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Psychology Research Paper Topics

Research papers are one of the most challenging college assignments and they may influence your general score and acceptance to the courses of your dreams. That is why most of the students find it very difficult to come up with a right topic, always doubting whether the chosen issue is interesting for the reader.

Psychology paper is even more challenging, because it touches lots of spheres and subjects, requires outstanding knowledge of the subject and lots of additional skills. Do you sometimes feel that it is even harder to choose a right topic than to write the assignment itself?

Luckily, there are many ways to simplify the process and today our paper writing service will familiarize you with 50 topics for all academic levels. With the list of our psychology research topics you will manage the assignment in no time and will have enough energy to complete the task!

Trust us, once you come up with a topic, which motivates you and challenges further, it becomes quite easy to write the paper even if it is on a complex subject you are not familiar with. Go on reading and get all the information you may need along the way.

Importance of selecting interesting research paper topics

It is not surprising that for most of the students psychology becomes a really difficult subject. It engages multiple spheres and requires knowledge of a variety of issues. The best approach is to choose a subject, which gives you enough freedom to research the background without feeling too stressed or overwhelmed with obtained results.

That is one of the reasons why many tutors give students freedom to choose psychology topics individually. However, even if you are the one to pick a subject, don’t forget to follow instructor’s requirements and guidelines.

Another important issue to remember is that your topic needs to be quite focused and concrete. Try to pick a subject and stick to it, without wasting your time and energy on the broader issue. However, you should check whether your topic in psychology is not too narrow, because you may find it quite challenging to find relevant sources to cover your arguments.

That is why you can simply start by getting familiar with all the possible topics. Then decide which field you are interested in the most. For example, influence behavior is a part of social psychology. If you choose it, you can focus on various disorders, which may include decision-making, language or intelligence.

Research topics in psychology for college students

There is a huge variety of topics, when it comes to psychology. You can choose whether to stop your search on childhood disorders, development of language or even have a closer look on the problem of Alzheimer’s disease. Explore our top psychology research paper topics below!

Another solution, when choosing a research topic in psychology is to provide critique of a certain publication, journal or even book. For example, you can write a critique of Freud’s article if you are not ready to come up with your own topic.

Actually, such publications are a great source for your assignment. You can get access to collections in your library or to online publications. This will greatly help you to find a topic you are interested in and get additional inspiration in a chosen field.

When making critique the basis of your psychology research paper, you can analyze used methodology, summarize an experiment or write a whole paper on the conclusions of a study.  Luckily, development of psychology is tightly connected to multiple prominent scientists and researchers, so there will always be a thing to discuss.

Moreover, you can write about a particular psychologist, sharing unknown and interesting stories from his or her life. It may not look like a regular type of paper but it will surely grab interest of the reader.

Other psychology paper topics may concentrate on issues of psychology after graduating from college. For example, you can discuss all the challenges modern psychologists are facing, how much money they make, opportunities they have and so on.

As you see, there is a huge variety of psychological topics to discuss, when it comes to psychology. So you just need to make up your mind which field is the most interesting for you and get started!

50 interesting research paper topics

Now, when you already know why it is so important to choose a right topic and how many fields you are able to cover, let us introduce you to the most popular and winning topics.

Our experts have thoroughly collected and analyzed them to help you in this difficult but yet interesting journey. Choose the one, which reflects your interests and academic level, and have no fear in conquering new heights!

Easy psychology research topics

  1. Can childhood obesity be connected with parental indifference?
  2. Is there a connection between obesity and television?
  3. Can stress cause deliveries before the term?
  4. What is the ‘cutting yourself’ disorder and what situations lead to it?
  5. How abortion may influence mental health of a teenager;
  6. Relationship violence of youngsters;
  7. What can be done about sexting among teenagers?
  8. Is it able to improve morality with stricter laws?
  9. Influence of designer babies on our society;
  10. How to manage social interactions.

Interesting psychology research questions

  1. Impact of individual differences on stress levels.
  2. What are the main psychological premises of depression occurrence?
  3. Stress causes and symptoms.
  4. Does gender have any influence on the level of depression among individuals?
  5. What are the main stages of Human Development up to an old age?
  6. Mental growth of children with special conditions.
  7. Does gender influence our memory?
  8. Can different stages of Human Development be traced in children with special conditions?
  9. What are the similarities of physical illnesses and stress?
  10. What are the main differences of a short- and a long-term memory?

Good psychology research topics

  1. Reasons of teenage suicides and how we can prevent them.
  2. How environment and genetics influence our intelligence.
  3. Influence of extra crowding on personality and mental health.
  4. Psychological effects of various types of torture.
  5. Does attraction have influence perception?
  6. Various types of clinical hypnosis and spheres of their usage.
  7. Psychological issues, which are usually associated with homelessness.
  8. Using sports for encouraging stability and mental health inside offices.
  9. Psychology of marriage and long lasting relationships.
  10. Should uniform at high school be eliminated?

High school psychology research topics

  1. Various types of fears and how they influence our personality.
  2. Constant growth of divorce rates in the society.
  3. Psychological background of homophobes.
  4. Solitary confinement: its emotional and psychological effects on a personality.
  5. Influence of different colors on mental health.
  6. How environment influences hyperactive children.
  7. Importance of divulging psychological profile of a criminal.
  8. Formation of habits and how can we change them.
  9. Causes and effects of shyness among adults.
  10. Negative influence of hate crimes in the modern society.
  11. Influence of aging on well-being and mental health of an individual.
  12. Role of our environment on development of personality.
  13. Does our work environment have any impact on motivation and self-esteem?
  14. What impact does counseling have on divorced individuals?
  15. Is it important to use services of psychologists in military conflicts?
  16. How violent music influences our children.
  17. Definition of motivation and what the most popular theories of its appearance are.
  18. What are the causes and effects of physical or mental abuse of elderly people?
  19. Does birth order in a family influence personality of an individual and future achievements?
  20. Influence of music, which is played in stores, on choosing products.

As you see, social psychology research topics are very diverse and engage multiple spheres and fields of interest. To be able to deliver an outstanding paper, try to focus on a subject, which encourages and motivates you to conduct a deeper and a more thorough research.

Now you have 50 easy research topics, which are popular in 2019 and it will be much easier to write a paper. In case you don’t know where to start, how to conduct a further research or simply have other more important assignments to work on, you can always contact our experts.

We are a team of professionals, who are always there to help! Contact us and get even more topics in psychology for your success!

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