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How to Write a Research Paper Fast (in One Night)

Students’ life is bright and eventful. Everyone has been a student, so we understand well your assignments may not be your priority. Students should manage so many things during their studies, and, of course, find time to enjoy their life.

And in the string of all the bright events, students often procrastinate and postpone their research paper till the very last day. If you are one of them, don’t get desperate at once! Find out how to write a research paper fast right now without damage to your final grade!

1. Select your topic

If you ask yourself how to write a research paper fast, you should start from the choice of the topic. Very often, a student is given a certain theme by his or her professor and in this case, you can simply skip that step. But if your teacher gave you some freedom and allowed to pick up your topic, then you should act responsibly with regards to that crucial step.

First of all, you should choose something you are interested in; otherwise, you risk seeming boring to your reader. Moreover, the topic should not only be interesting but well-known to you. You should write on something you have at least some basic knowledge. Try to choose a broad topic. This will ensure you will find lots of information on it.

Don’t neglect such a crucial step as the choice of the topic while it defines the overall success of your research paper. If you procrastinated, your time is too limited to spend a lot of it on your research. So choosing something not well-known is not the case while researching such topics will be too much time-consuming.

In case if you have no ideas for your topic, you can select one of our amazing research paper topics and begin your research right away!

2. Make quick research and outline your paper

You know already that picking up your topic is one of the most crucial parts of your essay, especially if you lack time. So once you have chosen your wide and well-researched topic, you should go to the next step which is not less important – conducting your research. Keep in mind it should be efficient, so only credible sources are to be used in order to find relevant and trustworthy information.

Make sure to search more than one source for your paper, while it will help you create a more interesting paper and will make the whole process much easier. What sources you should pay attention to first of all? We recommend using google books or Wikipedia. It may not be the most valuable and credible source but in terms of writing your paper within just one night, it can be the most helpful. So you can start your outline from here. Here you can find an overview of your topic which is broad enough and that is what you exactly need. Keep in mind plagiarizing from that as any source is the biggest no-no. Your teacher will check that source at the forefront.

Create a rough outline. Once you have done that, you can look for specific terms or quotes online in your search engine. Keep in mind that teachers do not really like online sources in research papers, so once you saw a print article or a book online, use it better. Don’t worry if you have found a sample book and can’t find the exact page for your citation. Your professor will hardly check the number of the page, so you can simply take a shot in the dark and state any page number. Remember that your time is limited and you have no time to buy a book or go to the library to read it all.

Don’t forget to enlist all the sources you have used for your research if you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. Paraphrase everything you use for your paper in your own words. Try to cite the source after having every section to save time for your final work. Don’t forget to erase the original text after you rewrite it.

You may need to create subtopics on the stage of writing an outline. Have a new subtopic for every 2-3 pages of your fast research paper. Only after conducting your fast research and creating an outline, you can go to the next step.

3. Develop your thesis

If you want to know how to write a 10-page research paper fast, you should come up with your thesis only after having conducted your research. It is reasonable to do exactly this way while you will have a better idea of what thesis you are going to create. The thesis statement should be very specific, so make sure not to choose a broad one. Make it as short and clear as possible, this is what professors prefer it to be like.

The good news is that you should not be very creative when you write your academic paper. Don’t try to invent anything new or controversial, just follow the general direction of your topic. NB! Your thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introduction.

4. Write the body

Now think how to allocate all the information you’ve collected during your research throughout your paper. The number of paragraphs depends on it. All these paragraphs will constitute the body of your paper. All the major points should be written in one style and stick to the main tone of your paper.

Here is an important tip from the experts – don’t start with the introduction and conclusion but with the body part. It will help you provide all the major facts first. As it was mentioned above, provide facts from different sources, avoid using only one source. But when you blend the sources, make sure to write everything in your own words and following the style of your paper while if the tone of different abstracts is different your professor will suspect you’ve plagiarized. Citations are a must!

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5. Create an introduction and conclusion

Now as the body part is over, every student works on its introduction and conclusion. Even if you write your research paper fast, don’t neglect to add a hook to your introduction to catch the eye of your reader – of your professor in that case. Your introduction aims to boost your professor to keep reading until the end.

The introduction should preferably consist of approximately five sentences. In this part, you make a reader acquainted with your theme in general words and provide a thesis statement at the end. Remember that you already have written your thesis previously in your outline.

One of the most difficult parts of any research paper is a conclusion. You have provided all the information you wanted to in your body paragraphs, so what else can you say to your reader? You shouldn’t add any new information in your conclusion, just sum up what you have already written but in other words. Make sure not to repeat the same sentences, paraphrase your main points.

The conclusion is the finishing part and it should leave your reader under the impression. Make it as short as possible. Provide your opinion on the ideas stated previously in a powerful way.

6. Include citations

Paper writing requires certain skills and practice. One day or one night is surely not enough to create great work. However, using some secrets provided above, you can manage to do it pretty well. Not every great work is too time-consuming. You can use special tools which will make your process much easier.

Opt for visiting page and use its citing help. Here no creativeness is needed! You should only paste the information found there into your Word document. It works for almost all writing styles.

But before citing your sources, you should check the instructions given by your professor when assigning the task to you. He probably expressed his wishes at the very beginning clearly concerning how he wants you to cite the works used.

As was said previously, you show cite your works in the process of conducting your research. And you will not need to get back to it after finishing your draft. Cite the sources every time you find information on a particular source to avoid plagiarism. And don’t worry; writing a citation at once when writing a draft is not mandatory. You can just insert a link to that source or quickly note the name of the author and the title. Remember you have too little time to spend it on formatting citations on the stage of writing a draft, while you may wish not to use them at the very end.

7. Get some sleep and proofread it the next morning

Yes, we remember that you lack precious time to fulfill that step. And very often, students are too lazy to do that. But even if you are writing your research paper in one night, you shouldn’t neglect that important step. Once you’ve finished writing your paper and everything looks perfect to you, you should put it away and have some rest.

Ideally, it would be great to sleep it off. But if your deadline is too tough, simply put it away for a couple of hours and distract your attention by having rest, a nap, or just go for a walk. You should look at your writing from a fresh perspective. Don’t procrastinate and don’t wait till the last moment when you print it and see everything is not as you imagined.

By the way, don’t wait till the last minute to print it, too. The printer may stop working or you may run out of ink. So don’t wait for it, better check in advance.

Have you had some rest? Now start revising and proofreading. You will be surprised by how many mistakes you may find in it that need urgent improvement. You will surely find some sentences that don’t relate to the main topic, so simply get rid of them. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes. For that purpose, you may use Grammarly online tool which helps notice obvious mistakes that we often don’t notice when reading.

Check the citation format again. If you have some time, read it a couple of times. But grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are not all yet. All your thoughts should be provided in the logical order. All the paragraphs should flow into each other, no mess is allowed.

If you find repetitive sentences, erase them. Check the word choice and if necessary, substitute certain words with more proper ones. Try to read the paper aloud; it will help you detect all the problems easier. Fix all the typos, as well. And once all these steps are done, read your paper once again.

It would be good to ask someone to read your paper and tell his or her opinion. Don’t be afraid of any critics, it will help you improve your paper. You can submit it to anyone – your roommates, groupmates, friends, or parents. Their “fresh” view will be very helpful.

Now you know that writing a research paper is not an easy and pretty time-consuming task. However, when using these tips from our experts, it is possible to cope with it even in one night or day! But don’t forget eating and drinking while working on your paper, your brain and body should work properly to cope with that task. Of course, it is better not to postpone such a crucial task for the very last day and start working on it beforehand. Good luck with your writing!

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