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The Definition of Expository Essay

During studies, students have to prepare expository essays. It is another assignment from the bulk of various paper tasks. WriteAnyPapers’s writers want to make your student life easier. Therefore, we have gathered all the needed information you should know before you get started to write.

Let’s begin with the definition of an expository essay. It is structured academic writing that utilizes actual evidence to elucidate or explore a concrete theme. Many students confuse expository essays with argumentative essays. Still, these types of essays have great distinction. If your task is to write an argumentative essay, you as a writer should form a viewpoint or opinion on a theme. But if you write an expository essay, it should possess a neutral point of view and should be concentrated on providing an actual analysis.

Main Purpose of Expository Essay

Every type of essay has its purpose and aim. An expository paper is no exception. This kind of paper intends to present a harmonious and impersonal description of a theme. An expository essay possesses such a format so that it enables to explain complicated information clearly and logically. The author does not have to prove his/her viewpoint or provide a personal opinion on a theme. If you understand how to compose an expository paper perfectly, this skill will be valuable in the future if you decide to study or work in the fields of journalism, business, and science.

Main Types of an Expository Paper

An educator can give you the task of composing an expository paper without specifying a concrete type. Therefore, if you want to get a good grade for writing your expository essay, you should know how to distinguish the types of an expository essays to cover the theme correctly. Below, we have prepared information about the main types of such essays.

  • Cause and effect type of essay. Here, you as a writer need to explain the reasons something happened and what occurred as a result.
  • Compare and contrast type of essay. This type is also known as a comparison essay. Here, you as a writer should take two subjects and analyze their distinctions and resemblances.
  • Descriptive type of essay. Such kind just means a detailed description or elucidation of a theme. You can use a person, event, place, object, or experience as a theme. Only in this type of essay, you as a writer will have significant creative freedom.
  • Problem and solution type of essay. Here, your aim as a writer is to shed light on the concrete issue and write a detailed analysis of possible solutions.
  • Process type of essay. This type is also known as a how-to essay. Here, you should provide a step-by-step guide to explain to your readers how to do something.

Write an Outline to Gain a Success

The writing process of every type of essay is complicated and requires time and effort. First, you need to pick up a suitable topic for your expository essay. Use the brainstorming process to come up with an interesting theme. Also, your topic can be assigned by your educator.

If you want to get a success, we advise you to write an outline. Your expository essay should possess a structure of five paragraphs. You should think about what information to include in every paragraph of your essay. Keep in mind that you should write in the third person. Also, do not forget to exclude your personal opinions in an expository essay. Below, we have gathered a little amount of information about every part of an expository essay.

Begin with Introductory Part

The beginning of your expository essay – introduction – should include a topic sentence. It should state your thesis or main point of an expository essay clearly. Make your thesis simple so that it can be substantiated by three body paragraphs.

Continue with Three-Body Paragraphs

Each body paragraph should be concentrated on a separate issue that assists in supporting and developing your thesis statement in a topic sentence. Do not forget to use actual information to support a thesis statement and stick to an objective point of view.

Finish with a Summing-up

This part of your expository essay should not contain any new information or data. Include just that information you’ve already presented previously. Utilize this section of an expository essay to restate your thesis statement. Also, you should summarize your arguments in favor of each body paragraph and finish your expository essay.

Check and Correct

After you have finished an outline of your expository essay, we recommend reading it several times. First, you can check that your thesis statement is clear. You should be confident that the evidence that supports a thesis statement is from credible sources. Ask your relatives or friends to read your expository essay so that they can confirm that all information is presented in a completely unbiased way. Try to make paragraph transitions fluid and logical. Secondly, you can check your expository essay on the availability of grammatical or spelling mistakes. Correct them if needed.

Let’s Conclude

We may conclude that writing an expository essay is interesting but at the same time complicated. This type of essay varies in length, and it has several types with their features. Still, no matter the type of expository essay, it should be structured in five paragraphs. It is approximately 800 words in length. Of course, your educator can give his/her requirements, therefore, be attentive before starting to compose an expository paper.

You can get an assignment to write an expository paper as part of an examination, coursework, or writing assignment. Do not panic if you get this type of essay. It does not need to add a personal opinion; it is based on factual information.

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