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141 Amazing Dissertation Topics for the Most Dedicated Students

If you are about to get your Ph.D. or Master’s degree, you have to be ready for much academic writing and some challenging tasks that may influence your academic performance. Dissertation writing is an assignment that makes students worry. The first thing you shall understand about crafting your future dissertation is that it needs lots of time and hard work to be completed in time.

Be sure you have plenty of time for detailed research and proper preparation before you start the paper writing. Most experienced writers recommend starting your preparation not less than a year before the deadline. Many students make an awful mistake thinking that the time they need for good paper writing is equal to the time they usually spend on typing the text.

The writing or typing process is the shortest part of your work, while the research, finding, proceeding, and analyzing the user data may take a year or even longer. Be ready to spend long weeks searching for a topic and some great ideas for each chapter and part (thesis, introduction, body, etc.) of your future dissertations.

Sometimes students have a lack of time or feel that their writing skills are not strong enough for pursuing a dissertation of the best quality. The smartest solution for this situation is to use our custom dissertation writing service. In that case, experienced writers will cope with your task in the shortest time, providing high-quality services.

However, if you are going to write the dissertation on your own, there’s no reason to worry. Paying enough attention to each detail and being motivated will help you to cope with the task in the best possible way. Choosing a proper topic is the first step that must be taken before you start to write.

We’ve prepared some professional recommendations and useful guidelines with a great list of dissertation topics for the most dedicated students! All of these useful tips are checked and approved by expert writers with solid knowledge of academic requirements.

How to choose a great dissertation topic?

Is topic selection so important? If you think that picking your topic up is not a crucial part of your work, you may change your mind very soon. The theme you work with determines how easy and interesting your preparation will be. Moreover, a good topic will help to attract the attention of your professor. That means you have more chances to get a better mark.

What are the main criteria for an excellent topic? Check the list below!

  1. Your expertise and experience. If you are preparing to get a Ph.D. or Master’s degree, it means you’ve already spent years in college. No doubts, you’ve created some academic projects and research paper writings. Perhaps, you already feel like an expert in some topics and spheres. So, why not to choose the topic that will finally help you to show your knowledge in the fullest way?
  2. Your interest. The more interested in your topic you are, the easier you stay motivated to work on it. Never agree to work on a topic that is not attractive or interesting to you. Your readers will definitely see your negative attitude towards the topic between lines. The best dissertation topic is the one you enjoy working with.
  3. Applicability. If the doctoral committee will understand how the published information can be applied and which benefits it may bring, they are more likely to stay positive about your writings. In order to make your papers valuable, choose those themes that can be practically useful.
  4. Novelty and originality. It’s always interesting to hear something new, instead of listening to the information you have already known. That’s why the replication of someone’s idea or choosing dissertation topics that are commonly used are not the best ways to make your readers interested. It’s more effective to work with fresher strong dissertation topics and feeling one step apart from making a scientific discovery.

You shall deny those topics that haven’t been well-studied before. To write the best dissertation, you have to use reliable and trustworthy information sources and bibliography. If you can’t find accessible literature and decide on research methodology to support the main ideas of your future dissertation, it’s better to think about another topic.

If you still have trouble trying to choose the best dissertation topic, you can apply for the help of professional writing service or use a list of examples posted below. Choose any of the potential topics or create your own one with a similar idea.

Science topics

Researchers often choose scientific topics for their papers. There are three major categories of the topics: Biological, Physician, and Social ones. Moreover, there are more than 30 sub-categories of scientific topics. Science topics are used to explain or describe specific phenomena in certain fields of study.

  1. How keeping a paleo diet may influence the health of a human.
  2. Is the risk of passing genetic abnormalities to kids grow alongside the age of biological parents?
  3. Which industrial problems can be solved with the development of microbial factories?
  4. Which measures can make recycling more universal and cheaper?
  5. How genetic engineering can cure complex diseases in the future.
  6. Is it possible to grow organs for transplantation in the laboratory?
  7. Robotic prosthesis: how we can replace parts of a human’s body with special devices compensating lost abilities.
  8. How we can positively affect the DNA we pass to our kids.
  9. The ways to stop or slow aging down.
  10. How genetic engineering can help us to prepare to live on another planet.
  11. How to make space flights safer for humans?
  12. How can we solve the ‘space junk’ issue?
  13. Sunspots effects: how solar activity influences living creatures on Earth.
  14. The benefits of the development of nanotechnologies for cancer curing.
  15. Which type of cancers can be cured completely?
  16. How can we recreate an artificial placenta for premature babies?
  17. What is the next step for successful brain transplantation?

Business topics

The development of business is very crucial for today’s society. That’s why business topics are becoming more popular for writing a dissertation. These research topics are used to explain the modern reality of commerce and industry and to find fresh solutions to numerous situations within the niche.

  1. Can introverts lead a team of professionals effectively?
  2. Shall owners of a business keep distance communicate with their workers?
  3. How to reduce prices for energy?
  4. How hiring foreign workers may influence the economy of a country?
  5. Shall medical interns receive a salary for their work at hospitals?
  6. How top managers can stimulate their employers to stay healthier?
  7. Is it ok not to pay tips at cafes and restaurants?
  8. How can we make industries less harmful to the environment?
  9. Shall employee get salary 4 times in a month?
  10. How to calculate risks for a startup?
  11. How the behavior of buyers has changed since the development of online shopping.
  12. Culture of business negotiation.
  13. Charity and business.
  14. How social media became a great commercial platform.
  15. What are the main features of a business leader?
  16. How taxes can be used more effectively?
  17. Crisis management for industries.

Education topics

While social life changes incredibly fast, education needs changes as well. Any student loves choosing education themes to present the vision of the most effective educative techniques and rules. There are many important aspects that education may be connected to, starting from poverty and ending up with family factors that influence kids’ desire to study.

  1. Is there a point of separating boys and girls in schools?
  2. Is it necessary to implement meditation and relaxation practices among young students?
  3. Shall mobile phones be banned at school?
  4. How teachers shall be tested for their qualifications?
  5. Can young school children be allowed to study online instead of visiting a school?
  6. Is the meaning of higher education over-estimated?
  7. How to prevent bullying at school?
  8. Can we use hypnosis for better memorizing?
  9. Why real-life schools are better than online courses?
  10. How to make exams less stressful?
  11. Why today’s education is worse than it used to be in the 19th century?
  12. Shall teachers be replaced with educative programs and robots?
  13. Which subjects shall not be included in the academic program of the US schools?
  14. How to reduce the level of aggression among scholars?
  15. Which measures make children more interested in study?
  16. Which age is perfect for going to school?

Marketing topics

Marketing is a crucial part of business and economy. This sphere studies the behavior of people, the influence of adverts, etc. The main task of marketing is to make business more effective and successful. The theme may also be connected to different relevant spheres, like psychology or business.

  1. Shall TV adverts be censored?
  2. Why offline shopping is preferred to online buying?
  3. How scents and aromas influence the decisions of shop visitors.
  4. Is color choice important for the design of an online selling platform?
  5. How can the environmental-friendly industrial approach help businesses to attract more clients?
  6. How music makes restaurant visitors order more.
  7. Which time is the best for TV adverts?
  8. How long an advert shall last not to irritate an internet user.
  9. Shall women images be banned in adverts if they are photoshopped?
  10. Why LOL dolls became so popular and how the same concept is successfully used by several toy producers.
  11. How adverts differ when aimed at men or women.
  12. Loyalty programs as one of the most effective marketing tools.
  13. How discounts increase income.
  14. How to know whether your clients are satisfied?
  15. Phenomena of ‘Black Friday’: how to make your clients buy many things at once

Sociology topics

Sociology is an interesting science that helps to understand the reasons for social behavior and helps to discover the most effective ways of convenient cohabitation of people of different generations, cultures, and nationalities. The task of sociology is to solve trending problems of society, giving extra protection to children, old people, different minorities.

  1. What are the effects of cross-cultural adoption on adopted children and society?
  2. Social adaptation for refugees and immigrants.
  3. How to help elderly people to use modern technologies easier.
  4. How to help people be better-prepared before adopting a child.
  5. How a parent’s behavior influences a child’s communicative skills.
  6. Shall children raised in a single-parent-family visit psychologist to be able to build a strong partner relationship later?
  7. Shall single elderly people be adapted by families?
  8. What are the important conditions for a successful international marriage?
  9. What is the connection between nationality and level of education?
  10. How social media helps people not to feel lonely.
  11. Signs of gender inequality at work.
  12. How to protect kids from bullying?
  13. How the food culture of a family may protect children from overeating and obesity?
  14. Shall gender roles in the family be kept?
  15. Shall boys and girls be learning different subjects at school?

History topics

History studies different issues that took place in the past. This science helps to evaluate the influence of people and events on the development of society and science. History teaches have to preserve and to analyze data that can take us back to the past of our planet. You can also get more ideas for history research topics on our blog.

  1. How Mormons influenced US literature.
  2. What was the role of the USA in the Second World War?
  3. What is the historical reason for creating national parks?
  4. What is the best way to preserve the US history?
  5. Mississippi riverboat tradition and unique culture.
  6. What was the impact of the Korean War on the world’s economy?
  7. Unique phenomena of the Chinese empire.
  8. Living conditions of Roman gladiators.
  9. Child kings and emperors in the world.
  10. Military medicine during the First World War.
  11. Planetary science of ancient Maya.
  12. End of slavery in Europe.
  13. The history of Islam and its influence on science development.
  14. Queen Victoria and her ruling strategy.
  15. Hitler VS Stalin: similarities and differences of two historical opponents.
  16. Arab invasions in Europe.
  17. The development of medicine in Europe in the 15th century.
  18. The influence of the church in the 18th century.
  19. The Black Death in historical documents.
  20. Early schools in Ancient Rome.

Architecture topics

Architecture science reveals different aspects of building and planning numerous construction in the best possible way. Modern science can also be connected to environmental protection, economy or business issues.

  1. Campus planning for better safety and comfort of students.
  2. How stadiums shall be re-designed to make them safer.
  3. How to make planning more animal-friendly?
  4. Revitalization of modern cafes and restaurants.
  5. How a better site’s design helps to increase sales.
  6. How to design bridges for the earthquake areas?
  7. Lightweight architecture for small towns and villages.
  8. Parametric design for one-room apartments.
  9. Supporting structures for high buildings.
  10. Effective planning of underground construction.
  11. Protective buildings for wildlife areas.
  12. Educational facilities in distant areas.
  13. Planning of the temporary constructions and buildings.
  14. Architecture as a way of preserving culture.
  15. What are the most important changes in architecture for the last three decades?
  16. Planning kindergarten: making places for children safer.
  17. The harmful trends in architecture in the 19th century.
  18. The rural context in modern architecture.
  19. Distinctive features of Latin American Architecture.
  20. Medieval churches.

Psychology topics

Psychology studies the mind of individuals and groups. The task of the study is to understand the reasons that lead to different emotional reactions and behavior. Some principles of psychology can also be applied for the correction of behavior, improving communication skills, etc. You can also get more ideas for psychology research topics here.

  1. Eating and weight disorders of children.
  2. Group disorders and their common reasons.
  3. Depression and stress factors for students.
  4. Fears and phobias treatment.
  5. Panic attacks that happen occasionally and ways of preventing them.
  6. Psychological issues caused by brain injury.
  7. Seasonal psychological disorders.
  8. Antisocial behavior of young scholars.
  9. Schizophrenia and the way it can be recognized.
  10. Addictions and their meaning.
  11. Fake memories and the way to recognize them.
  12. Influence of positive thinking on health.
  13. Self-judgement and its negative impact.
  14. Inner-voice as a unique way to control emotions.
  15. Ways of communication with autistic kids.
  16. Communicative issues in multi-racial society.
  17. Speaking disorders connected to psychological issues.
  18. Attention and how it can be trained.
  19. Intellect as a part of psychological health.
  20. Ability to solve problems and how people can train them.
  21. The psychological reason for bullying.
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