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How to Write a Research Paper Outline

A research paper outline is an essential part of every written research paper. This brief, but the very important section helps to keep the entire information organized. When you perform a research paper, you need to focus on its proper structure, an appropriate number of pages, arguments revealed and proven, etc. It is important to check every part of a paper for a few times in order to submit a flawless work. If you want to conduct a paper as fast as possible, make sure to provide an outline to keep a track of all the activities and stages completed.

Most colleges and universities require an outline to be presented in a research paper. Mostly, this short copy covers less than a page, but you need to be very attentive once writing it, thus check how to write an outline in advance to perform a flawless research paper.

In this article, our best writers who have been providing research paper help at WriteAnyPapers for years, will inform you on all the basics you need to create a great research paper outline.

How to write a research paper outline properly

When writing an outline for research paper, make sure to follow the next useful guidelines:

  1. Start your outline with the main thesis statement.
  2. Provide a list of evidence that proves your main thesis.
  3. Provide an additional list of supportive materials for every main point.
  4. Add more supportive arguments or ideas if needed.

It is very important to check the exact outline format to use in your research paper. Mostly, tutors provide full requirements for an entire paper and an outline in particular. A properly written outline allows checking the connection between certain arguments and ideas and their evidence base. Thus, there will no idea that remains without a strong evidence. Since the research papers differ in their pages’ numbers, short articles often do not require any outlines. In a case with an academic research paper, this important part of the text must be provided. You can look through numerous research paper outline template available online or ask your tutor to provide one. You can also use the example outline below for most research paper. But keep in mind that some research paper outlines may differ from this example.

How to start a research paper

First of all, you need to choose a great research paper topic, in case if you don’t have it already. You can choose it either from our articles or browse around the web. Secondly, you need to research the topic and create a great research paper outline.

The outline can be placed at the beginning of the paper, as MLA paper format requires. Different paper formats need its own format details’ followed. You get all the format requirements and instructions from your professor or tutor, in general.

Mostly, students first provide a working paper outline they only show to their tutors. This important section helps to check every detail of a research paper, provide a schedule of every analysis, and conduct an investigation that is more detailed. It is easy to modify your outline if needed since you can face more important facts and evidence to use in your research paper.

The outline definition shows that this part of a paper is specially created to keep you satisfied with the way you conduct your research work or let you change your course in order to reach the better results. Many formatting styles require various outlines and have own requirements for it proper performing. In a case of MLA outline, it is used to start your work and plays the role of a guide for your further analyses.

How to make an outline really useful

In order to provide a flawless outline, you can use an outline example available online. Students often prefer checking other writer’s outlines to create their own pieces. Make sure to keep an eye on its proper format written in your paper’s requirements. It can be MLA, Chicago or APA research paper outline. You can find numerous examples on the Internet or in numerous materials provided. Besides, every example contains many details you need to be very attentive to when performing your research paper. In case of MLA paper example, focus on the preferred ideas, chronology, and a strong evidence base.

If looking for a research paper example, it is as same easy to find outline examples online. They mostly consist of the main thesis statements and their evidence put into three main sections: introduction, body part, and conclusions. Almost in every of existed research paper format samples, the mentioned structure is followed. In addition, it facilitates the writing process and allows focusing only on the most important and useful points and details.

Lastly, if you want to write a research paper fast, make sure to provide an outline to keep a track of all the activities and writing stages to complete. Most colleges and universities require an outline to be presented in a research paper, thus write this part very professionally.

Mostly, this section covers less than a page, but you need to be very attentive once writing it, thus check outline template to perform a perfect research paper outline.

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