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130 Phenomenal Ideas for Argumentative Essay Topics

College years are both a happy time of exciting unforgettable adventures and a difficult study period. Colleges often provide numerous academic tasks for students to complete in order to succeed in their study. Argumentative essay is one of the core academic assignments, which demonstrate student’s writing, analytical, and research skills. Therefore, this is one of the most complex papers to perform. In the same time, once you will learn how to write an argumentative essay more efficiently, you will increase your grades significantly!

College tutors and professors prefer students who submit flawless argumentative papers that reveal unique and important themes. Choosing suitable argumentative essay topics is the first step to your successful paper performing. Make sure you can easily reveal the paper’s importance for a society and know what you are writing about in your research work. Be free to choose the exact topic you know how to discover and provide further recommendations for its improvement.

The best argumentative essay topics

You have a chance to select any of the existed interesting argumentative essay topics if your tutor has not assigned one for you. It is a strong benefit to have the possibility to select your own topic. It is also a difficult task to choose the most appropriate one, thus be very attentive once selecting your research issue. First, you need to check how much useful material you can find about the topic chosen.

You can use any of the printed and electronic materials, including books, scientific magazines, reports, journals, newspapers, etc. The argumentative essay requires a strong evidence base, thus you need to make sure beforehand that you can prove all your arguments. You should also keep in mind that argumentative essay is one of the most common homework assignments in high school and college. Under spesific circumstances, you may need help with homework and we will gladly help you!

If you want to pick up good argumentative essay topics, you can monitor the latest events in the world or the problems that had occurred long ago but still influence people’s lives. Choose something you care about, and show your personal point of view greatly proven by numerous evidence, including statistics, scientific and historical data, figures, etc. Do not look for easy argumentative essay topics, but look for important ones.

Numerous argumentative essay topics for college, middle and high school students you can find on the Internet. Besides, you know many current problems that need its solution, thus you can start your research project practically in a few minutes after being assigned. If you want to check more ideas, watch throughout the list of topics.

Argumentative essay topics for middle school

  1. Does fitness and healthy food can improve your life significantly?
  2. Dangerous diets and their effect on young people’s organism.
  3. How much time do we need to sleep at night to stay healthy?
  4. Dangerous sports and related injuries.
  5. How to prevent the anorexia disease among children.

Argumentative essay topics for high school

  1. Global warming and its effect on people.
  2. Replacement of friendship with social nets.
  3. Partners’ roles in modern families.
  4. Freelance and official work features.
  5. Modern technologies influence students.

Argumentative essay topics for college

  1. Legalization of marijuana in the world.
  2. Is it possible to control alcohol usage?
  3. Proper age for voting in different countries.
  4. The danger of energy drinks for young people.
  5. Modern TV shows influence on teenagers.
  6. At what age people should start drinking and smoking?
  7. Is it necessary to document court proceedings for television?
  8. Is there justice for all?
  9. Should energetic drinks be banned?
  10. Should the death penalty be banned in every country of the world?
  11. Did humans cause global warming?
  12. How effective is the death penalty?
  13. Is the tax system fair in our country?
  14. The pros and cons of school uniforms.
  15. Are people too dependent on gadgets?
  16. Is the CEO’s salary too high?
  17. Should the salaries of professional actors and actresses be lower?
  18. Is it necessary to make everyone recycle?
  19. The availability of condoms: Do they help prevent teen pregnancy?
  20. The negative effects of boredom.
  21. Do modern children behave better or worse than children ten years ago?
  22. Should prisoners have a right to vote?
  23. Should prostitution be legalized?
  24. Should gay couples be allowed to get married?
  25. The pros and cons of cell phones.
  26. Should euthanasia be banned?
  27. English: should it be the official language in the USA?
  28. Is it necessary to ban companies from marketing to children?
  29. Is it necessary to give men paternity leave from work?
  30. How fair is our election process?
  31. Do law-enforcement cameras invade our privacy?
  32. Can war be caused by religion?
  33. The pros and cons of attending single-sex schools.
  34. Is it necessary to increase gun control?
  35. The pros and cons of the homework.

Controversial argumentative essay topics

  1. Does the Third World War is possible nowadays?
  2. Over-controlled modern society and its features.
  3. The most corrupted governments in the world.
  4. How to prevent students from crimes in education facilities?
  5. Pros and cons of democracy in third world countries.
  6. Monarchy and its pros and cons.
  7. Should you learn how to be a politician or it is a born talent?
  8. Should physically disabled people be accepted by the government?
  9. Can political authorities be involved in illegal activities?
  10. Should same-sex marriages be forbidden?
  11. Can gun control regulate the rate of crimes?
  12. Is law equal for everyone?
  13. Is it necessary to change the existing school policies?
  14. Should sexual education be taught in schools?
  15. The pros and cons of homeschooling.

Funny argumentative essay topics

  1. DC characters against Marvel heroes.
  2. Typical American family represented in Griffins cartoon.
  3. Why illegal graffiti looks better than famous paintings?
  4. The importance of marijuana legalization.
  5. Artificial intelligence as a modernized human being.

Sports argumentative essay topics

  1. How to force teenagers to stay in a healthy weight?
  2. Improvement of physical education in schools.
  3. What kinds of sports are the most beneficial?
  4. Who is the best basketball player on the planet?
  5. The difference between soccer and football.
  6. Is physical education important for the school system?
  7. Does participation in sports events affect negatively school performance?
  8. Is swimming useful?
  9. Is Michael Jordan the best basketball player of all times?
  10. Should pole sport be banned for kids?
  11. Do diets help against obesity?
  12. Does what we eat influence our weight?
  13. Should steroid takers be banned from team sports?
  14. Is golf still a sport for wealthy people?
  15. How what we eat is related to our health and weight?
  16. The danger of violent video games.
  17. Does sport help teenagers stay out of trouble?
  18. Can people prove their competence in competition only?
  19. How does sport affect children?
  20. Can cheating in sports games be controlled?
  21. Can cheerleading be considered as one of the games?
  22. Which sports train every group of muscles?
  23. Alternatives to steroids.
  24. Dangerous types of sports.
  25. Are professional sports healthy?

Easy argumentative essay topics

  1. Should education be free and available to everyone?
  2. The problem of obesity in the USA.
  3. Education is too commercial in the modern world.
  4. Should pupils be given a right to choose only those subjects they are interested in?
  5. Is the US educational system beneficial for foreign students?
  6. Should young people be given the right to choose when to go to the army?
  7. Should smoking in public places be banned?
  8. Should alcohol usage be controlled?
  9. Should the production and sales of tobacco be made illegal?
  10. Should alcohol not be sold after 11 p.m.?

Classic argumentative topics

  1. Should it be forbidden to use animals for experiments and researches?
  2. The benefits and drawbacks of globalization.
  3. What risks do humans face in terms of changing climate conditions?
  4. The consequences of the tsunami.
  5. Earthquakes and their harm.
  6. Amazonia and its beautiful forests.
  7. Should people be punished for rainforest destructions?
  8. Is the invention of electric vehicles a solution to Earth pollution?
  9. Can we add to the social movement for the safety of nature?
  10. Was the building of the Panama Canal necessary?

Argumentative essay topics related to social media

  1. Why do people highlight their lives in social media?
  2. How do social media influence teens?
  3. Do social media substitute real interaction?
  4. Does a LinkedIn profile help people find a good job?
  5. The best alternatives to Twitter.
  6. Should private profiles be viewed by the government?
  7. Are people who are active online shy in real life?
  8. Do YouTube bloggers earn well?
  9. The pros and cons of using social media.
  10. Should we make friends with unknown people on social media?

Argumentative essay topics related to technology

  1. Is it necessary to forbid violent video games?
  2. Are we too dependent on technologies?
  3. Can technology make us zombies?
  4. Will technological progress ever stop?
  5. The pros and cons of mobile phones in schools.
  6. How does technology help in our education?
  7. Are we dependent on television?
  8. Is it necessary to censor the Internet?
  9. Do the app developers violate our privacy?
  10. The role of gadgets for modern society.

There is no need to write a paper about the topic that was multiple times discovered by other students and writers. You can choose the most controversial topic for your argumentative essay or the funniest one and eventually succeed in your academic writing. Besides, an interesting paper with numerous research works, analyses, and calculations will make you look like a real investigator. Feel free to reveal any topic you want and submit a perfect argumentative essay paper.

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