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How to Title an Essay

What do you think is the most difficult part of writing an essay? Of course, different students have different talents and skills, but there is one task that causes difficulties for everyone: how to come up with a title for your essay. 

What is the essay title? It is its name, the first phrase that helps to highlight your paper among a dozen others. Readers often make the final decision about the quality of the paper precisely on the heading. You have to make it interesting, effective, impressive. At the same time, it should be quite informative.

We have prepared for you detailed information on writing a title for an essay. In this article, you will learn about the good title structure, common mistakes, and effective secrets. Information from professional authors will help you how to come up with title for an essay!

Get Familiar with the Structure of a Title

In the process of education, you will come across different types of essays. They may differ from each other, depending on the volume and purpose. But if we talk about the essay title page, it is always the same. Here are the three main components you should use:

  1. Catchy hook. This is exactly how you attract the audience, your icing on the cake. Even if you write an awesome essay, a bad headline can really ruin your first impression. Think about how you can be creative. You can think of a play on words, a quote, a question, or a tricky metaphor.
  2. Topic keywords. Your title should be an answer to the most important question regarding your essay. This is “What?”
  3. Focus keywords. One of these questions: “When?” or “where?” will provide the reader with more information and will help you to come up with a good title for essays.

What Makes a Good Title?

There are many options that will allow you to create a quality and interesting headline. Do not rush to make a final decision, because you can come up with several ideas, and then choose the best one.

As soon as you decide on a few essay title ideas, check how good they are. Here are the signs that will help you determine this:

  • Captivating. Your headline should immediately attract attention. It is like a bright packaging for goods in a supermarket, a book cover, an unusual detail on clothes. Even if your paper is plain enough, a captivating headline will add a few points to it.
  • Easy to read. Readers do not like long and complex phrases. If they feel that they need to make an effort to read the headline, with a high probability, they will simply abandon this idea. Use 3-5 words for this purpose.
  • Accurate. The creative essay title is very important, but it is not always what the main focus should be. You must accurately convey the idea of your paper. It’s not fair to get the reader’s attention with a headline and then trick him into writing completely different things. Also, the title should not be mysterious and vague; it is more repulsive than intriguing.
  • Coherent. Most likely, you for an audience of smart readers. This is your professor, classmates, people from the scientific community. They want to read the good paper on which work has been done. Show it in your title. A consistent headline will show your seriousness and responsibility.
  • Written in the active voice. It is no secret that sentences written in active voice sound better and stronger. And they are easier to read.

So, now you have got the basic knowledge of a good essay title. You can start writing your headline. And we are ready to accompany you along this path.

How to Create an Effective Title for Your Essay

On the one hand, writing a title is really a challenging task. On the other hand, it is not so difficult at all. You should not think that it is a laborious process. Such thoughts interfere with your imagination and creativity. Just read our tips before you start writing. This will give you a dose of inspiration and new essay title ideas.

Use the question

You can write this title when your essay is ready. Think about the answer it provides to your readers. Based on this, come up with an interesting question.

Choose 5 words

Imagine that your essay does not consist of 500, but of 5 words. What will they be? These thoughts will help you not only come up with a headline but also appreciate the quality of your essay. If you can not reduce the meaning of the whole paper to 5 words, most likely it needs to be finalized.

Create a captivating hook

People love hooks. These are peculiar traps that immediately attract attention. You read the headline and think: what awaits me next? As a hook, you can use the question mentioned above, a quote from a song or book, one sentence from your paper, etc. Write a few good titles for essays and think about which one will catch your audience.

Outline the mood of your essay

Ideally, a title essay should be written when you have already finished the paper. This will allow you to understand how your text came out and choose the perfect option for the headline. If the paper turned out to be an optimistic, enthusiastic, or negative outlook, you could make it clear in your title.

If you still have no idea how to title an essay, you can use our tips to come up with the best headline. We’ve tried to make them accurate, logical, and captivating. We have also prepared some good examples to stay inspired.

Essential Tips for Writing a Headline

You must remember that your headline determines the audience’s desire to read the text. It is very important to understand who these people are, what they expect from your paper. You can come up with some really good headlines, but they won’t work for these people. Therefore, here are some additional essay title ideas you can use:

  • Write and re-read your essay. You may have in mind a basic plan of the paper, but you do not know what it will be until it is ready. Yes, the title is what opens your text, but you can write it last.
  • Use the right words. Speak in the same language your audience speaks.
  • Ask the right question. What answer do you want to get? Consider all the answers your readers may suggest. If they come out too fragmented, this is a bad headline.
  • Use a quote or pun. This is what helps make the title attractive and fun.
  • Give up cuts and jargon. Remember that you must remain professional. But that does not mean boring. It is important to find a balance.
  • Simplify. If you understand that you can shorten the title, make it easier, do it. The title of your essay should be clear even to a schooler if it is not a complex, narrowly focused study. Your title should not cause any conflicting thoughts.
  • Test it. If you come up with several essay title ideas, but don’t know which one is better, ask your friends to provide you feedback. You can offer to read the essay and the title to different groups of people to get more independent comments. That is why we recommend that you have more time so that you have time to edit the text and communicate with potential readers.
  • Trust the writing service. If you understand that you cannot write a headline for an essay or you do not have enough time for all the paper, you can order custom text from scratch. A professional author will conduct a study and write a good essay with a catchy heading based on the requirements of your tutor.

 Avoid Common Mistakes

When you come up with a title for an essay, you must remember that this is an academic paper. This means that there are a number of limitations that are important to consider. Some heading mistakes may become critical. We have prepared for you a list of mistakes to avoid:

  • Do not be too personal. Your paper should be primarily professional. Readers are not interested in dramas from your personal life. Bad events belong exclusively to you. Even if you mention some points as an example in the body of an essay, you should not put it in the title. Leave it for your personal memoirs.
  • Avoid using negative themes. Do not use topics related to controversial and unethical issues. Your title should be attractive to a wide audience. Make sure that it evokes positive emotions.
  • Do not miss the requirements. Most professors and teachers provide students with heading requirements. Study them carefully. Such a mistake can lead to a bad grade.
  • Avoid any form of offense. Even if you want to make your topic intriguing and provocative, avoid unnecessarily rebellious topics. Politics, religion, and abortion are best avoided. This is something that can immediately push away potential readers, set them up in a negative way.
  • Do not use clichés or popular phrases. This is boring and trite. The audience read it hundreds of times. You have to make the title unique and memorable.
  • Avoid using title generators. Such services do not exactly do their job efficiently. The machine cannot yet compete with a human. Yes, it will pick up a few headings for you, but they will not reflect the essence of your academic paper and the mood of the audience.
  • Get rid of any grammatical and punctuation errors. When you work on a concept, it is very easy to overlook typos and other little things. But this is exactly what makes the first impression on the audience. If you make mistakes in the title, what will your paper be? Hire a professional editor to make the text flawless.

Five Examples of Creative Essay Titles

You definitely need to read some essay title examples. Still, many students prefer practical and visual experience. You can learn a lot of tips, but it doesn’t guarantee the result you expect. Here are five examples that will make up the whole picture and help to come up with a title for your essay.

  1. Euthanasia should never be legalized
  2. Should dreamers have a right to stay in the United States?
  3. The appropriate age to start sex education at schools
  4. Instagram: New era of social media
  5. Life of an introvert: When loneliness becomes happiness.


So now you know how to title an essay. The first thing you need to do is understand the general structure of your paper. Next, you need to highlight the main keywords and come up with a catching hook. We are always ready to help and provide you with professional essay service. Make your order right now and get rid of any difficulties associated with writing a title for an essay!

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