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How to Stay Focused on Homework Even if You Don’t Like It

Everyone wants to get good grades. It cheers up, strengthens self-esteem, contributes to a successful career and study. What do you need for this? First of all, you should complete high quality assignment on time.

But there is one difficulty that is familiar to all students: focusing on homework is not easy at all. There are many things that can distract you from completing tasks. These are your friends, family, music, pets. Procrastinating, you are ready to do anything, but just not fulfill your immediate responsibilities.

Nevertheless, if you still want to achieve success with your studies, you should make an effort. Even if you have some issues with your concentration, we are ready to provide you with some ways to focus on homework.

Essential Steps to Focus on Your Homework

In fact, your difficulties with studying are easy to explain. Our time can be called an era of distraction.

Everything around you seem to be distracting. You constantly receive messages from social networks. And you cannot clear your head from disturbing thoughts and doubts.

If you are wondering how to focus on homework, you need to make some efforts to master this skill.

Below you will find ten key tips that will help you along this difficult path.

1. Identify the Distractions and Eliminate Them

This is the first and very important step. Distractions are inevitable. You are probably surrounded by gadgets that constantly send you different notifications.

You will have to forget about them if you want to devote more time to study. Even a single message from a friend can take a lot of time from you to concentrate on your studies. Here are a few factors that you should pay attention to:

  • Any sounds: music, open window, noise
  • Radio and tv
  • Family and friends
  • Mess in the room
  • Mobile gadgets
  • Hobby
  • Job responsibilities
  • Housework

Determine what you think when you try to do your homework and make an effort to get rid of these factors. You can organize your own office, and not study in another guest. Turn off your smartphone altogether or turn off notifications. Some students buy noise-canceling headphones specifically for this purpose. If you have planned your study time, let everyone know about it, and do not let them distract you in any way!

2. Limit the use of Technologies and Social Media

Focus on homework is not possible if you receive new notifications every 5 seconds.

With the advent of smartphones, people began to work much longer. But this certainly did not increase their productivity. And all because you spend minutes and even hours to check the news feed, reply to messages, etc.

If you understand that you need to work 1-2 hours without being distracted, you definitely should get rid of your gadgets for a while. If you need a smartphone or laptop to work, make sure that you turn off all notifications. You can take short breaks if you need to check that everything is in order with friends and family. 

3. Create a Detailed Plan and Follow It

A plan is what helps you feel organized. First, composing it, you are already involved in the work. You may not be doing any tasks yet, but you are already starting to think about them. Your subconscious mind may produce unexpected results.

Secondly, having a plan, you will not waste time on unnecessary tasks. Sometimes we overestimate the amount of homework. During the preparation of the plan, you will understand how much time you really need.

Spend your time and energy in order to succeed. Make sure you have pauses and rest. Perhaps now you think that you can do everything quickly, but this approach often leads to burnout.

4. Get Your Workplace Ready

If you study in a room where there are other people, this can be a serious obstacle to your studies. Moreover, even working on your homework alone, you may feel uncomfortable because of your workplace.

What can you do?

Make sure you have a quiet space, free from other people. Perhaps it will be more convenient for you to work in a library where everyone supports silence.

You can also open the window so that the room has more fresh air. Good lighting also matters. It should be high-quality, but not too bright.

Spend a few more minutes to make the workplace clean. Leave only the computer, the necessary textbooks and notebooks, and office supplies on the table. Then you will not concentrate on homework, and not on other things.

5. Work around Your High Energy Levels

Do not think that something is wrong with you if you do not complete all the tasks immediately and effortlessly. It is quite natural for all people to give in to tasks that seem unpleasant or difficult.

But you probably notice that you can be most productive at certain hours of the day. Use this time to start doing your homework. Start with the most difficult tasks and gradually move to simpler ones. This will help you make the most of your brain.

6. Take Short Breaks Regularly

If you have successfully started, this is really a great success. But some tasks require your attention for several hours. No student will be able to work 3-4 hours in a row and stay focused on homework.

Therefore, you need to pause. If you work a lot and convince yourself of your productivity, these minutes of procrastination will go unnoticed. But conscious relaxation is what will reload your brain.

Try walking, drinking coffee, doing a little exercise. Do not rush to pick up a smartphone and reply to a message. Give your brains a break from any kind of information.

7. Avoid Multitasking

Perhaps you think that completing several tasks at the same time will allow you to work faster. In fact, not all people have this ability.

If you are trying to write an essay and make purchases on the Internet at the same time, you will simply waste time. You will lose concentration and will not be able to cope with educational tasks at a really high level: the more tasks, the less concentration.

This advice applies if you have homework in various disciplines. Do only one thing at a time if you want to succeed.

8. Break Huge Assignments into Smaller Parts

If you can’t focus on schoolwork because the task is too voluminous and requires a huge amount of time and effort from you, do not give up.

You can greatly simplify your work if you break one large task into several small ones. If you have enough time, you can even complete these sub-tasks on different days. Or divide them into different parts of the day. In the morning you write the introduction for the essay, in the afternoon the main paragraphs, the conclusion in the evening. You can correct the paper the next day. It can be more effective than writing an entire essay at a time.

9. Set Deadlines and Timers for Yourself

Deadlines are needed not only to create an additional reason for stress for you.

Sometimes it’s a good tool to help you keep track of your tasks and their implementation. Dividing the homework into several parts, determine the deadline for each of them. Then you will clearly remember the final date and will not allow yourself to get out of the working process.

10. Prioritize Your Tasks and Assignments

When you have a list of tasks in front of you, you need to understand which of them are the most important and which are not so.

Remember the Pareto principle. 80% of tasks require 20% of your time. Conversely, 20% of tasks will require 80% of the time.

This means that the priorities will help you determine the very 20% of the tasks. Start homework with them.

Things that May Help You to Concentrate on Your Homework

There are some more tips on how to concentrate on homework. The previous ideas are really very helpful. But sometimes we need a higher level.

1. Take Care of Your Physical Condition

You cannot expect that you will perform tasks smartly and responsibly if you feel bad.

Perhaps you think that lack of sleep and careful study will help you get A-grades. It really can work in the short term. But in the long run, your body simply cannot withstand such a load.

This means that if you really need to focus on homework, take care of your physical condition. Get enough sleep and make sure that your menu includes enough carbohydrates. Walking in the fresh air also helps improve brain function and concentration.

2. Try Wearing Headphones and Listening to Music

If you do not like to work in complete silence, you can listen to music on headphones.

Apple Music and other popular venues even offer special music collections for motivation, concentration, etc. Classical music also helps to focus and not be distracted.

Perhaps you can create your own playlist with tracks that set you up for study.

3. Turn Homework into a Good Habit

Focusing on studying can become a good habit. This is useful not only for your studies. You will need to deal with tasks and deadlines throughout your life. Some of them will cause sincere interest and enthusiasm. And others will touch very laborious.

Moreover, sometimes even the coolest tasks can take a lot of energy. You will feel laziness, apathy, passivity. And the habit of focusing on homework will help you get all your energy together when necessary.

4. Create a Reward System

If you don’t have enough motivation to complete your training tasks, try a reward system.

For example, if you have to work on a complex and responsible project, think about what could please you in the final. Or you can come up with some small rewards for each of the stages.

You might think something like: “If I complete this task within an hour, I will go to the cinema.” Or “I’ll buy myself a cake if I don’t miss the deadline.”

5. Work in Pair or in Group

Another effective method to concentrate on homework is to work in a pair or in a group. Offer this idea to your fellow students. Many projects can be completed faster and more efficiently if you divide their stages between several people.

Besides, you probably remember the proverb that two heads are better than one. Group work will help to find new opportunities and solutions. Most likely, you have some strengths and weaknesses. You can do well with some tasks, and poorly with others. By sharing tasks between different students, you will be able to perform the tasks that you love, achieving an amazing joint result.

Still Can’t Focus on Your Homework?

It’s absolutely normal if you can’t focus on homework sometimes. You are not a robot. You cannot always work with the same productivity.

So what should you do if the deadline is coming soon? Do not think that you will be able to complete everything on the last night. Surely you have something to do instead. For example, you can complete the tasks that you like best. Or just relax.

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