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Importance of Reducing Stress in Learners

We bet that almost every student one day on another feels stress. Many factors exist that can be the reason for stress. It is important to know how to reduce stress because it has an influence on the physical and emotional health of learners. You should not live with it, and there is a necessity to comprehend that stress should be reduced and below, we have prepared some tips on how to perform this.

4 Reasons for College Stress

Before we go on the part with tips, students should understand what factors can cause stress. If you discover that one of the factors is relevant to your life, it is necessary to read the part with tips of this article as you will probably feel stress. But you will be ready to reduce stress if needed.

Living Far from Family

Studying at colleges means that learners are going to live away from their families. On the one hand, it can be exciting because you will appear in your environment, meet new people, and change living accommodations. On the other hand, the first few weeks of college life can frighten you as there is a need to get used to them. This is how a stressful environment appears.

Moreover, the most stressful moment is the absence of a previous support environment. Do you remember how your family and old friends supported you when you had a bad day, poor grades, or simply a confusing situation? They were near you, ready to support you. But college life means that you can get support only with the help of a telephone or computer. It is complicated to adjust to this.

Examination Anxiety and Academic Performance

The reason why students enter college is to learn and study. Even in a situation where you do not intend to be a perfect learner, you should control your academic performance. Constant low marks can lead to expulsion from the college. This is where students create a request “help me with my homework“. That’s why when the case concerns preparing or passing exams, the stress is guaranteed for you. You do not know how to write a definite type of essay, and the deadline is near; you do not have enough knowledge to pass an exam. All these are factors of appearing stress.

Financial Problems

College life indicates you begin to live on your own. All payments for accommodation, food, education, entertainment become your financial responsibility. Some students have scholarships or loans, but even it is not enough to pay for everything. There is a need to find a good job for college students to be capable of paying for all these fees. Therefore, if there is a delay in the payment of wages or even if a student is fired from a job position, financial problems can arise. Such students begin to save money, borrow them from different students. This can lead to the appearance of debts. Stress will appear soon too.

Fears for Future

Time passes fast, and you will not have time to look back when you understand that your studies are over. A great question appears: what’s next? Many students delay the decision believing that they will have enough time later. But when they have to choose whether to enter graduate school, find a full-time job, or move to another country, they become confused and panicked — the fear of the unknown causes stress.

Types and Signs of Stress

In order to understand whether you feel stress, you should sort out its types and symptoms. We can highlight four types of signs of stress: physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. Everything depends on the person and the reason for stress; therefore, the symptoms can vary. Below we have prepared the main symptoms for every category.

  • Among physical symptoms we can highlight: headaches, fatigue, clenched teeth, irregular bowel movements, reduced libido, involuntary shaking, chest pain, nausea, irregular periods, unusual weight changes, flushed skin, muscle aches, heartburn or indigestion, getting sick often, trouble sleeping. As you can understand, these symptoms can lead to more serious problems with health. Therefore, if you feel one of these signs, we advise you to reduce stress and visit a doctor.
  • To emotional symptoms we can refer: a sense of isolation, restlessness, reduced aspiration for activities once enjoyed and interested, irritability, feelings of sadness and depression, trouble is overcoming life’s problems, less than normal patience. Emotional problems should not be ignored as they can lead to serious mental health problems.
  • Cognitive symptoms are repetitive thoughts, anxious feelings, problems with remembering events, tasks or deadlines, chronic worrying, impaired speech, impaired concentration, and reduced judgment. If you do not get rid of cognitive symptoms, you can fail in academic performance by constantly getting low grades.
  • Among behavioral symptoms, we can highlight problems in relationships with coevals or educators, changes in sleeping and eating habits, nail-biting, pacing, new or increased utilization of alcohol or drugs, abnormal failure to perform everyday duties, frequent lying, significant change in college performance.

8 Working Tips of Reducing Stress

Now you know the reasons that can cause stress as well as the main symptoms of every category of stress. If you think you feel stress, we recommend reading our helpful tips on how to reduce stress.

  1. Sleep more. Everybody knows that if a person hasn’t got enough sleep, it can lead to difficulties with studying and working through the day. Therefore, try to go to bed earlier or highlight one weekend to fully sleep and rest. 
  2. Think positive. Even if you have financial problems or you get a low grade, try to think positively. Even research can prove that positive thinking is able to improve a person’s physical well-being, lower stress and depression.
  3. Rely on professionals. The main reason why students feel stressed is overwhelming assignments. If you have not enough time and knowledge to cope with one or another type of academic assignment, you can ask for help from WriteAnyPapers’s experts. We are ready to help learners all over the world. If you decide to order our writing services, it will make your life easier.
  4. Create a schedule. If you are afraid to miss some exam or event, we recommend creating a schedule. Time management skills are really helpful in all aspects of college life. Plan for yourself when you should prepare for an exam or when you can rest from assignments, indicating the information about all the deadlines. It will guarantee that you forget nothing.
  5. Use relaxation techniques. If you feel that you are going to blow up, close your eyes and count to ten, breathe deeply and slowly. You can buy and play with a stress ball. You can sign up for meditation or yoga classes.
  6. Talk with a new acquaintance. As soon as you enter college, it is advisable to make new friends. You can be a support for each other. When you feel stressed, you can ask your new acquaintance to give you some advice or simply listen to you.
  7. Walk every time possible. Regular exercise can be helpful in combating stress. The easiest way to do Regular exercise is to walk. You can walk to your campus or around campus between classes. You can walk to your job or friend’s home. Walking will assist in releasing tension as well as keep your body healthy. 
  8. Eat properly. We agree that fast food is cheaper and more convenient to buy. Still, it is junk food, and it will not bring anything good to your body and organism. As you live away from your family, you should cook healthy food by yourself and take care of your body. It is advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink water, and buy high-protein snacks.

Infographic on How to Reduce Stress in College

As much as we can consider college or university as one of the most fun periods of our lives, we can’t help it but feel the pressure of countless assignments and papers on our shoulders. Unfortunately, stress in college students is a widespread issue and it continues to grow.

Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that students’ lives filled with endless responsibilities and sources of stress. This stress in some cases may cause both physical and mental exhaustion, anxiety and depression. These issues cause a lack of motivation, concentration, and energy. As a result, it has a major negative impact on the academic process and the social life of everyone.

You may ask how to reduce the stress caused by the academic process? Or how to get rid of this stress once and for all? It is possible, however not as simple, as the majority of people think.

For students, who feel overwhelmed with countless assignments, we can recommend a professional research paper help at WriteAnyPapers. For everyone else, we have gathered nine of the most effective and available for every student ways to reduce stress and achieve inner peace. This infographic includes activities, food, mental exercises tips and advises that ought to help every student who struggles to get through an academic process.

Introducing you the “How to Reduce Stress in College” Infographic by WriteAnyPapers.

Time for a Conclusion

Entering college does not mean only bad things. Yes, college life sometimes can be difficult because of overwhelming assignments, financial or mental problems. You will probably face stress for one reason or another. But it is ordinary to feel stress, and you should not ignore it. 

There is an exit from any difficult situation. Even if you get a low mark, there is no need to be sad all the time. You should understand that everything is possible to fix. We hope our tips on how to reduce stress were helpful for you. If you feel that stress wants to win you, review this article, combat the stress, and live a full life.

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