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How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

You know how challenging the workload at colleges and universities can be. And you are not the first one. All students are faced with a bunch of assignments from their teachers. Trying to combine them with work, personal life, a hobby, you can just burn out.

To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to complete your tasks with the right approach. If you undertake homework, you need to concentrate, focus, and be extremely attentive.

Motivate yourself to do homework is really not easy. Sometimes you will need to do your best to achieve any result. And we are ready to provide you with 11 efficient tips. Leverage them to succeed!

1. Figure out Why You are Procrastinating (and Try to Eliminate Reasons)

Many students believe that procrastination is caused by laziness. This may be an occasion to scold yourself, but this is the wrong tactic.

In fact, procrastination is a deeper psychological problem. It includes many factors. You may procrastinate because of:

  • the uncertainty that you will complete all the tasks correctly
  • subconscious protest against parents or teachers
  • lack of interest in the topic
  • physical or mental fatigue
  • finding the perfect time to start
  • misunderstanding of all the details of the assignment

Once you determine exactly which of these reasons is closest to you, you will be able to understand which tips on how to motivate yourself to do homework are best for you.

2. Set Deadlines

If your deadline is rather ambiguous, it will only aggravate procrastination. You can create a timeline with specific dates convenient for you. For instance:

  • November 3: read related tutorials
  • November 5: conduct an online study
  • November 6: collect and organize all the data
  • November 8: write a plan
  • November 9: prepare an introduction
  • November 10: write body paragraphs
  • November 12: write a conclusion
  • November 14: proofread the paper.

If your deadline is in 12 days, you don’t have a sense of urgency and motivation to do homework as well. Every day, you think you can complete a task later. But if you have a clear plan with specific dates, this will increase your chances of timely completion.

3. Set Achievable Goals

You can’t get motivated to do homework if you feel that this is an impossible task.

When setting goals, take care of their specificity. You can stick to the SMART model, where:

  • S is for specific
  • M is for measurable
  • A is for assignable
  • R is for realistic
  • T is for time-related

Write down your goals, and don’t forget to reward yourself every time you complete them.

Instead of saying, “I will write my argumentative essay in one week,” you would rather choose the approach, “I will give my essay an hour a day for a week.” Every time you keep a promise, please yourself with a cup of coffee or something sweet. Our next tip is exactly about it. 

4. Reward Yourself

All people need rewards. You study to get a diploma. You work because you get paid for it. And if you need the motivation to do homework, you should think about a reward. Surely a diploma at the end of the path will not be a sufficient reason to solve mathematical problems today.

The reward doesn’t have to be big. We have already offered you a cup of coffee or something sweet. You can also include in this list watching your favorite TV show, a few hours on social networks, a country trip.

Knowing that a reward awaits you, you will feel more motivated to do your homework.

5. Bet with Your Friends or Classmates

If you are a gambler and love to draw, this method will bring you an amazing result.

Argue with one of your fellow students that you will do your homework faster or that you will get a higher score. Don’t choose a student who studies worse than you, because then the task will be too easy for you.

If you bet on something interesting for you, such as a visit to the cinema, you will motivate yourself to do homework. And even if you lose in this dispute, you will complete your task. 

There are no losers in this situation. Everyone will be able to achieve some of one’s goals. But don’t bet money or other essential things. You need motivation, which is based on the emotional sense of excitement, not on the material values.

6. Ask Parents or Teachers for Help

Even though you are already an adult and personally responsible for your studies, you can take the help of teachers or parents.

Of course, they won’t do your homework. But they will help you feel more organized.

Teachers will tell you which aspects of homework are more or less important. They can also advise you on additional sources that you can use.

Parents can influence your daily routine if you live with them. For example, they will not let you leave your home or turn off the Internet until you complete all the tasks.

7. Learn how to Focus on Homework

Focus on homework; this is a good habit that you should acquire.

Remember: if you started homework, you should not stop it until at least one part is ready. You cannot be distracted by social networks, calls, chatting with friends, and other unimportant tasks.

Such a habit will help you, not only while studying. The ability to concentrate is a very useful skill. After graduating from college or university, you will use it regularly. This is a competitive advantage today, as the youth of this generation are poorly focused on important tasks. The popularity of social networks doesn’t exactly contribute to this.

8. Organize Your Schedule

An organized schedule is what unites all successful people.

If you read an interview with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and other entrepreneurs who have achieved amazing results in their careers, you will see that they always work on a clear schedule.

Of course, history knows cases where success was an accident. But this is 1 out of a million cases. And this is hardly what you want.

Try to learn from the experience of the great and start with an organized schedule. Designate the hours when you sleep, when you exercise, when you do your homework, etc.

On the one hand, this will help you develop discipline. You will not be distracted by other things since your schedule already includes everything you need. And if you devote too much time to your homework, you simply will not be able to cope with other assignments in time.

On the other hand, you will create additional motivation for your brain. After some time, it will get used to your schedule. Let’s assume that you decide that you will be doing your homework from 15 to 17. The first week you will have to force yourself. But after a few days, you will realize that this is an ingrained habit. Leverage it to your advantage. 

9. Do the Easy Parts First

There are two strategies for doing homework.

The first is when you start with the most difficult tasks. On the one hand, it makes sense. On the other hand, if it’s difficult for you, you quickly lose motivation. Work seems simply impossible, and you put it off again and again.

If this is your case, you can choose a second strategy. Start with the easiest tasks.

Most people get extra motivation when they succeed with a given task. If you quickly and easily complete one part of the work, you will receive a boost of motivation for the next. And by the time you get to the more difficult stages, you will already be motivated.

In addition, working on easy tasks, your brain is trained enough to perform more complex ones. This will help you catch a sense of flow and finish your homework faster.

10. Spend Time with Hard Working People

One more idea to get motivated to do homework is to spend time with hard-working people. It can be your friends, fellow students, a literary club at your university, etc.

Other people always give us a powerful boost of motivation. They don’t teach you but show by example, how you should act. If you want to be friends with people who constantly receive A-ratings or just write awesome essays, you cannot fail.

This process will initially be completely unnatural. You need to make efforts to extend yourself to a certain level. But practice makes perfect. 

11. Try to Do Homework with Friends or in Groups

There is another reason why you can put off doing your homework. This is boring!

Sitting in your room and writing an essay is definitely not the most exciting experience. Your brain will constantly look for new ways of distraction. But if you engage someone else in the assignment, you can correct the situation.

Invite fellow students or organize a joint training party. First of all, you have a lot of fun. Secondly, you will find the answers together much faster than alone. You can divide the entire task into several sub-tasks and distribute them among the participants.

Moreover, you will have additional motivation to focus on homework. The sooner you complete your homework, the sooner you can start a real party, with music, dancing, delicious food, etc.

Cannot Find Motivation to Do Your Homework?

Don’t give up if you still can’t do homework. You can have any reasons: lack of motivation, illness, a large number of other tasks, plans with relatives or friends. This is not a reason to spoil your academic reputation. You should not give up all your plans for homework if it takes you too long to complete it.

What can you do in this case? Take full advantage of professional help! Our service is always ready to complete any of your homework. We will prepare a high-quality, informative, and unique essay for you that will meet all the requirements.

In fact, such services will help you, not only with one-time homework. This is what will increase your motivation. You are guaranteed to receive an A-grade and praise from your professor. And it encourages you to make efforts to carry out other tasks.

If you understand that you don’t have enough time or desire to do homework, just write to us. We will do our best to exceed your expectations and provide you with an amazing result!

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