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123+ History Research Paper Topics for Every Student

History is one of the most incredible and influential fields of science in the world. You may have noticed that its study is closely connected with our ancestor`s life, our current environment and some general predictions for the near future, judging from the historical sources and consistent patterns. Being interested in history means that a person wants to know more and broaden his/ her mind intensively. Studying the previous events, we have a real chance to supplement our knowledge with the understanding of the crucial reasons for many significant facts or doings.

It is supposed that the history of different countries can be a subject to investigate, as it may motivate us to make much more conscious and responsible actions, depending on certain life circumstances. This means that every person should find out how our present station of life and further development are invariant with the past cases of world and civil wars, ancient cultures, customs, and traditions.

That is why each of us ought to be aware of how to protect our world from unnecessary repetitive mistakes or, on the contrary, continue following the same strategy. In addition, working on distinguished historical projects, you will definitely gain some particular profound learning skills of interaction between various countries, the outstanding stages of cultural development and decay as well as many other essential paper topics. Writing a history research paper allows you to concretize some social movements, legal aspects of governments or, for example, the formation of religions.

Moreover, you could redefine some modern problems or possibly, change the angle of your view. World history research is a perfect option for those who are keen on comparing, specification and making conclusions. From this, you may surmise that writing a history research paper you will be able to improve and practice your critical analysis skills. Indeed, as far as different historians intend to expound the same issue in a distinctive manner, your mission is to review all the disputable points and try to structure the huge amount of information flow and, in conclusion, offer some clear and well-marked ideas in order to persuade your readers.

Furthermore, the following acquirements of analyzing mechanism will be certainly of service to you in any business or everyday life. So that it is highly recommended to start your history research paper writing as soon as possible. A lot of gifted authors started their historical research at a very young age. Paper writing broadens the borderlines of world perception and increases the process of consideration and contemplation.

Surely, it may be quite complex and sometimes tricky to choose an appropriate research route. This is why we advise you to order custom research papers at WriteAnyPapers. You may also get a consultation in accordance with the history research topic chosen. Pood of patience, several weeks of intensive efforts, the whole carriage of enthusiasm for the paper topic and, perhaps, some drops of inspiration can probably come useful.

Firstly, you have to be interested in your historic topic, whether it be the study of ancient civilization, a particular dynast`s reign or a class structure in Ancient Rome, you should be passionate about your issue. Notice that history research needs the availability of certified and examined sources of information. For instance, you can use the library holding, scientific journals from the conferences and some documentative material.

Before writing a history research paper, be sure that the information generator is secure and infallible. You may confirm your thoughts with the citations, however, do not forget that plagiarism is under a tabu. Well, check out the information sources dozens of times. Do not use all data on the web, whenever possible, as it may contain some fiction details.

The last, but not the least tip for a history research paper is to carry out your own position and advance the precise arguments to the alternative opinions without your personal subjectivity. Naturally, this is your style of writing, nevertheless, try not to exaggerate your personal opinion, speak in terms of absolute matters indeed, suggesting your treatment of facts.

In order to make your choice easier, we are providing a unique guide for school/ college/ university students or any other people who would like to write their scientific assignment brilliantly. You are welcome to use some ideas from the following guide so that you will pronouncedly create a relevant and worthwhile history research paper.

How to choose the best history research topics?

History is a miscellaneous and all-round research area so that it often seems to be rather challenging to find the best history research paper topics. On the other part, it is an unquestionable privilege to choose something from such a diverse variety. Consequently, there is a long list of issues that may concern some substantial occurrences and unstoppable development of humanity. Initially, try to clarify the common history research field. Only after this, you may specify the chosen direction of your investigation.

Well, let us present to you our understanding of the task. Mainly, you should choose a paper topic according to some determined criteria. For example, we are trying to extract some versions:

  • Topics by historic periods (ancient, medieval ages, etc.);
  • Topics by regions (European, Asian history, etc.);
  • And topics by areas of interest (art, education, social sciences, technological sphere, military conflicts, and many others)

As for the first 2 types of division, there is possibly no incomprehension. But considering the third group, there may be a slight hardship to uncover the right history research topic. The overall option of themes might be connected with the next areas:

  • Mutual effects between humankind and the surrounding environment (dangerous and progressive illnesses, demographic situation, ecological state, etc.);
  • Elaboration of cultural institutes (deep-rooted traditions, incipience of religious doctrine, historical humanism, etc.);
  • Political system (wars, the system of political law, the first emergence of democracy, etc.);
  • Economic and trading area (socialism, free trade zone a banking system, etc.);
  • Social issues (racism, slave-owning regime, class discrimination, etc.)

Well, it is extremely curious to cognize how our world was being built and what are the prominent guiding ways. Here are some great history research topics to contribute to your continuing survey.

Topics by periods

Periodization of history is a special kind of systematization that consists of the conditional division of the historical process into certain chronological periods. These periods have got particular distinguishing features that are determined, depending on the chosen basic criterion of periodization. For this purpose, a variety of reasons can be selected: from a change in the type of thinking to alteration in the way of communication and environmental transformations.

Many scientists use economic- industrial criteria to create periodization- these are both socio-economic relations and means of production (Marxist theory of formations) and the main area of production (the theory of industrial and post-industrial society) upon the principles of manufacturing.

There are also some overall approaches for the periodization of history, such as a formational, civilizational one, the theoretic of modernization, neo- evolutionism, world-system analysis, and spiritual philosophy, etc. We are not going to describe these approaches in detail, as it may be an issue of a history research paper for you. Let us proceed to the topics.


The term “prehistoric period” is used to denote the period of time before the beginning of the “history “itself- the moment of the emergence of writing and the appearance of the first written historical evidential data. In the broadest sense, this period can enter all the time since the origin of the Universe (approximately, 13.75 billion years ago). However, more often this term is applied to the period of time from the beginning of life on Earth, or, more specifically, from the moment of existence of the first people.

The term “prehistoric” (ante- Historique) was first invented by a French pharmacist and archaeologist Paul Tournaul in order to describe his findings during the excavations in Bizet caves in Southern France.

So, what history research topics may be the most paramount to write about? Maybe, the following ones:

  1. The lifestyle pattern of the primitive society
  2. The origin and evolution of a human
  3. The Stone Age
  4. The Bronze Age
  5. The Iron Age
  6. Agriculture in the prehistoric period
  7. Petroglyphs on the rocks
  8. Prehistoric Iberia
  9. The social organization of ancient tribes
  10. Egyptian civilization

Ancient history

Classical antiquity (IV century B.C.- II century A.D.)- the time of spreading of Greek and Roman civilizations (from Alexander the Great to Marcus Aurelius`s death). Late antiquity is in phase with the decline of the Roman Empire.

The possible research topics for your history research paper:

  1. Atlantis
  2. The Deluge
  3. Herculean labors
  4. The Trojan War
  5. The first Olympic games
  6. The ancient philosophers
  7. The origin of democracy
  8. The classical mythology
  9. Religion in Ancient Greece
  10. Mesopotamia

Middle Ages

The period of the Middle Ages is the time of the history of Europe and the Middle East, following after Antiquity and preceding the New Time.

Among the most interesting history research topics, to our mind, are the following ones:

  1. The Great Migration Period
  2. The development of the Byzantium Empire
  3. Reconquista
  4. The feudal system
  5. The Crusades
  6. Scholasticism
  7. The Hundred Year War
  8. Renaissance
  9. The medieval Reformation
  10. The occurrence of Christendom

Modern history

Modern history is a period of time that is located between the Middle Ages and the Contemporary Times. The concept of “New History “appeared in Italy during the Renaissance, as an element of the three-term division of history into ancient, middle and the new one. This term was accepted by historians and affirmed in the scientific usage, but its meaning remains largely conditional. One thing is certain: a new system of relationship exists in the Eurocentric world.

The possible great history research topics are the next ones:

  1. The Age of Discovery in Europe
  2. Nicolaus Copernicus
  3. The colonization of America
  4. Thirty Years` War
  5. Industrial Revolution
  6. French Revolution
  7. Suleymaniye the Magnificent
  8. The Baroque Style
  9. The reforms of “enlightened absolutism “
  10. The German Peasants` War

Topics by regions

The historical field is a concept, adopted in ethnography, history, cultural studies for a territory that, as a rule, is characterized by certain common features in culture, language, ethnography, self- awareness of the local and surrounding population.

Let us divide the history into some groups, depending on the localization of the events.

USA history

  1. The slave-owning South
  2. The American Revolutionary War
  3. The U.S. Constitution
  4. The inventor Samuel Morse
  5. The US- Mexican War in 1846
  6. Civil War
  7. President Lincoln
  8. Prohibition in the USA
  9. The Great Depression
  10. American space exploration

European history

  1. The Seven Years` War
  2. Berlin Wall
  3. The Great Plague
  4. Rise of Nationalism
  5. Imperialism and Colonialism
  6. The Enlightenment
  7. The Russian Revolutions
  8. Rule of Queen Elizabeth I
  9. Rule of King
  10. Shakespeare

Asian history

  1. The Great Wall of China
  2. The Russo- Japanese War
  3. Mongolians
  4. The Great Ottoman Empire
  5. Colonial India
  6. Mahatma Gandhi
  7. The Emperors of China
  8. Persia
  9. Confucianism
  10. The Muslim religion

World history

  1. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth
  2. World War I
  3. World War II
  4. Gutenberg`s printing press
  5. The Fall of Constantinople
  6. The origin and development of Modern Alphabet
  7. The Rise and Fall of the Aztec Civilization
  8. Martin Luther King
  9. The Napoleonic Wars
  10. The discovery of X-rays

Topics by areas of interest

Well, as far as all of us are interested in different subjects, we are willing to provide great history research topics, depending not only on the clear assignment but also on students` history research preferences. We are currently facing a great assortment of research areas so that every student may find the best history research topic for writing.

Here are some of them:


  1. Mongol Conquests
  2. The Taiping Rebellion
  3. Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire
  4. The Battle of Marathon
  5. Battle of Hastings
  6. Surrender at Yorktown
  7. Battle of Waterloo
  8. Siege of Stalingrad
  9. Invasion of Normandy
  10. The Battle of Tours


  1. Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Salvador Dali
  3. Leonardo DaVinci
  4. Ludwig van Beethoven
  5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  6. Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky
  7. Michelangelo
  8. Pablo Picasso
  9. Frederic Chopin
  10. Eduard Grieg


  1. Education in Ancient Greece
  2. Educational systems in the world
  3. Maria Montessori
  4. Anne Sullivan
  5. Saint Mother Teresa
  6. Albert Einstein
  7. Anton Semyonovich Makarenko
  8. Sukhomlinskij Vasiliy Aleksandrovich
  9. The development of writing
  10. Training methodologies in the world


  1. Protestant Reformation
  2. Medical Revolution
  3. Industrial and Technological Revolution
  4. The Holocaust
  5. Fall of the Berlin Wall
  6. The feminist movements
  7. An autocratic regime
  8. Humanitarianism
  9. The Revolutions in the Russian Empire
  10. Environmental disasters


  1. The invention of the wheel
  2. The invention of the compass
  3. Calendar
  4. The steam engine
  5. The appearance of vaccines
  6. The first computers
  7. The invention of the telegraph
  8. The invention of the electric bulb
  9. The occurrence of the optical lenses
  10. The invention of paper

Well, we hope that these approximate lists will help you to find your favorite research area and you may continue specializing in it. You can also find more various research paper ideas at our blog. Good luck and have fun writing!

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