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A Detailed Guide on Classification Essay

Definition of a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is an academic paper that involves classifying different items into specific categories. These items can be ideas, characters, objects, events, anything you can divide into several groups. The word classification is synonymous with categorization. For example, you have a large group of people. Now you need to create a certain hierarchy: who is more professional, who is less professional, etc. In each of these new groups, you can create even more categories. You do not just evaluate people according to some criteria, you share them and describe them. Knowing how to write a classification essay, you will get analytical and logical skills that will help you to distinguish different points. 

Along with this type of paper, high schools, colleges, and universities are requesting division essays writing. 

Know the Difference: Classification vs. Division

The key difference between classification and division essay lies in the approach. You take one broad group of people, ideas, events and divide it into several small ones. This is called the division. In most cases, these words are perceived as synonyms. A professor may instruct you to write a classification and division essay. 

Classification Essay Outline

Outline for a classification essay is an essential part of the writing process. This is what helps you determine the future plan, organize the paragraphs. If you don’t have such a plan, you can simply lose the best of your ideas. In fact, the outline is your guiding beacon, showing the direction in writing.

The perfect structure of classification essay consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Introduction. You need to introduce your topic to explain to the audience what you are going to categorize. It is important to show the purpose of your paper and to provide readers with the thesis statement. Identification all of your categories.
  2. Essay Body. In most cases, you will need to define three categories. The structure of body paragraphs is the same for each of them. First, you need to explain the criteria. Your next step is to tell about its strengths or weaknesses. To make your arguments strong and convincing, you need to show some examples. Make sure they fit into your category.
  3. Conclusion. The last part of your classification essay doesn’t provide any new information. The best strategy for you is, to sum up each category. Do it briefly. If you have some recommendations, add them here. It would be nice to finish up your essay with call-to-action. 

Thesis Statement for Classification Essay

A classification essay thesis statement is that sentence that conveys the meaning of all your paper. Usually, it includes a topic, a classification method. You can also name particular categories. For example, athletes in summer can engage in 3 outdoor sports: jogging, swimming, and volleyball. Classification writing requires the thesis statement as it helps readers to understand what you’re going to tell them about. 

How to Write a Classification Essay?

This taskcannot be called very difficult. But if you procrastinate and put it off until later, you are unlikely to write a good classification and division essay. Therefore, we offer you a consistent plan of action that will help organize your work:

  1. Select a topic. If possible, choose a topic that interests you. Then it will be easier for you to show this interest to your reader. The more you know about this issue, the better. Try to choose a topic that is not too broad, because then you will have to spend a lot of time narrowing it down.
  2. Conduct research. Even if you think that you have enough information for classification writing, you need research. This will help you keep your data current. Some facts that you remember may not be true. In addition, you need to make a list of sources used.
  3. Create an outline. We have already mentioned how important the plan is. Once you have enough information, distribute it in parts and outline the next steps.
  4. Compose your introduction. This is an important part of your paper that determines the interest of the audience. Starting an essay with a quote question or other hook, you attract the attention of readers.
  5. Write body paragraphs. This is the bulk of your essay. It requires a lot of concentration. Describe each of the ideas successively, trying not to move on to a new thought until you finish the previous one.
  6. Conclude your essay. Spectacular completion allows you to put a fine point on it. Take care of the aftertaste that readers will have. It should be enjoyable and inspiring. Do not use any new facts when writing your conclusion.
  7. Revise your paper. You might think that this stage is not important and neglect it. But this will be the wrong strategy. Firstly, due to grammatical errors and typos. This is what makes even the best paper unprofessional. But also, you have to re-read the text, delving into its contents. Did you manage to make it understandable and interesting? Have you classified the discussion topics correctly? Has he convincingly explained his choice? Wait a few days after classification writing and read the paper several times to bring it to perfection. You can also order professional editing. It is a good choice if you want to get someone’s feedback. People usually don’t perceive their papers objectively. In addition, if you cannot boast of impeccable English, you probably still made a few mistakes. The editor will get rid of them.

20 Topics and Ideas for Your Classification Essay

Many teachers and professors offer students classification essay topics to choose from. But sometimes it can be up to you. Take a look at our list of the engaging themes; maybe you will find a dose of inspiration here:

  1. University majors. This is a topic where you can tell a lot. You yourself recently went through the choice of a specific specialty. Do some research to make the paper even more informative and scientifically sound.
  2. Political issues. There are many opportunities for categorization. You can write about the political mindset, parties, political systems in different countries, presidents and candidates, etc.
  3. Nationality. One more fairly extensive topic. You can come up with a topic for a classification essay related to the main stereotypes, known facts, career, and family characteristics for people of different nationalities.
  4. Art styles. Art is something that is constantly changing. But even it lends itself to classification. Painting, music, literature, we are sure that you will find several more groups. Each of them can also be divided into its own subcategories.
  5. Parenting approaches. Parental psychology has been developing for a very long time. She knows a large number of approaches used by parents from around the world.
  6. Negotiation strategies. There is no universal solution that will help persuade other people to their side. Suggest a few options and add examples.
  7. Ways to spend a summer vacation. You can initially narrow the topic to a specific budget or region. For example: “Top 5 places where you can inexpensively rest this summer.”
  8. World cuisines. Each kitchen has its own characteristics, which means you can divide them. Write about ingredients, recipes, national features. Different countries have different goods, don’t forget about it.
  9. Modern technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, different brands, and technologies. Use existing knowledge and read about the latest achievements.
  10. Social networks. There are offers for different people and different tasks. People who use Facebook will not use TicToc. Categorize them in your essay to understand the reasons. Is it age? Occupation? Something else? 
  11. Sports games. A great topic for categorization! It is always relevant and debatable. 
  12. Schools. Classical or homeschooling? Could it be a Montessori system? Find a few more options to classify them.
  13. Events. Here you can highlight a huge number of categories: seasonal, thematic, long. You can limit yourself only to the United States or write about events from around the world.
  14. Foreign languages. They can be classified by the groups to which they belong, by the ease of study, by the number of carriers, etc.
  15. Content. This is a hot topic today. Write about visual, audio, gaming, print, and digital content. There are a lot of ideas for discussion.
  16. Management styles. Remember your personal experience, and also read a couple of business articles to determine which management styles exist and in which categories they can be divided.
  17. Gifts. There are many types of gifts that depend on the holiday, occasion, the person who gives them, etc.
  18. Weddings. This topic is wide enough, so you can narrow it down. Write about reasons to get married, reasons not to get married, ways to celebrate, and traditions.
  19. Good or bad habits. They can also be classified. Especially today, when smoking is a bad habit, as well as a wasting of time on social networks.
  20. Comedians. Humor can be different. If you know something about this, write a good classification essay. Comedians’ classification will definitely attract the attention of the audience, as this topic always lifts the mood.


So, now you know how to write a classification essay. We shared with you the best tips and secrets from professional writers. But this does not mean that you should use them. Sometimes students fall into the cycle of various assignments and simply do not have time to cope with some of them. If this is your story and you just want to have some time for personal projects, we know how to help you. Make an order, and our writing service will prepare the best classification essay for you!

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