and effects of religious oppression
  15. Causes and effect of strict immigration policy


  1. Causes and effects of World War 1
  2. Causes and effects of civil war
  3. Causes and effects of America great depression
  4. Causes and effects of the civil rights movement
  5. Causes and effects of the slave trade
  6. Causes and effects of American colonization
  7. Causes and effects of the Napoleon war
  8. Causes and effects of President Kennedy assignation
  9. Causes and effect of black’s rights and freedom
  10. Cause and effects of British colonialism
  11. Causes and effects of the French revolution
  12. Causes and effect of the drug war in Colombia
  13. Causes and effects of Chicano movement
  14. Causes and effect of Jewish Holocaust
  15. Causes and effects of Soviet disintegration


  1. Causes and effect of politics on economic growth
  2. Causes and effects of politics on religion
  3. Causes and effects of constitution amendment
  4. Causes and effects of political instability
  5. Causes and effects of organization politics in government organizations
  6. Cause and effects of weak politicians
  7. Causes and effects of post-election violence
  8. Causes and effects of dictatorship
  9. What facilities a country to achieve full democratic status and its effect
  10. Causes and effects of political assassinations
  11. Causes and effects of successive politics
  12. Causes and effects political discrimination and tribalism
  13. Causes and effects of political propaganda
  14. Causes and effects of political sycophants
  15. Causes and effects of church politics
  16. Causes and effects of party politics


  1. Causes and effects of 2009 economic depression in U.S
  2. Causes and effects krypton currency
  3. Causes and effects of poverty lifestyle
  4. Causes and effects of slow development rates
  5. Causes and effects of unemployment
  6. Causes and effects of inflation
  7. Causes and effects of import and export imbalance
  8. Causes and effects of money laundering
  9. Causes and effects of the poor service industry
  10. Causes and effects of poverty living standards
  11. Causes and effects of high cost in real estate
  12. Causes and effects of ballooning of the real estate industry
  13. Causes and effects of higher interest rate on loans among the lenders
  14. Causes and effects of EPZ on the country’s economy
  15. Causes and effects of poor insecurity on SMEs operations


  1. Causes and effects of inadequate education facilities
  2. Causes and effects of poor performance among high school students
  3. Causes and effects of students absent
  4. Causes and effects drug abuse among the students
  5. Causes and effects of high rates of uneducated people in a country
  6. Causes and effects of low transition rate from high school to college
  7. Causes and effects of high rates among the college dropouts
  8. Causes and effects of academic cheating
  9. Causes and effects of poor ICT infrastructure in schools
  10. Effects of undemocratic leadership in school and its cause
  11. Causes and effects of violence among the students
  12. Causes and effects of ADHD on child schooling
  13. Causes of lack of motivation among the teachers and its effect
  14. Causes and school pregnancy and its effects on student academic life
  15. Cause of poor school administration and its effect on student performance

Fun cause and effect essay topics

  1. Causes and effects of discrimination among women
  2. Causes of sibling rivalry and its effect
  3. Causes and effects of rebellion among the teens
  4. Effects and causes of abortion
  5. What leads to a long-distance relationship and its effect?
  6. What led to globalization, and what are its effects?

Easy cause and effect essay topics

  1. Causes and effects of poor parenthood
  2. Causes and effects of cyberbullying
  3. Cause and effect of divorce on family
  4. Cause and effects of online trade
  5. Causes and effect of obesity among the kids
  6. Causes and effect of racism
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