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How to Write a Great Research Paper Introduction

Whether you are up to the eyes of your academic assignments, especially research papers, it is no possibility to waste your time. Indeed, paper writing needs concentration, subject awareness and naturally, intellectual curiosity. This means that research paper writing is quite complex and thought-provoking activity.

While writing a research paper introduction a person can simply get frazzled or frustrated enough. However, accurate following the exact strategies may value and benefit afterward. The main ideas and secret techniques are presented below to motivate the students and assist with the introduction research paper. Undoubtedly, there is always a chance to order a custom research paper, but it is really important to research problem at first and make your efforts.

What is a research paper introduction and why does it matter so much?

Well, according to the definition, the introduction is a primary part, the so-called beginning of the subsequent paper. Actually, writing introductions has got a number of specific points. Put it otherwise, the writers should maintain a particular structure to fulfill the reader`s expectations. This is the reason why writing introductions sometimes causes several problems.

Consequently, the entire roadmap of the introduction to a research paper is to be clear and profound. So, firstly, the emphasis is on the context. The information mentioned in the thesis statement ought to be connected with the principal notions and key concepts of the study.

Secondly, it is highly recommended to make certain that the essential intention of creating such a type of essay is achieved: you managed to involve, intrigue other people and the message of the text is the most understandable and easy to perceive. There can be a common difficulty to write an introduction before the rest parts of the academic paperwork. So that you can certainly write some notes and then start accumulating them.

Thirdly, another crucial piece of advice is to try capturing the reader`s interest in the article. Besides, the introductory part usually serves for submitting your true motivation and concernment. The current guide is focused on the most critical and far-reaching models of writing research paper introduction that clarifies the author`s investigation.

Traditionally, it is commonly thought that an introduction must precede the following parts of any kind of academic writing. It helps the readers to bring out the total thesis as well as subject orientation. A research paper introduction gathers the engaged circle of readers, aiming at a more elaborate and thorough study of the material. Relatively speaking, this step of writing can systematize your thoughts and guide them in the right direction.

What should you include in a research paper introduction?

Well, as far as the matter itself, you should be very attentive while writing an introductory paragraph. We will show you a list below so that you will be able to develop a research paper outline. Take notice that this enumeration is not sufficient enough for all kinds of writing introduction. These are only the key concepts that are recommended to adhere to. Then, the order of preparatory planning is not reasonably comprehensive.

  • Initially, impose an issue.
  • Compose some background information and contextual conception
  • Share your purpose in this scientific sphere and inform the readers about your current research outline
  • Logically reason the seriousness of the suggested topic
  • Express your assumptions

So, what are the crucial parts of the introduction in a research paper? This phase might contain some other terms, for instance, the major objectives and targets of the work, a laconic but descriptive and factual outline of the content, interpreted and explicated specifications, a short excursus into the basic theme, neoteric bound investigations and accomplishments, etc.

It is strongly advised to signify the magnitude of the topic and all the substantial facts in the research study (you can choose research paper topic from our list.) The information in the introductory part may be associated with the chief thematic range and the leading ideas of an essay. The structure itself is quite formal. Of course, you have to remember all the requirements according to the formal style of writing. The proper stylistics of the text, the absence of unnecessary grammatical reductions or contractions, the correct punctuation, and spelling.

An additional bonus can be the usage of correspondent linking words to organize the sequence of narration. Before you start paper writing try to deepen your knowledge and search for some samples. For example, you could ask to thumb through the former students` essays if it is allowed. Or simply find some copies on the Internet. In that case, you can more likely increase the quality of your paperwork.

Moreover, such wise you will be more confident and have many more creative ideas. This option is really useful, you ought to know that your introduction should be ordered and schematically precise. In other words, the reader`s opinion depends on the opening remarks, in particular, so that we must motivate and guide them through the granted topic.

The best way to write your research paper introduction

As you know, the first step is always the most difficult, so the main tip is to start. At first, note that you must be careful- do not employ plagiarism, anyway. The research introduction is to be goal-oriented and original, so don`t copy and paste everything.

It is usually proposed to write an approximate number of full sentences as an introductory part (it can be 10-15% of the work.) Though, the number of phrases can vary, depending on the writer`s aim. However, again we may determine some key concepts and directions.

  • Start with an interesting sentence or a hook. It should make an unbelievable impression and cause a real interest.
  • Use a curious and unknown data or statistics.
  • Supply to the core and gist of the text.
  • Denominate the topic.
  • Perhaps, you can mark the textual structure and formulate some fundamental thesis.
  • It is important to establish an appropriate tone of writing.
  • Adapt and specialize your beginning, shorten whenever possible.
  • Summarize the arguments into the key concepts.
  • Enchain the readers` attention by using the pertinent phraseology.
  • Appoint the exact type of research and on this basis bind some details.
  • Do not come out of the rigid measures while writing a research paper introduction to a technical report.
  • The thesis statement should contain only considerable information needed- identify the priority of facts.
  • And, maybe, one of the most influential things consists of your rooted knowledge of a chose subject of writing. Enlarge or constrict the thesis statement but try not to write about a useless or dead issue.
  • Consult with your tutors or other people to show your genuine incentive to do your best.

1. Announce your topic

The topic is known as the basement of any writing work. Correspondingly, your attitude towards this question area should be manifested in the view of accentuation all the matters you find doubtless of grave importance. The better you delimit the aspects you are going to write about, the easier it will be for you to select the striking words. You know, some professional writers can even create the whole article from scratch. This does not mean that it is the best strategy, however, you may choose your favorite variant- writing an introduction from the very beginning or after the realization of the main content.

You should understand that the writer is responsible not only for the general overview of introductions, but also for the process of readers` implications and, therefore, the extent of intense interest to the research paper. Thereby you can come to a certain conclusion that the well-becoming choice of the topic values. That`s why a student has to find a lot of additional scientific sources to release and accumulate all the facts and eventually, elaborate personal belief. So, the only decision is to read as much as you can- then you will be able to circumscribe the main aspects of the outline.

Surely, the selection of the subject can be alternative or even miscellaneous and it is purely the author`s willingness and opportunity you make an ultimate option after the reflection. Taking everything into account, choosing your best topic may be quite a continuous process so that take your time and approach the issue from many different angles and in advance.

2. Review the literature

As for the literature review, you should obviously remember that finding the right sources is one of the most compound stages of preparing the research paper, including an introductory part. As usual, no plagiarism or any other kind of exact word for word borrowings. Naturally, you are allowed to provide some famous quotations with the purpose of more pervasive insight and awareness of the topic. As you know, the reader`s comprehension is at the top of the requirements.

Moreover, some types of essays include the list of literature in the research. That means you cannot just reformulate the previous thesis statement or other examples of introduction. It is a very sophisticated and extensive proceeding to look for, realize and assure the reader that the research topic is worth investigating. It is supposed that various prospects of research writing have got different formalization and peculiarities.

As for technical writing, you may scan some scientific reports, brief schemes or technological brochures. If you are choosing an artistic conception, bright summaries, book reviews, and prominent supplementary journals, articles and publications are a hand of help for you. When you intend to write a perfect introduction according to a promotional journalistic paper, you can read entries, special articles or other advertising products in this field.

So, the literature plays a huge role in the research making, it helps to concentrate on the actual trends or find out some ancient phenomena, share the scientists` discoveries and develop your appreciation of the information.

3. State your thesis

In general, the thesis is as important for the writer as a sketch for the artist. Nevertheless, this is one of the most troublesome sections too. The thesis statement segregates the persuasive and convincing unit of the introduction for research paper and conversion to the topical work.

As usual, this phrase should follow all the things mentioned before and compile all the concepts in an argumentative and legible sentence. Another duty is to correspond your thesis to your background information so that the complexity of sayings has to be intelligible.

It is also thought that your initiation of the topic where the thesis is located establishes a unique sound of writing voice for the integral research paper. Consequently, your thesis statement should assume some distinct peculiarities as well as well-marked features, such as:

  • Be meaningful, engrossing and readable,
  • Provide common information on the issue,
  • Represent the huge amount of significance of a selected topic.

To be completely accurate, the thesis statement supports our possible interest in a vast variety of academic writing and motivates us to study and explore the raised subject- matter. Ideally, we should start receiving a skill of writing thesis abstracts at school and further, we evolve our writing abilities and practice them.

Apart from the fact that the issue should be precise and brief, you can also put some suitable examples. Each statement can be proved with the help of a paradigm, especially when you are creating a research work. Well, summing up these guidelines, try to make out more vivid details and combine them in perfect conjunction of explicitness, materiality, and definition.

4. Present your outline

An outline for research paper is often considered as a conclusive part of the research paper structure. Not every professor may require an overview in the introduction, however, occasionally, you can be asked to focus on some central facts and terms from your research. This is not an itemized description of facts but a little rubric about 3-5 sentences which means overall planning of the paperwork. An outline consists of some sentences of a clear structure and all the compulsory information on a project. Some experienced writers distinguish a determined plan of outline formation. Thus, you may study a question from all sides.

So, the key stages of writing a layout are the following ones:

  1. At first, you need to make a draft plan according to the structure needed. Between each of the main blocks, be ready to leave a few blank lines to fill them with details in the future.
  2. Detailing is necessary for a better understanding of the content of a future article. For example, if a plan has a line ‘give examples of current events on the topic of research ‘, then, opposite it you can indicate specific sources of information. Soon this item will help to weed out unnecessary materials or, on the contrary, add what is missing for expanding the topic. When detailing, make notes about the graphs, provide statistics, summarize information, etc. At the same time, you may think over some highlights that will make the article catchier and more interesting to read.
  3. So that you do not have to rewrite the whole text of research several times, show your detailed plan to a supervisor. This coordination should take place in the form of a conversation, during which you describe in detail the intent of the article and its context. Otherwise, your negotiation will be reduced to a formal reading of the outline.
  4. Search for a scientific journal and publications. Only after this stage, it makes sense to go on writing your article as each paperwork has got its specific requirements. Then, it is much easier to write research for clear claims than trying to adapt it to a format required.

Use this research paper introduction example to get the better idea

Very often an excellent example can strikingly change a problem situation. It is much better to see something with your own eyes and examine it rather than going from nowhere. Moreover, you will have a reasonable possibility to check out your examples of introduction.

Carefully read the following example of research paper introduction:

«Did you hear that worldwide 60% of vertebrate animals have been wiped out since 1970?

According to the official statistics of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Amur Leopards, Black Rhinos, Orangutans and many other species are critically endangered.

This suggests that humanity cannot cope with an increased risk of animal extinction nowadays.

My research paper aims to determine the degree of danger for our wildlife and illustrate some options available to prevent the uncountable cardinal destructive changes in the field of animal ecology and, mainly, stimulate and persuade our society to make a massive contribution to the animal protection.»

Well, let us explain our sample a bit.

  1. The first sentence shows an intriguing and shocking condition. It helps us to attract the reader`s attention.
  2. In the second sentence, we are presenting a horrifying and, perhaps, unknown statistical data.
  3. The main purpose of the third saying is to demonstrate the key problem succinctly, as we are real eyewitnesses of an evidentiary item as well as the cause of the problem.
  4. After this, the fourth sentence outlines all the crucial concepts of our research paper.

As you see, this is only one of the estimated models of writing an introduction to paperwork. Do not forget about the formal style of writing and include all the demandable info, in particular, the thesis statement, background topic and, of course, the gist of the problem. You may also underline the fact that you have already found some effective solutions. To structure your current knowledge of making an introduction we are always glad to share our best tips with you.

Important tips to keep in mind when writing an introduction

The exact implementation of the next writing tips pretends to get a higher mark. Certainly, the rationale for why you have chosen a particular topic is the cornerstone of a successful research paper. Convincing reasoning can give you a lot of chances and motivation for writing. Well, it is not a secret that we should start with an introductory word. It really plays the role of a mainstay without which the introduction will be incomplete, whereas it is not reason enough to ‘launch ‘ you’re telling with the actuality or objectives at once.

Tip #1. The introduction should reveal the basic conception and range of problems. Not only will the author be in charge of the description of the topic but also the definition of the identifying characteristics of the cooperation between the primary matter for the scientific inquiry and the outer world. The writer has to convey the value of his/ her subject. Furthermore, the author should undertake the following steps:

  1. Draw a clear parallel between the main points of the work;
  2. Briefly reveal the essence of their interaction;
  3. The introductory part must be a short announcement of the entire content of the research publication.

Tip #2. Many researchers mistakenly believe that the introduction must be written immediately and fully. However, this is not true for everyone. Before starting your work on the main part of the research, it is suggested writing only a part of the intro, namely, relevance, goals, and objectives. Everything else may be written after completion of the project work.

Tip #3. According to some rules, the size of the introduction does not have any firm measures. You ought to pay attention to the requirements needed and clarify them.

Tip #4. The introduction of research should be interconnected with its conclusion. At a minimum, the conclusion has to list the general results of the work done, and these official accomplishments should be based on the stated research tasks.

Tip #5. As you know, this guide is not irrefragable for every kind of academic writing. Certainly, you may to discover some other details. Although, the destination of this article is to mend the matter of your introduction writing and inspire you to write an innovative, qualitative and proficient text.

Good luck with your research paper!

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